Tips to Avoid Garage Door Malfunction

If you have a garage door, you must not disregard a damaged spring. The moment you notice any problem, you have to take corrective steps as soon as possible. Whether torsion or extension, the lifespan of spring is usually between five and seven years. A slightly annoyed number of garage door manufacturers offer 10,000-cycle steel torsion springs. However, every once in a while, the right spring system is simply not installing. Garage doors and their lifting systems need some extra care. Here are some tips to avoid garage door malfunction.

Avoid Garage Door Malfunction
  1. For starters, when you are buying a torsion spring from an online retailer, you must make sure that you are buying the right one for your garage door. For example, steel and tungsten are not the same. Also, you should be careful about buying second-hand springs. As there might be some problems that can affect your garage door.
  2. If you do not want to use steel or torsion springs, then you can choose to install extension springs. However, these springs need to maintain properly so that they will last for the entire lifetime of your garage doors. If you use low-quality springs, you will have to replace them every year and that can be very expensive. You can use polyurethane, cast iron, or rubber rollers to extend the lifespan of your springs.
  3. If your garage door needs garage spring repair, it can be very easy to find a qualified professional. There are quite a number of garage spring repair companies out there who are willing to give you a reasonable estimate on the cost of their work. It is important to remember that you have to make your garage door repair work dependable and reliable. If you hire someone who does not have the proper skills or who does not have the proper materials, your garage door will most likely break in a few months. If you find someone reliable, you will save money because the garage spring repair cost can be lowered considerably.
  4. It can be really annoying when your garage doors suddenly spring a leak. This is why you must repair them as soon as possible. There are a lot of things that can damage the garage springs, such as heavy loads, rough use, and even weather conditions. There are solutions for each of these problems so that your doors will keep working the next day without any problem.
  5. Most people make the mistake of trying to handle garage door springs without getting to know what they exactly are. Springs are commonly used as tensioners for torsion springs and tension springs that lift up and down. There are actually four kinds of springs in garage doors. The first two kinds of springs are torsion springs and extension springs. The other two types are dampening springs and insulated springs. Each has its own purpose and unique characteristics.

Repair Damaged Garage Door Spring

Repair Damaged Garage Door Spring

If your garage torsion spring or any other garage spring gets damaged, it could be the responsibility of the garage owner. However, you can also repair damaged garage springs on your own. You can either purchase a garage spring repair kit or you can perform the repair by yourself. With the help of repair kits, you can fix damaged garage springs yourself. But if you want to perform the repair by yourself, you have to prepare all the materials that you need for the repair.

One of the most common materials needed for repairing garage springs is steel wool, needle nose pliers, hydraulic bender, electrical drill, screwdriver, and putty. Other materials that you need include a three-pronged screw, steel plate, tape measure, pencil, screwdriver, hydraulic bender, and tape measure.


In addition, if the damage is due to a mechanical problem, you will need the service of a professional mechanic. Capital Garage Door has the necessary tools for garage spring maintenance, and if the damage is caused by a physical problem, they will also have specialized equipment for the repair.

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