5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Professional Repair


Being a handyman is essential when you’re a homeowner. Your home will require minor fixes every now and then, and because of the urgency, you’ll likely decide to work on these alone. You’d rather do these on your own rather than waiting for a professional’s availability. And besides, DIY solutions are much cheaper compared to hiring professionals, right? There’s nothing really wrong if you’re used to doing all the repairs in your home, but there will be instances when DIY solutions can only do more harm than good. Certain problems in your home will require tools, training, and experience in order to be fixed, like your water heater, for example. At some point in your life, you’ll need to hire professionals for water heater repair Dallas. A water heater is a very complex machine, and most often than not, you don’t have the know-how to fix any of its problems. If you attempt to do so, you’ll end up experiencing worse problems which can result in more costs and stress. To help you determine when you should hire a professional for your water repair needs, pay attention to these signs:

1. The heat from your water heater is never consistent.

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One of the reasons why you bought a water heater is because you want to experience those hot steamy baths, especially in winter. You want to be calm and relaxed every time you’re taking a shower. So when your water heater doesn’t do any of these anymore, be warned. Fluctuating water temperature is a telltale sign that your water heater needs professional help. This kind of problem is usually caused by deposits which have built up around the mechanism of your water heater or several components which needs to be repaired or replaced. You can contact Auckland hot water specialist so that you do not face such issues.

2. There’s no water pressure from your water heater.

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When your water heater was still new, you enjoyed having showers every day. The feeling of hot water dripping in your body has become an enjoyable experience not only for you but for everyone in the household. However, when your water heater doesn’t have any pressure, you’ll never have the same experience. In fact, you might dread using the shower or kitchen sink because you’ll know you’ll only be stressed. You’ll be taking so much time with these fixtures because your water heater only provides you with mere drops of water, rather than a continuous flow.

3. There’s water leaking from your water heater.

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Regardless if it’s in your roof or pipes, seeing leaks in your home is always bad news. Leaks can damage the architectural integrity of your home which can make you susceptible to dangers of the weather and other elements outside. All of these are also applicable when it comes to your home’s water heater. Take time to assess its state and check if there are any leaks. Generally, look for signs of moisture around the location of the water heater. Once you’ve noticed any of these, call for professional help right away. Neglecting leaks from your water heater will not only damage your home, but it can also cause slip and fall injuries to you and your family members.

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4. The water supply in your home doesn’t feel and taste right.

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Homeowners are expected to be very nosey. They would usually inspect everything that’s taking place inside their home and within their property. This kind of trait can become a nuisance at times, but when dealing with your water heater, it can be an ally. Put your detective hat and turn on water from your faucet. Does your water has a metallic taste? Does it taste different from the water you drink from other people’s houses? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call the professionals for help. Problems like these are caused by the corrosion inside your water heater. Leaving this untreated can lead to bigger problems and can even become the reason why your water heater will fail.

Aside from the taste, keep a watchful eye on the smell of the water from your faucet. If it smells cloudy or strange, mineral deposits might already be present in the pipes. These minerals can contaminate the water supply in your home which can adversely affect the health of everyone living in it. Opt to hire professionals the moment you experience this kind of problem. Having these minerals continually building up and damaging your water heater is the last things you want to think about.

5. There are unusual sounds whenever you turn on your water heater.

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Hearing little noises from your water heater is normal. Keep in mind that this is still a major appliance and it’ll require the functions of several mechanisms for the water heater to work. However, when this noise becomes popping or banging, that’s another story. Most likely, the mineral deposits in your water heater are the culprit for this problem. These mineral deposits might have overheated and unable to keep the water hot. This is a complex problem which needs professional repairs.

The Earlier, The Better

As a homeowner, you should know when and where to draw the line between using DIY solutions and hiring professional help. You should be able to assess how grave a specific problem in your home is. Aside from the knowledge you already have, use this article as your guide to making a sound decision. Once you’ve ticked any of the signs listed on this article, start scouting for professionals right away. The sooner you’ll have these problems fixed, the cheaper the costs will be.

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