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Chair plays an important role in every house because you cannot always get yourself in the bed and you need to sit for having your meals and they are needed especially when a guest arrives in your home. There are different varieties of chairs to get your hands on but round chairs seem to be one of the best options to get in your home so here are few varieties of contemporary as well as modern round chair designs for your house:

1)Basket Chair:
modern round chair

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This is one of the best combination or traditional chair material with that of modern chair design which makes it the best contemporary round chair. They are very spacious so two people can easily sit there which basically makes it best for couples. They prove to be best for placing in front of the T.V so you can relax with your partner there are watch your favorite show. They are made up of bamboo wood and are beautifully handcrafted and on top, you would get soft cushions which ensure comfort.

2)Short Round Back Sofa Chair:
modern round chair

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This chair is ideal for placing it in the sitting room and being it a spacious sofa chair so one can easily relax on it and would be served with comfort. You can get color options in it and it has a short back which is round in shape that ensures that your back gets perfect support. They come with metal finish stand which makes the chair look classy as well as elegant.

3)Urban Ladder Hanging Swing Chair:
modern round chair

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This is one of the best modern round chair designs to go for and is perfect to place at the balcony, terrace or even at the lawn and wherever you would keep the chair, they would make the place look beautiful. They are available in different colors and the best thing about this particular chair is that they come with a stand on which the swing has been attached where you have to sit basically so you would enjoy relaxing at the chair just the way you would in a swing.

4)Big Round Lounge Chair:
modern round chair

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This chair is shaped just like a UFO which makes it one of the most comfortable and well as luxurious looking chair that you can have literally at any place of your house and once you would have it in your home you would definitely get lots of compliments from your guests. They come in a huge variety of color and are very comfortable to sit on have some relaxing time. You can get a wheel like a ball cluster which makes it easier for you to move around this chair.

5)Working Desk Chair:
modern round chair

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This chair is especially for those who need to work sitting at the office and it is said that this chair offers with comfort which ensures that you can sit for a long time working without any difficulty. There are many designs available for this desk chair to choose from.

The best thing about this desk chairs are that they come in such a shape that would fit your body in and they have wheels at the bottom so moving them is not a big deal for sure and the height can be adjusted according to your comfort level and they do not consume a lot of space as well.

6)Modern Round Chair:
modern round chair

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This is one is definitely one of the fanciest looking chairs to have in your dining space and honestly, this chair would get you many compliments from your guest. It is very comfortable and the shape of the chair would literally force people to sit comfortably and this chair proves to be best even if you want to take a short nap on it and they come in a variety of colors to choose from and they are fitted to a metal stand which makes it safe.

7)Round Wine-Dine Set:
modern round chair

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They come in sets and are perfect for dining purposes and as the name suggests they come in a shape which resembles a glass of wine and this look of the chair make it one of the most innovative chairs sets ever. You can get these chairs in two kinds of materials one is plastic another is metal and you can get your hands on different colors as well.

8)Divani Casa Alba Chair:
modern round chair

Source: primeclassicdesign.com

This is a leather chair which is round in shape making it appear beautiful and unlike chair they have bottle stand where you can keep your food, book, and of course drinks and this thing makes this chair one of the most comfortable chairs ever so you can get everything around and you don’t have to get a separate table or stool to keep the book that you are reading or your drink or maybe your food. They are very comfortable which is because of the cushion that is placed upon and you can definitely get many color options on them.

9)Round Sofa Chair:
modern round chair

Source: creativefurniturestore.com

This one is for one person but you can get this sofa chair in bigger sizes as well where more than one person would fit in comfortably. They have around back which makes it very comfortable and you can spread your arms in and relax for a while and they are entirely made up of leather and to provide you with comfort there would be soft cushions lying around on it and you can also get a variety of color options in this chair.

10)Sofa Revolving Chair:
modern round chair

Source: stellissima.com

This is an in-between thing of sofa and a chair which seems like a chair but provides comfort just like a sofa and it looks so classy that you would definitely want to flaunt it once you have it in your home and it is not that expensive and the material is definitely value for money and not a wastage. Here it is not that space consuming but would give you enough space to relax upon and they are available in a variety of colors.

modern round chair

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They are super chick looking stools that are perfect for dining or you can have them arranged in front of the drinking zone in any part of yours. They are less space consuming and the height of the stool can be adjusted so the height of any person won’t be a problem for this chair and you would also get support at the back which ensures comfort and the steel body makes it look good and the steel body makes it look good.

12)Metal Stool:
modern round chair

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This kind of stools are perfect for the placing in front of the makeup mirror or you can also have them in the dining space and the height that they come with makes them perfect and they can easily be shifted under table or anything when not in use which ensures that they are very less space consuming and moreover the metal finish of the stool makes it look classy and you would also get a cushion short of soft thing on it so you won’t feel uncomfortable while you sit on the stool.

13)Leather Round Stool:
modern round chair

Source: marsballoon.com

They are the shortest among all the stools and look so classy that you can place them anywhere you want and it would fit anywhere as well. The small size makes sure that they don’t consume much space. They have got wooden legs and over it, the soft cushion has been placed and then at the last everything got covered with a leather cover. They are not heavy so can b carried around easily and are very comfortable as well and they come in a variety of colors but dark brown and black seems to be the best.

14)Ball Chair:
modern round chair

Source: stateroom.info

This is one of those good looking chairs that people buy for luxury and the best thing is that they are not that expensive but looks way too expensive for sure. The best thing about this chair has to be the way it looks and the comfort it provides with.

As the name suggests it looks round as it a cracked egg has been placed on a stand and in the ball like structure you would get cushion setting which ensures that you feel comfortable. They are available in a variety of colors to choose from and you can get the perfect one for you

These were few of the best chair designs to get in your home and you can find more at Architectures ideas.