5 Best Blenders Under 100$ To Buy In 2020

5 Best Blenders Under 100$
People like to make sauces, juices, shakes, and smoothies to add more deliciousness to their drinks. Blenders are the ideal players in helping them prepare the best drinks as per their needs. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that blenders are one of the most vital tools in our kitchen accessories. They can equip our kitchens with a number of cooking applications. 

Money-saving can be a factor to avoid costly additions to the kitchen. I would say that you should not equip your kitchen with a machine for grinding and crushing that cost arms and legs.

To help you decide the best blender, we have a number of blenders from different perspectives and come up with the top 5 best blenders under 100$Features, as well as other criteria, are seen in blenders by the desiring features from people like power, speed, capacity, etc. Products are looked for all these features and some other extra features too.

Check out the video to get in-depth information of the working of the Top 5 Best Blenders of 2020.

Product and Rating

Name and Features


KitchenAid KSB1575ER

Power: 550 watt
Speed: 5
Capacity: 60 oz
Warranty: 5 years

Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender BL456R

Power: 900watts
Speed: pulse only
Capacity: 24 oz
Warranty: 1 year

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL610

Speed: 3
Capacity: 72 oz
Warranty: 1 year

Oster 4093-008

Power: 1000watt
Speed: 2
Capacity: 40 oz
Warranty: 1 year

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

Power: 700watts
Speed: pulse only
Capacity: 40 oz
Warranty: 3 years


1. KitchenAid KSB1575ER

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KitchenAid is having an impressive history of making appliances for kitchens and other products. In blenders, KSB1575ER is a great product that adds more value to its splendid history of developing impressive products and appliances. 

KSB1575ER equipped with a larger number of modes which help to deal with multi-functions of stirring, chopping, mixing and liquifying, etc. The blending system adds more value to its purposeful experience of consistency in its blending process.

It also helps it to deal with its speed mechanism at its best properly. The soft starter is also provided in a machine that ensures the mixing and pulling of all ingredients before complete blending. It adds more value to the product as well as reliability. 
Pitcher provision is not to avoid scratches, or stain instead it is to make it simpler for wide cleaning. It can also be added to the dishwasher for cleaning. It is equipped with a capacity of 60 Oz and that is pretty good for household use. It is equipped with 550W power and that is quite lower from other appliances. But still, it is enough to power to grind fruit, vegetables, and even ice. The main thing that adds more to the reliability of the appliance its 5-years warranty.

  • Pitcher quality is quite good.
  • Excellently equipped with a 5-year warranty.
  • Soft starter
  • Maximum setting provision to blend it properly.
  • The cleaning process of its bottom may be quite difficult.


2. Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender BL456R

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This is our best choice as a personal blender. It is small and Nutri Ninja is built by keeping in mind the idea of single servings. Nutri Ninja is the best option if it is up to portability as well convenience and it is pretty hard to argue for this choice. You will not be needed to make any kind of strange way in use to clean it, instead, it can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher

Smaller products like nuts and seeds can also be blended by Nutri ninja and this is quite possible because of its high power of 900W where many blenders cannot manage to do this. Extraction of vitamins gets quite easier with blender where it some other can’t really manage.

It is good for single servings because of its smaller size that renders it not a good choice for bigger servings. It is like you are up for making a batch of smoothies then you need to have another appliance. It is only designed for single servings. Its smaller in size renders it below 100$.

  • It is smaller in size and it renders it quite handy for taking from one place to another. Just need a grab.
  • Extraction to vitamins as well as blenders to smaller ingredients.
  • Quite easy to clean in the dishwasher.
  • It can’t struggle to make up if overfilled.
  • It is a single server. So, not for large servings.


3. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL610

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Ninja is quite famous in the world for providing the best kitchen appliances. Their products are cookers and coffee machines. Another famous product is blenders that are widely used in homes and commercial purposes. In our list, BL610 may be the best product in all products under 100$. This may be on top because of the availability of a large number of features that maybe you seek in far expensive products. This may offer you a great experience with its excellent built-up structure as well as an addition of great value to the product.

It is 1000 watts powerful and this is quite enough for more household purposes than maximum products around. This will make it in one piece which you may witness inexpensive blenders for making smoothies. Its capacity is too great where it is 72 Oz and that is great. The maximum time it will be more than enough to read most of the household things. It could help you to make a big batch of smoothies that can be placed in the fridge for usage on other timings.

Blades used in machines add more value to the product. Instead, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the biggest plus point in the machine. They will do a great job where many other blenders struggle to do. Crushing of ice and frozen fruits are quite handy without any danger to its blades. The crushing process to your drink will be a matter of a few seconds. This crushing capacity is provided with six blades to build it more consistently. 
There are a number of settings that are provided in machine-like beating, blending add more ease to your job whatever you in need. Maximum speeds are provided that add more value to its surpassing unit from a maximum under 100$ blenders. 

