Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Witness Amazing Architecture To Make Your Vacation Memorable


Guggenheim museum Bilbao is situated at Spain and this museum is open for public visit since 1997. The entire museum was designed by Frank Gehry and you would be amazed to know that the entire structure of the museum is prepared by just titanium, limestone as well as glass and there is no doubt that the museum looks absolutely stunning.


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Together all it is said that the museum building said to be one of the most important as well as honored building of that time. This is basically a contemporary as well as modern art museum and alongside you would be able to see many more things as well. The total construction cost of the museum building was some around $100 million and it is for sure that every penny that is been involved for museum construction worth the spending. The museum sets exhibition almost every day which starts start from 10 am and ends at sharp 8 pm so make sure to visit there on time in order to avoid any crowd. The museum presents different exhibition at different sections of the building and it can hold many people at a time.

The 100 meter long snake by Richard Serra has to be the best thing that the museum has displayed on. Here you would even be able to witness some of the Basque artists moreover the Bilbao museum has a great collection of modern art. The tulip as well as puppy by Jeff Koons is displayed in the front section of the museum and they look stunning for sure. You would be amazed to know that the shooting of the movie The World Is Not Enough by James Bond in the year 1999 was done here in this museum. Tamil film Sivaji in the year 2007 has also featured this museum in their movie. All over if you are a modern art lover or if you like contemporary art work then you would love visiting this wonderful museum for sure.

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