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It is said that behind every successful person there is someone who worked hard for it along with him. Similarly, there are certainly small but very useful office gadgets that make your everyday tasks easier. They are the helping hands in every aspect while you are at work as well as they are useful to us in unique ways. These tiny tools make your work easier and decorate your desk to all its corner. Have a look at these 50 Amazing Office Gadgets That Will Ease Your Everyday Tasks. Upgrade your work with these advanced tools and outshine your profession within your company.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The device consists of the speaker and will help you to forget all your work pressure.


source : amazon.com


2. Mobile Desk

A mobile desk is also known as a standing desk for working at multiple places in the office premises. This desk is portable.

Amazing Office Gadgets


source : walmart.com


3. Apple MacBook Air

The Apple MacBook Air is an ultraportable laptop which is light-weight featuring Slim bezels, Retina display, Touch ID, 8th-gen Intel chips, up to 16GB RAM, and up to a 1TB SSD.


source : purch.com


4. Evapolar – Personal Air Cooler

amazing office gadgets

source : evapolar.com


5. Personal Mini-fridge

This portable fridge is a great food storing box while traveling or going for long road trips. With having both the functionality of cooling and warming, you can store both hot as well as cold beverages.

amazing office gadgets

source : i5.walmartimages.com


6. Desktop Punching Ball

Desktop Punching ball is the tool majorly used for relieving yourself from stress. This will help you with the little stresses caused in the workplace.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : hammacher.com


7. Air Purifier Spy Cam

Nobody wants to inhale impure air at the places where they live or work. This air purifier is a great oxygen filter which let you breathe easily.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : gadgetreview.com


8. Self-Stirring Mug

When you no time to manually stir and mix all the thing inside your mug for coffee, just grab one of this self-stirring mug which mixes up every ingredient inside it.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : walmart.com


9. Wireless Key-Finder

Do you have a habit to lose your important keys? Yes! This gadget is for you. Just attach it with your keychain and forget it. Whenever you feel like your keys lost, just open your smartphone and track your keys.

source : amazon.com


10.Digital Smartpen

The digital smartpen comes with smart coding which makes it capture the ink stroke with the infrared camera.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : amazon.de


11. Absolutely Desk Supply Set

A tool which holds up all your stationery while you are working. It’s obvious that if you store your stationery on a correct place then you can find them easily.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com


12. Portable Wind up Shredder

A handy device which can be very useful at your workplace. It’s a portable shredder which let you shred your useless paper which doesn’t need electricity.

source : blogspot.com


13. Portable Cup Warmer

Don’t like drinking a coffee whose temperature is less and don’t have a gas stove to make it warm. This small gadget is just for you. It’s a portable cup warmer to which you can connect through USB cable with your laptop to power up and make your coffee warm.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : karimunjawaadventure.com


14. Silent mouse

A silent mouse will let you click without annoying your workplace neighbors. These are ideal for workplaces and are the most innovative tools in the world of hardware.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : mojomojo.co


15. Spy Pen Video Camera

These are the pens which will let you take videos of the seminars you attend and can watch it again whenever you need.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : viperprotection.com


16. Cable Clips

The cable clips at the desk of your workspace hold all your hanging cables from particular places and also accommodates cable bundles.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : infmetry.com


17. Monitor Rear-View Mirror

A convex type small mirror which can be mounted on your monitor. This helps you to keep a look at your back and also from the corners from which your boss peeks out.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : usendipost.com


18. Notepad Roller

Messing with the old fashioned notepad to which aren’t able to handle? Forget that thing, it’s time to replace it with this new To-Do list which too handy.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : uncommongoods.com


19. Smartphone Sanitizer

Know what icky things are there on your phone with this smartphone sanitizer. It analyzes everything on your phone through UV lights.

amazing office gadgets

source : shopify.com


20. LED Programmable Message Fan

This is something really different, a USB fan with an LED programmable message. It comes with different colors, messages as well as many languages.

amazing office gadgets

source : shopyko.com


21. Cute Hand Warmers

While typing for a long time on keyboards our hands start to pain. To stop this pain, this gadget is perfect. A hand warmer keeps your hand warm while typing and keeps your work inflow.

amazing office gadgets

source: assets.com


22. ID Guard Stamp

Nowadays, many fake identities are made by scammers. This handy gadget is an ID scanner which identifies a difference between fake and original ID card.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : thegreenhead.com


23. PocketScan

A most amazing handy gadget which works on batteries and helps you to scan your important hard document file into the soft document.

amazing office gadgets

source : dacuda.com


24. Luxafor – LED Status Light

This status light will let you stay on the top of your to-do list. With the help of the light, the interruptions are reduced.

amazing office gadgets

source : i.ytimg.com


25. Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom Bamboo Spark is the World’s smartest notebook. It is the smart folio with a ballpoint pen and a spot for your favorite paper.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com


26. Clip-On Cup Holder

The clip-on cup holder can be helpful to your daily office life. This can be fixed easily on the side of the table and can adapt the cups in order to prevent water cup upset.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : zdnet.com


27. Melting Clock

The melting clock was the art known as the persistence of memory. This was one of the best of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : dwell.co.uk


28. Converge

Converge is a place for gadgets to rest and recharge. It is a modern docking station that which shows off the electronics when they charge.

