5 Tips To Hiring A Maid Service In Cairns


A maid service comes in handy if overwhelm with day-to-day activities. Juggling work and family duties can be hard, hence the need for a maid service. Whether you work away from home or from the comfort of your house, you need to hire a trustworthy maid service. Here are tips to hire a maid to help you pick the best service in Cairns:


tips to hire maid

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If a maid accidentally gets hurt in your house, for example slipping or falling when cleaning your shower, your policy as a homeowner may not cover the incident. It is a must for the maid service to having a liability and employee accident cover.

The cover should cater to your home, maids, and the company. The insurance should be comprehensive. Check if the company covers the cost of any damage done to your home. If there is a theft or injury, does the maid service company cater for it?

Ask to see the company’s policy document to ascertain what’s cover and what’s not cover. Insurance adds to the cost of operating a service company. It is important to have the assurance because letting someone into your home puts you and your valuables at risk.

Employee Hiring and Screening

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The maid service is supposed to do a background check on all employees, their criminal backgrounds, employee references, and resident status. Check if the maid service uses only its employees or subcontracts work sometimes.

If a maid service uses subcontractors, they usually do not train employees. Therefore, the company is most likely not to provide liability insurance.

Products Used for Cleaning

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Independent housekeepers and maid service companies often expect homeowners to give them cleaning products. If a company or housekeeper is providing cleaning products, make sure they don’t contain bleaching agents with harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.

Cleaning products should be safe for kids and animals. Hire a certified maid service company and cross-check to ensure the certification is from a legal certifying body. Green certification is also recommended to ensure you hire Maid2Match in Cairns, a company that uses only environmentally safe products and practices.

It’s important to know and understand the type of products to be used in your home. It’s a way of ensuring only environmentally friendly products, techniques, and processes are used in your home.

 Services Offered

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Find out if the company offers a fixed service or takes requests, including its level of detail. According to the level of the service you want to be offered, ask what services the company offers in general. Customize what’s on offer to meet your unique needs for a maid service.

Determine if you want a one-time or ongoing service. Different companies have different services; choose a service that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Quality Assurance

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Despite the essence of your needs being met and satisfied, it’s the work of a maid service company to ensure it meets quality assurance standards. Most maid services take action only when something has gone wrong and a complaint raised.

A reliable and trustworthy maid service in Cairns has the quality assurance to ascertain its house cleaning services meet high-quality industry standards.

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