5 Benefits Of Having A Water Softener

When you think of pure water, you just think of uncontaminated drinking water. You would have installed RO or a water purifier for the same. Do you know? Contaminated drinking water can harm your health, but regular water that we use in bathing and other things can damage your skin, hair and even utensils. How? Because of hard water. Now, what is hard water? 

Benefits of Water Softners

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Rainwater is the purest form of water, but after it lands on the earth, it goes underground, and then we recollect it to use. Till we utilize the water, it has already collected minerals like calcium and magnesium and has been converted into hard water.

You always blame soaps for dry skin and shampoos for dry and dull hair, but would you believe us, if we say its because of the water and not soap or shampoo? Maybe not. But its the truth. Hard water has an excess amount of calcium and magnesium, which can affect negatively on clothes, skin, material, pipes and many more (we would like to say, hard water is harsh for your home!). On the other hand, soft water has a moderate amount of calcium and magnesium that balances everything well.

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You may have heard the quote, “Excess of anything is harmful” and this fits here perfectly.

You know the difference between hard water and soft water and even their characteristics. So now the question is, how to convert hard water into soft water (yeah! It can be converted)? Through Water Softener. A water softener is basically an ion exchange unit that traps the hardness minerals and resin it with sodium and potassium ions. To know more about water softener, click here.

We are here to tell you about the benefits of water softeners:

1. Reduces the Energy Bills

All the appliances that use water from coffee-maker to dish-washer works well with the soft water than the hard water. Soft water allows them to work smoothly, and that results in low consumption of energy. Moderate consumption of energy ultimately results in reduced energy bills. Along with this, you will also save the mother nature from diminishing. Lesser the use of energy the lower will be the pollution.

2. Keeps Skin Smooth and Hair Well-Nourished

Hard water reacts with the anions in soap and shampoo and forms soap scum which makes the skin sticky. Even rinsing will not wash it away. Instead, it will clog the pores of your skin and will cause irritation and reactions. You will use more shampoo to give shiny and volume to hair. As water softener has a moderate amount of calcium and magnesium, it doesn’t react with soap and keeps skin smooth and hair well-nourished. This will also result in less usage of soap and shampoo while bathing.

Benefits of Water Softners

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3. Prevent Soap Film and Detergent Curd Build-up in the Machinery

As we mentioned in the above point, hard water reacts with soap and develops soap film, the same is with washing detergent and soaps. This soap film and detergent curd build-up will result in reduced life of appliances. Soft water avoids excessive mineral build-up and increases the life of the machine. According to research, the average American home uses a large part of hot water, i.e., there is more usage of the water heater. This way, the water softener will help you in maintaining the water appliances for a long time.

4. Keeps Fabric Soft and Shiny

The build-up also prevents the machine from cleaning properly. Hard water can affect clothes negatively, and they will lose their shine, and there are possibilities of wearing out (sooner than expected). Soft water cleans clothes more effectively. Hard water causes the grayish substance to stick on clothes when washed. A water softener will help you in keeping your white clothes whiter and shiner. And will also increase the life of the fabric.

5. Prolongs the Life of Plants

Excessive chlorine in hard water affect negatively on the plants, and that drives gardeners and plant lovers crazy. So to remove the chlorine from the water, before watering you will have to keep tap water idle for half-an-hour for chlorine to drift away. Why waste time when you can directly sprinkle soft water without worrying about chlorine? A water softener removes excessive minerals as well as chlorine from the water.

Benefits of Water Softners

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Make One Change and Gain Multiple Benefits:

Basically, a water softener is the final solution for each and every problem, from skin issues to scaly utensils. This is what we concluded from the points mentioned in the article. The above mentioned five benefits contain several hidden gems that can prove to be a real blessing in disguise for your healthy well-being and keeping the different types of equipment free from excessive mineral build-up, like, 

– Low energy bills indicate low energy usage, which ultimately saves the environment from being polluted.

– A water softener will reduce the development of soap scum, and with it, you will use less soap that you were using to get smooth skin.

– The low build-up of detergent curd will prevent clogging in pipes and will reduce the repair costs as well as increases the life span of appliances.

A water softener is the only thing that you will ever need to make things go right and long-lasting. This way, you will have a magic portion in your hands that will not only enrich your home but also ensure that there are no apparent side effects to worry. Amazing, isn’t it? Get more information about this type of home gadgets from Architecturesideas.