amazing office gadgets

source : wordpress.com


29. Fidget Spinner – Stress Reducer

Fidget spinner is the latest craze amongst children and adults. Beast gadget to reduce stress and helps in the growth of focus.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : aboxofreviews.com


30. Bullshit Button

This is a fun gadget which is easy to use and this gadget would shout bullshit without you saying it so whenever you would see bullshit you can simply press the red button of this gadget and this would do its work. This comes in a handy packaging which is great to handle.

source : amazon.com


31. Office Nap Chair

As the name suggests it is an office chair that has so many relaxing features and the foot rest has to be the best one. This chair is perfect for someone who works for too long in front of a computer so that the person can rest in between the work. It is a superior quality chair that would last you for a long time.

source : adaziaire.club


32. MyGift Woodblock Perpetual Desktop Calendar

This is a wooden block calendar that has blocks or days, date as well as month and with every changing day and month you can simply change the blocks accordingly. This is a compact set which would look amazing if you would put it on your office desk and the quality of this product is supreme.

Source : amazon.com


33. AirBar – Enable Touchscreen to Laptops

This is basically an AirBar that needs to be attached to the notebook 10 to get it working. It comes in a compact size so you can carry it to anywhere you want. You simply have to touch it to get it started and just a simple touch would work in this case. This is specially designed for Windows 10 notebooks as well as laptops.


source : amazon.com


34. OfficeGYM – The Office Chair Trainer

This is basically a chair that has gym attachment and it has resistance rope so if someone is a fitness freak but couldn’t get time for the gym then this chair would be perfect for that person. Here sitting on this chair one can work and at the same time, one can also do stretching exercise in this chair. 

source : amazon.com


35. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

This is basically a laptop stand that helps in cooling down the laptop, now that we already know that electronics tend to heat up soon and if a laptop gets used for a long time straight then this laptop stand is a must for that laptop. This is a superior quality product that comes in a number of colors.

source : shopify.com


36. TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Dock/Stand

This is basically a pencil charger that has been introduced by TechMatte and this is such a sleek charger that it would look amazing if would be placed on a desk. This is made up of aluminum which ensures amazing quality as well as look of this product.

source : amazon.com


37. Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

This is a desktop which is made up of concrete and this is perfect for planting some plants in your office or in areas where you cannot actually place plant pots. This looks sleek and stylish so this would act as a décor item for your space and this also has a holder at the bottom where a pen or stuff like that can be kept and this is small in size so can be installed anywhere.

source : monoqi.com

38. Office Seat Comfort Cushions

It is a seat cushion that can be attached to the car seat so that you can sit with comfort and this product is so soft that your neck would not even pain if you would settle there for hours. This comes in a set of two so it can be attached to both the front seats of the car.

source : alicdn.com


39. Medieval Weapon Push Pins

This is a set of stationary pins that are molded in the shape of medieval weapons and this would change your experience of old push pins and this would actually make art and craft fun. This is great for someone who is very much influenced by the old weapons and stuff like that and a set has a number of pins which would last for a long time.

source : gwyl.io


40. Birds On Wire Clips

This is a set of pins that has bird made at the top which makes it a perfect décor item so if you are looking for picture pins then this can prove to be perfect for your pictures and since it comes in a set of many pins so at a time you would be able to clip many pictures together and the black color makes it look an amazing.

source : zulily.com


41. Inukshuk Magnetic Stones

This is a picture holder so you can keep a picture with the back support of this product but apart from holding pictures, this product can be used in a number of ways. It has a base which is made up of stainless steel and then there are magnetic stones attached one after another and this would be perfect for your desk.



source : thegreenhead.com


42. Document Dunk Trash Can

This is a basketball-themed wastepaper basket so every time you have to through a piece of paper you can bring out the basketball player in you. This is compact in size with a medium-sized basket which can have many papers at a time and this looks so sleek than no one can tell that it is a waste bin.

source : shopify.com


43. Footrest Relaxation and Comfort

This is a foot hanging swing which is perfect if placing your feet at the floor while sitting hurts you so you can simply hang your feet on this cloth swing and relax. This is made up of superior quality and is strong enough to take the weight of two feet at a time.



source : coowootech.com


44. Fat Succulent Plants

This is a cactus cutting and a pack comes with 25 different cuts of such fat plant and this looks amazing and can be used for decorating purposes as well. There are so many different colors available in one particular set so you can work around and make use out of it.

source : amazon.com


45. Kikkerland Potted Pen Phone Stand

This is basically a phone stand that has a pen stand behind and also there is grass-like growth which makes it looks beautiful and so it can be used as a décor piece as well. This looks sleek and stylish and is perfect for placing over the office desk or in study table and the grass over this product doesn’t need any watering.

source : walmartimages.com


46. Hand Cup Pen/Pencil Holder

This is a hand-shaped mold that would be holding a cup-like thing and this whole set is basically a phone stand and also pens, as well as pencils, can be kept in this stand. This comes in a number of colors and you can always choose from the range and it is perfect for placing over the office desk.

source : amazon.com


47. Mustard Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

This is an Albert Einstein inspired magnetic statue best of keeping pins and this product is perfect for someone who keeps on losing small pins and stuff like that. This seems unique and can act as a décor piece if placed on a study desk or work desk and it is a superior quality product.

source : pinimg.com


48. Big Enter Anti Stress Relief Button

source : pinimg.com

49. Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

source : desk-lamp.org


50. Upright GO – Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back

source : amazon.com