Why Is the HVLS Fan the Best Way to Control Climate in Warehouses?

If you’re looking for an efficient way to keep warehouses cool without spending a lot of money on new warehouse equipment, then a Refresh Fans Warehouse Fans (High Volume Low Speed) is a great option. Here in this article, we will talk about that HVLS Fan is the best for warehouses.

The warehouse industry has been in the spotlight lately because of global warming. Some companies have already found a way to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to green or eco-friendly options, so it’s not just businesses making a move. The warehouse owner who doesn’t already have a way to control the temperature in his warehouse may find that this new system makes the job a lot easier.

HVLS Fan Overview

HVLS Fan in warehouse

If you don’t know much about the technology that is used to control warehouse equipment, let’s start by learning a little history. The original Warehouse Industrial Ventilation System was created in 1957. The first models were installed in stores and didn’t provide much comfort.

They were bulky and expensive and required complex wiring and air ducts to make sure the temperature inside the warehouse was controlled. They were also noisy and emitted high levels of noise.

Today’s HVLS systems are made up of special fabric materials that are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out, and they use sophisticated air circulation systems that push air through the warehouse without allowing it to escape.

In the past, the only temperature-modulating fans used in warehouses were the large compressors that sat in the back of the storerooms. These fans used a counter-rotating shaft to vary the speed of the rotation of the airflow. They were loud and bulky and depended on the strength of the walls of the warehouse to hold them in place.

Fan Efficiency

Today’s fans, including the warehouse variety, are made to be very energy efficient. They use less electricity than their predecessors, and they are quieter. This allows them to be placed near the shipping desks where they can be reached by the people who frequent the warehouse.

The fans can be controlled remotely using cellular phones or handheld paging transmitters. This allows the employees of the warehouse to keep the temperature in the warehouse at a comfortable level and as often as needed, without having to bring any additional equipment into the area.

Fan Installation

Warehouse HVLS climate control fan systems can also be installed in manufacturing facilities that have wide-open spaces. The high winds, rain, and snow that can often cause problems in the production areas of many businesses can wreak havoc on the temperature of the building.

A warehouse has the ability to weather most if not all of these hazards thanks to an appropriate VOC-compliant fan. The employee’s exposure to the environment will remain constant and the production will not be interrupted for one moment.

Climate Control

Climate Control HVLS Fan

Large warehouses, like manufacturing facilities, stockrooms, and distribution hubs, can benefit from the climate control features of a warehouse HVLS. Temperature control is a primary objective of warehouse operations. Many businesses use their refrigeration units to keep the products they are storing at a constant and safe temperature.

However, even though the temperature of the interior of a warehouse may be constant, that is not always the case when the products are moved around. A warehouse must be capable of regulating internal temperatures in order to protect all of the products that are in its possession.

The warehouses with AC controls are at a far greater risk of experiencing extreme temperatures than those that do not have air conditioning. The warehouse must be capable of regulating its internal temperatures using warehouse floor fans. Warehouse operations that depend on the efficient operation of AC systems can often be disrupted when the temperature in the warehouse’s outdoor air is much higher than that indoors.

The outdoor temperatures, especially when they surpass those in the indoor air, can pose serious health hazards. If the warehouse is able to maintain a constant indoor temperature but has to rely on ACVs and warehouse floor fans for outdoor temperatures, it can severely impact the productivity of the employees of the facility.

The use of the warehouse’s AC system is imperative in keeping the warehouse’s temperature constant. If the warehouse’s temperature is constantly changing, the ACV’s or the warehouse fans used cannot maintain a consistent indoor temperature. This will negatively impact the company’s ability to produce products that consistently sell.

If the warehouses don’t use proper climate control, they could become a danger to the employees of the company and the products that they store. It only makes sense to invest in warehouse cooling equipment that helps to maintain a constant indoor temperature.


HVLS fans offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for climate control in warehouses. They improve employee comfort, product quality, and overall warehouse efficiency. Investing in HVLS fans is a wise decision for any warehouse owner looking to optimize their operations and create a safer, more productive work environment.

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