Wedding Time Is Around – DIY Wedding Cards Ideas


Wedding season is on and many people are tying the knot as well and when it comes to wedding, wedding card plays an important role here apart from other such wedding things. Wedding card is basically the invitation card that the bride as well as groom gives to their guest in order to invite them on the wedding.

If you would market bought card then there would not be any love in the card so you can try up making your own DIY wedding card and if you are wonder how then here are some of the best DIY wedding cards ideas that you need to check out and rather you can try some for your special day as well.

Stamp on heart seems to be the most romantic as well as beautiful wedding card that you can prepare and also it is easy to make so you don’t even have to do too much work in order to get the card made. Here you would have to get your hands on rd colored art paper as well as some white paint and some eraser as well as cutter.

Here at first you would have to cut the paper in a heart shape and then you would have to carve the name of the bride as well as the groom on the eraser and then you would have to apply some paint on the eraser and stamp it on the card and on the other side you can write your message that’s it.

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Glitter name is loved by everyone and so the card would also be loved for sure and here you would have to get your hands on some loose glitters, some glue, a tiny brush, some colored pens as well as a white art paper. Now you would have to write the name of the groom as well as bride with the help of the glue and brush and you can also make a heart or flower alongside and the pour some glitter on it and then dust off the access.

The glitters would stick to the glue and so the names would appear glittery and then you can write other valuable messages inside the card and that’s it.

Chocolate card seems to be the best gesture that you can show towards your guest while you invite them and here you would be offering chocolate through your wedding card. Here you would need some chocolates of course and white art paper, some ribbon and some colored pen that’s it.

Here you would have to tie some chocolate inside the wedding card and write the message aside that’s it. These were few of the best wedding card design ideas that you need to check out and also you can find more at Architectures Ideas.

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