Why is quality the most important aspect for leather furniture?

Leathers are always a cherished possession to everyone. It adds a class to your room and you also get to buy so many leather products like sofa and chairs. Have you ever thought that the price you are paying for leather is worth the quality? Yes, many local leather manufacturers deceive you of the quality. You pay a much higher price maybe for the furniture that is not leather at all. Now, the question is how you will identify genuine leather? For this, you must first know the different quality of leathers in the market and ways to check them.

1. Aniline Leather

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Aniline leather is the smoothest and the lightest. It is one of the most original forms of leather furnishing. It is of the most fragile type and has a natural color and odor.

2. Semi-aniline Leather

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Semi-aniline leather is smooth but not like that of the aniline one. It receives coating on its surface which alters its color and texture and even the odor.

3. Pigmented Leather  

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Pigmented leather is the most treated one. It is coated with a strong layer that makes it durable but takes away the original color of the leather. For example, leathers used in car seats are made up of pigmented leathers.

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4. Full-grain Leather

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Full-grain leather uses only the topmost layer of the animal skin closest to the air. This is the toughest, most durable, and most loved. It has creases and unique color options are available. It is precisely the most expensive one.

5. Top Grain Leather

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Top grain leathers use the next layer of the animal skin and work on it to remove imperfections.

6. Bonded Leather

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In bonded leathers, the shavings from all other leather grades are collected, grounded up, and mixed with an adhesive liquid to make a piece of leather.

Is Your Leather a Genuine One?

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To know the quality of your leather you must know the following points to check it:

1. Color

Original leather has a color distinct from the animal skin it is made of. All colored leathers are treated artificially.

2. Texture

The texture of the original leather is not very smooth and is generally somewhat coarse. If your leather feels like plastic, it is a fake one.

3. Edge

The edges of the original leather are somewhat natural and rough.

4. Pores

Check the pores in your leather because original leather contains the same pores that are present in the animal body from which it is made. Of course, you won’t know the accuracy, but you can inspect or inquire.

5. Smell

Real leather smells have a pungent yet attractive smell. You need to look through the types to understand this well.

6. Creases and wrinkles

If your leather has creases and wrinkles, it is likely an original one.

Tests to Check the Quality of Your Leather:

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1. Water drop test: 

When you place a drop of water on the leather skin, the drop will soak into the furniture immediately if it is aniline leather. In semi-aniline leather, water drop will sit on the surface and then slowly sink. Finally in pigmented leather, the water drop will not soak up in any way.

2. The fire test

If your leather is genuine, it will not catch fire. The fake ones will catch fire and dissolve into plastic. You can ask for proving from the sellers and see how they exhibit truthfulness.

3. The shine test

Real leather is not that shiny. If you add a bit of oil and polish your leather, it will get shinier day by day. But fake leather looks lustrous all the time.

So now when you have understood why quality matters for leather furniture, you would not like to pay a higher rate for the fake ones. Visit Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture and select the best one to furnish your home.

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