Striving for the Sale: Curb Appeal Upgrades That Impress Buyers

When you’re contemplating a home sale, you must think like a buyer. Would you like the home as it stands now? For most buyers, there are some drawbacks to your home. Don’t let these details bring you down. Be proactive about your property by striving for a beautiful outdoors design exterior. Try these basic upgrades as you learn how to increase curb appeal.

Go Solar in the Yard

 PVC window boxes

Do you know how to make your house look nicer? Add a little light. No one wants to walk up to a darkened property, especially if you’re trying to sell around fall or winter. Add inexpensive lights to your walkway. They’re powered by the sun, so there’s no complicated wiring involved. Space the lights out accordingly so that the illumination covers the entire walkway. Your property ends up looking professionally lit with just a bit of elbow grease on your part.

Spruce Up the Roof and Siding

 PVC window boxes

There’s no need to perform major overhauls with the roof and siding, but consider cleaning, repairs or fresh paint. Start with the roof. Patch any missing sections and clear out the rooftop gutters. The roof must be strong to pass a home inspection, so this step is paramount to any potential home sale.

Wash and repair the siding as necessary. Consider a fresh coat of paint too. The siding is a huge focal point, so concentrating your efforts in this area isn’t a bad idea.

Clear Out the Clutter

 PVC window boxes

You may love your gnome collection in the garden, but your visitors may not have the same reaction. Remove any clutter from your exterior front and back areas. Garden gnomes, toys and tools should be stored away. The exterior should have a neat appearance, and clutter takes away from that look.

Add-In Window Gardens

 PVC window boxes

Regardless of the time of year, adding foliage to your windows will make an impact. Choose plants that reflect the season, such as fall or spring flowers. Use PVC window boxes as the strongest choice for containers. These materials last through extreme cold and heat, which is a perk to buyers as they inspect the boxes. Be sure to trim back the plants as they grow out. Neat and tidy boxes are your ultimate goal.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments

 PVC window boxes

Your window treatments may be inside the home, but they play a part in the exterior appearance. Wash your drapes, and wipe down the blinds. Be sure that each treatment matches across every window. When you hold an open house, open the treatments so that people can see into the home. The treatments still decorate the window along the edges, which makes the home feel comfortable and inviting.

Wash Away Stains

 PVC window boxes

Stains happen to any property. Your wood deck might have grease stains from barbecuing in the summer. The driveway may be spotted with oil. Borrow, rent or hire a pressure washer to clean away these stains. The pressurized water forces the stains to disappear from view. When your visitors arrive for an open house, the wood or concrete looks brand new. They never need to know that stains were part of the décor for years.

Be adventurous with your upgrades, especially around your newly installed window boxes. Give the trim or siding a new color before you screw in the last fastener on those boxed gardens. Any new color to the home is normally an improvement. Go for a subtle color on large areas while using bold, bright colors on smaller sections, such as trim or front doors. Your home will be a beacon to buyers as they clamor to see your beautiful property.

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