Air Conditioner Not Working? Tips For Thorough Dehumidification


In order to prepare the indoor environment, air conditioning is an indispensable gadget. But sometimes the air conditioner has some reasons and it may not work well. Therefore, this time we will explain the reason why the dehumidifying function of the air conditioner does not work. We will also explain how to improve it, so please try using it.

Why Do You Feel That Dehumidifying Air Conditioners Do Not Work?

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Air conditioning dehumidification function is said to be related to air conditioning function. Therefore, if any of the functions are abnormal, there is a possibility of trouble such as dehumidifying function of the air conditioner does not work.

The dry function of the air conditioner is functioning by cooling the moisture in the air, and it is thought that the dehumidifying effect is also affected by weakening the effect of air conditioning.

However, even when it approaches the set temperature of the room, caution is required because the function may stop automatically. Since it may be operated again when lowering the dehumidification setting temperature, let’s check firmly by consulting an expert on air conditioning installation, repair, and general maintenance.

Also, when the room is large, there are many cases where you feel that the dehumidifying function does not work. Even in that case, there is a possibility that it works properly by operating set temperature.

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Reasons For Enabling Thorough Dehumidification After Reheating Dehumidification

The dehumidifying function of the air conditioner can be roughly divided into weak cooling dehumidification and reheating dehumidification.

Reheat dehumidification can be expected to have a large dehumidification effect by cooling the sucked air once and returning it to the room after warming it up again.

Even with weak cooling dehumidification, you can expect an effect, but you may decline the temperature situation of the room to return the cooled air to the room as it is. I feel that it is cold in the room, so I can assume a case where I feel that air conditioning dehumidification does not work.

Therefore, let’s grasp the characteristics of each and use it effectively:

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  • Clean the air conditioner anyhow! How to clean up the effect of air conditioning dehumidification
  • When dehumidifying of the air conditioner does not work, it may be improved by cleaning by yourself.
  • In particular, if dust and dust accumulate on the air conditioner filter, there is a danger that the function itself may be adversely affected.
  • Also, it is necessary to note that not only dust but also pet hair, kitchen oil dirt, etc. accumulate to cause abnormality. When cleaning the air conditioner filter, there is also a method of removing it, dusting it with a vacuum cleaner, etc. and washing it with water.

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  • In case of washing with water, it is important to dry it firmly when installing. If you do install it while wet, you should be careful as it may create an environment where fungus easily occurs.
  • It is also important to clean the air conditioner filter itself, but it is also important to clean the dust accumulated inside.
  • Should it not be improved simply by removing dust, it would be prudent to consult a professional who can work properly.
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