5 Ways To Revit... Outdoors Design Home
Outdoor Entertainment Area

It’s always nice to see your nearest and dearest congregated around the dining table, but that doesn’t compare to entertaining outdoors. There’s something special about breaking bread and sharing a drink in the relaxed comfort of your outdoor entertainment area that cannot be replicated anywhere else. If your space has become a little lackluster over the years, here are 5 ways you can revitalize that area and get you back to entertaining in no time.

1. Enhance or Replace Your Verandah
Outdoor Entertainment Area

Some homes will find that no amount of finessing and styling can change the fact that the current verandah is poorly designed and in need of an overhaul. Rather than investing in band-aiding the faults, engage a company that specializes in designing verandahs in Melbourne to put a greater model in place. You might find that a steel solution has the hardiness you need, or you might prefer a timber verandah if your outdoor dining area is mostly covered. If you’re unsure what materials and styles are an option, speak to these specialists and gauge their opinion about what direction to take your verandah.

2. Find a Quality BBQ
Outdoor Entertainment Area

No outdoor entertainment area is complete without a quality BBQ. Modern BBQ designs have come a long way, with many more features than the old classic design you might still be working with today. Infrared BBQ’s are a popular solution, enabling a wide variety of BBQ menu items to be grilled to perfection in a short amount of time. Before you choose a new model, make sure the size specifications will fit in the space you need it to so you can fire up the barbie with ease.

3. Review Your Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Entertainment Area

What condition is your outdoor furniture in? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are they’re in need of some love. You should be seeking to replace what you have with durable outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements. Metal and plastic furniture is a popular option as it will not break down in wet or dry climates, whereas wood will remain waterlogged and bleached under the same circumstances. If plastic and metal don’t sound like they will look as smart as wood, be sure to look at a range of manufacturers as there are some incredibly diverse styles out there.

4. Incorporate Nature
Outdoor Entertainment Area

Your verandah might be in need of some plants and flowers, which shouldn’t be too hard to tie into your outdoor entertaining area. You can look to get some vine plants potted so that you can begin winding them around your outdoor design, adding a soft and natural edge to your space. If your outdoor entertaining area is in a spot that can be viewed from passers-by, think about planting some trees or hedges to add a privacy screen so that you can spread out and do your thing without the world witnessing your meal.

5. Keep it Sacred
Outdoor Entertainment Area

Lastly and most importantly, you should be treating your outdoor entertaining area as the sacred space it is. If it becomes a place to store items or hang your washing, then you won’t see the value in investing time and money in this area. If this space is sacred to being an outdoor entertaining area only, then you and your household will want to spend more time there and use it for its purpose.

Your outdoor entertaining area should and can be one of the defining features of your home, where you can celebrate and spend time with those most important to you. This new year, prioritize enhancing your outdoor entertainment area so that you can start enjoying that once lackluster area sooner.

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