How High Can You Build Scaffolding?

How High Can You Build Scaffolding?

Scaffolding supports contractors who are building or working on a high-rise building.

These contractors have to work at heights in order to perform or manage construction work.

That’s where strong and durable scaffolding is of vital importance.

However, how high can you build scaffolding without jeopardising the safety of the workers?

In fact, many construction companies opt for on-site lifts to ensure the safety of their workers when accessing the top and ground floors easily.

Scaffolding Construction



The height of the scaffolding will normally depend on the height of the building.

Many construction companies make the mistake of designing a scaffolding structure with a height that’s more than what is permissible.

Scaffolding construction could be done in two ways – which will influence the average height of the structure.

One method of construction doesn’t involve the use of outriggers. There are supportive restraints to prevent tipping.

Scaffolding models that use this method of construction come in heights of 4, 6, and 7-foot with the restraint height extending up to 8.7, 9.7, and 13.7-feet respectively.

The second method involves the use of outriggers.

Most scaffolding companies prefer to add a 2-foot outrigger at each of the corners as well as perpendicular to the taller sides of the unit.

The scaffolding consists of a long and wide base section.

The base width of the scaffolding will increase more than the initial nominal length.

The durability and strength of the structure are usually determined on the least dimension.

Hence, you are assured of the maximum unrestrained height becoming four times lower than the nominal length.

The height of the scaffolding that use outriggers will vary from 4, 6, and 7-foot and the total height of the restraint will go up more than 16, 24, and 28-feet respectively.

The height includes the guardrails, vertical posts, casters, and all of the other necessities. This will also increase the height of the scaffolding.

You need to add the 4-feet height of the outriggers in addition to this height.

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Reliable Scaffolding Company



You should call a Reliable Scaffolding Company to learn about the height of the scaffolding they plan to build if you are in the construction industry.

There are so many scaffolding companies functioning in Sydney, Nowra, Wollongong, Ulladulla, South Coast, and nearby areas.

They will check the blueprint of the building before planning the scaffolding unit with the assistance of a competent team of engineers.

This is because there are safety concerns for scaffolding workers.

You should be aware of the different heights that scaffolding will be able to support so that your worker’s don’t have to worry about getting injured unnecessarily.

There are many important things to consider when choosing a reputable scaffolding company for your project.

Your research plays a big part when doing so. The internet is a good place to start your research.

Make sure you conduct thorough research before choosing the best scaffolding company for your needs.

That way you can select a reputable and experienced scaffolding company to meet your requirements.

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