How I Maximized Patio Space and You Can Too

Do you have a patio? It’s a paved outdoor area, adjoining a house, used for dining or recreation. It can have a multitude of functions. People treat it as an excellent addition to their houses, especially during warm and sunny days. It allows them, for instance, to eat breakfast in the open air, or read a book in the afternoon.

The patio is the most appreciated by city dwellers, living in blocks of flats. It’s their oasis of calm, where they can abstract themselves from all problems, hanging out either alone or with their friends. That’s why it’s so important to design this place properly. Patios are sometimes quite small, and there’s no much space to use. What then? If it happens to you, you can follow some of the smart tricks which will help you to maximize your patio space.

Folding Furniture 

How To Maximize Patio by Folding Furniture 

While designing your patio, the first thing that probably comes to your mind will be furniture. What kinds of them should you buy? Ideally, it should be folding furniture which can be easily moved out of the way when unnecessary or used for a double purpose. For example, there can be a coffee table on the wheels or a long wooden bench having the function of both lounging and dining table seating. An excellent idea can be also camp chairs which you can put and hide whenever you need it.

You should also choose furniture in such a shape as your patio. Thus, for instance, a round table will be perfectly suitable for a small round deck. If you have, instead, a square patio, place your furniture in the corner. In this way, you’ll save your space and have an opportunity to use, even a tiny patio in multiple ways.

The Greenery Nook 

The Greenery Nook To Maximize Patio

Except for furniture, other essential elements that should be put on every patio are potted plants. However, if you don’t have enough space for that, you can do two clever things then. The first is to invest in one or two bigger plants instead of many small ones. The second solution is to dispose of them vertically so that you’ll have the impression of an extended area. You can do that, for instance, thanks to a slim tall bench on which you’ll put a few pots.

Swing Chair or Floor Pillows

Swing Chair or Floor Pillows To Maximize Patio

Also, you can choose some unique furniture to locate on your patio that isn’t so often seen in most flats. It refers to a swing chair which is an ideal spot to take a short nap and gives the illusion of more space due to the lack of chair legs. Moreover, floor pillows are becoming an increasingly popular trend nowadays. Not only are they perfectly comfortable, but also movable so that you can hide them from rain or other unfavourable conditions. These ideas are entirely original substitutes for traditional and boring seats. They’ll introduce a breath of modernity to your patio too.

Miniature Shelves

Miniature Shelves To Maximize Patio

Do you like some knick-knacks, like lanterns or candles, to have in your scene, but you don’t know where to put them? Think about hanging small shelves on which you can place your favourites. However, choose only a few and the most appropriate. Splendour isn’t so recommended as sheer simplicity.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass To Maximize Patio

If you live in a block of flats, but you dream about having the patio with real greenery, not only consisting of potted plants, consider buying artificial grass. It’ll make your patio much more natural, cosy, and simultaneously slightly bigger.

The Barbecue Place 

The Barbecue Place To Maximize Patio

Almost everyone would like to have their barbecue place on the patio. You can either purchase a movable grill or build a fire pit made from stone. To use the deck to the fullest, you can arrange this spot as a stone coffee table with two parts inside, one serving as a grill, and the other, for example, as a drink coolbox. The top of that would be a wooden board. Thanks to this innovative solution, you would be able to have a barbecue with your friends from time to time and have cool drinks close at hand during sweltering days.


To sum up, there are many methods of how to maximize your patio space and get the most out of it. Not always can you do yoga on the deck since it’s too small, but having a cup of coffee in the morning or a chat with friends would be no longer a problem for you.

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