Few Of The Nursery Decor Ideas That You Can Have In Your Kid’s Nursery


If you have got a kid who is in a stage of knowing certain things then having a nursery room is something you as well as you kid would love. This room can be decorated by yourself with some simple tricks as well as tips and you would definitely enjoy creating one for your kid. If you wonder that how you can create a beautiful nursery room for your toddler then here are some nursery décor ideas that you should check and work on them. Cloud garland: this is a simple yet innovative way to decorate the nursery room for your kid. You literally just have to form few artificial clouds which you can make with cottons of else you can even get them ready made. Gather all the artificial clouds together one after another in a rope or ribbon and attach the ribbon on the wall. This looks super cute as well as adorable and your kid would surely love the décor. DIY animal shaped lamp: having these kinds of lamps around would also help your child about animals and on a long run they would start loving animals and won’t fear them much.


To create one such lamp you just have to get a teddy cover or an animal shaped love cover and make sure to have a light colored cover and simple cover the lamp with the cover and you are done. DIY pom-pom rug: these pom-pom rugs are super soft and would be gentle on your kid, our kid’s skin is already too sensitive and having regular rugs around might hurt or irritate your kids. To make this super soft rug you need to gather some soft pom-poms and then just simply stitch them together to form a flat soft rug. You can have multiple colored pom-poms to make it look colorful and creative. Floral name DIY nursery décor: this is one of the most beautiful nursery décor that you can have and it is easy to make as well. To make this you just have to get your hands of wooden alphabets and then you need to attach some beautiful flowers to complete the whole décor. These were few super easy as well as cute decors that you can have in your kid’s nursery room.

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