  • Greatly valued product for the money.
  • Highly dishwasher safety provisions.
  • Reliability of blades in machines to do tasks in seconds.
  • Overheating is problematic if used for a longer period of time.
  • The container of a machine could be of plastic.


4. Oster 4093-008

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Oster 4093-008 is quite a great budget pick. It is quite basic from other products with some great features. So, it cannot be taken out of the list. 

Steel blades are provided that add more crushing power to the product and help in crushing ice, frozen fruits with absolute ease. It is a good product if you are much familiar with more basic blending functions. Glass jar provided in it is quite good because at its price it is difficult to find blenders with this provision. Its capacity is 40 Oz that makes it quite easy to put in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes. 

The smoothly required blend may not have resulted from these products as quite powerful models offer. It is having less options from other products where only two-speed differences are provided. It provides all functions with 600W power.

The amazing experience of a 1-year warranty is provided with the product that makes it even more reliable. This is all provided at such a low price. 

  • Safe dishwasher experience.
  • The glass jar is quite powerful and can easily stand against high temperatures.
  • Powerful steel blades.
  • It is quite noisy.
  • Only two-speed settings which don’t make it highly functional.


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5. Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

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Great product if you are looking for sauces, smoothies, and juices, etc. It is a model that is pretty handy on your wallet too. It is quietly a less weight product and provides plenty of functionality. It does quick work for you when it comes to crushing ice, frozen fruits, etc. and renders you with delicious outcomes. 

It is quite easy to use. You just need to put your liquid and other fruits, ice or other desired product to blend. 12 blending functions are provided which makes the function quite amazing to develop outcomes like milkshakes. 
5 buttons are provided which help to deal with the controlling process. 700-watt power blender adds more ease to the product for mixing. It can easily be cleaned. But sometimes, its cleaning gets trickier because of food that stuck beneath blades. Placing liquid in the blender jar and adding other ingredients into it after this process will always come up with great results.

It is less powerful but will quietly do an amazing job for users. Its base is of the plastic collar which does not add any durable experience to the product. And can be cracked earlier to many other products. You have to pay the shipping fee separately. A 3-year warranty is provided with the product.

Many people say that it is having some issues with its mixing of all ingredients but there is an issue with that say that is less addition of water for the stirring process. This may possibly an error from the operator rather than a blender. So, better add more water into for stirring.

  • The cost is pretty low.
  • It is quite low in weight. It weighs only 5.6 pounds.
  • The glass container is quite sturdy.
  • 12 functions and formally permitted design.
  • Quietly an amazing addition of a three-year warranty to the product.
  • Difficult interface
  • Less powerful
  • Less durable.

Best Blenders

Best Blenders For Smoothies

Smoothie is a widely favorite food for decades and it is quite easy to understand its popularity because of its deliciousness. Smoothie adds more diversification to food items. It can easily be customized by your mood where adjustment of ingredients is quite favorable. It is quite great to set it according to the goals of your diet and tastes. The secret behind great smoothie tastes and goals is the blender. Blenders make it quite easy to blend. 

To choose the best blender is quite difficult from a large number of blenders. Features like price, size, power, capacity, and convenience add ease to make the best choice. Following few are the best and cheap in prices:

Best Cheap Blenders

Living a healthy life is one of the greatest blessings for every individual. It is because our priority is to make a healthy move for a healthy life. Juices, shakes, smoothies are the ornaments of every table.  This is to add more vitamin and nutritional diet. Blenders make it quite easier to develop into a variety of products. It is always quite trickier to buy cheap products and when it comes to blenders it becomes trickier because any lower quality may lead to some difficulty for you. 

Blenders with maximum great features with cheap rates are everybody’s choice. Choices by usage from individuals to the big groups are available in the market. Single servers can be a great option for individuals. Brands like Ninja, KitchenAid, Vitamix provides quite cheap products to demands. We have searched products with the best deals. This would be absolutely helpful for you to make your mind for blenders by their availability at cheap rates.

Best Blenders

Best Budget Blenders

There are a number of products and appliances that are added to our kitchens and add more ease to our kitchens with great healthful experiences through different diet plans, tastes, and moods. Blenders are one of those tools that add more vitality to our kitchens. It makes you smile by adding more deliciousness to our foods with mixtures like juices, shakes. Best budget products add more ease and enjoyment to our daily life. Blenders with the best budget also add more ease. 

The best blender by the budget is decided by the size of your servings as well as how often you use it. We looked into the number of products to come up with the best list by your budget.

The Final Frontier:

In reality, buying a quality blender is not that easy. It takes time, money, and lots of exhaustion. If you do not know where to start and what to look into a product the hunt can go wrong and cost you more than what you were decided to spend. We have reviewed our top best blenders under 100. You can read through these products, and check which one of them suits your needs and requirements. Only go with a product that falls right on your criterion and suits your grinding, crushing, and smoothing needs. For more information, visit Architecturesideas.