10 Excellent Vastu Tips For Bedrooms


Vastu plays a very important role in bringing happiness, wealth, prosperity, and peace to our lives. Many people consider it blind faith but the studies have shown that Vastu Shastra has changed the life of many people and brought proper financial stability in their lives.

The direction of the various parts of our house should be in the right direction in order to bring prosperity. For example, talking about the bedroom, its direction should be in the south-west as it is a power spot that indicates strength and wealth for the house owner. Therefore, highly successful people design the bedroom according to the Vastu principles to get quality sleep.

vastu tips for bedroom

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Vastu Shastra experts say that if the direction of your bedroom is in the right direction then you will be able to wake up with freshness. The sick bedroom location will have the following bad effects in your life.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Bad health
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Poor memory
  • Continuous Stress

There are various bedroom Vastu tips that you must follow in order to get a good sleep at night in your bedroom. Have a look at those tips.

vastu tips for bedroom

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  • The first tip that you should follow is to always keep your right legs on the floor while you rise up from the bed in the morning.
  • The next tip that you should seriously follow is to switch off the wifi of your phone. The smartphones have become a big distraction for everyone as everyone has got addicted to it. Make sure you avoid the phones near the bed. If there are too many gadgets around your bed, it will produce harmful vibrations. Also, avoid the office work in the bedroom as that generates more stress and tension in your life.

vastu tips for bedroom

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  • Never make the bedroom in the south-east direction as it brings more arguments and misunderstandings in life. You never want arguments with your wife, isn’t it? So, better don’t make the bedroom in that direction.
  • Place the bed in such a manner that you have a clear view of the room entrance so that everything is in your control what you see.

vastu tips for bedroom

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  • Make sure that you keep the bathroom door closed in order to keep the negative energy flow restricted.
  • Avoid the stuff which is negative under the bed. For example, any physical clutter or emotional clutter has no place under the bed. Avoid the things under the bed that doesn’t induce sound sleep in your life.
  • The bed should always be made of natural material. The Metal bed should always be avoided in your bedroom.

vastu tips for bedroom

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  • Don’t place the bed near the wall of the toilet.
  • Enhance the southwest direction of the bedroom with active earth elements for adding more prosperity in life. Lead blocks, Crystal earth cubes, citrine crystals are few but they are effective energizers for the south-west zone of the house.
  • Avoid non-inspiring artwork in the bedroom and use paintings of a mountain that gives a feeling of strength and security.

These were the various bedroom Vastu tips that you should definitely follow for having a sound sleep at night. Contact any Vastu Shastra Expert for getting detailed guidance on this.

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