Unique Restaurant Bathroom Ideas to Look For

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When people go to a restaurant, it is not just the menu or the service that they notice. People today emphasize the overall decor of the restaurant, including the ambiance, decor, lighting, and even the chairs that the restaurant uses. One aspect of the restaurant that many owners miss is the bathroom. They do not treat the restaurant bathroom the same they would treat the decor of the restaurant. The truth is that it is the place where owners do not have to limit themselves when it comes to creativity. 

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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If you are designing a restaurant or renovating an existing one, adding some unique features and lush amenities to the restaurant bathroom is the best way to ignite enthusiasm in your guests every time they step into it. Here are some unique restaurant bathroom ideas that you can take inspiration from –

Install Bold Wallpapers

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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Many restaurants use loud and patterned wallpapers to help create an Instagram-worthy bathroom moment for their guests. For many people, bathrooms are the selfie zones, and many turn them into a photo booth for group pictures. When they take selfies in front of bold wallpapers and post it on their social media pages, it will only work in your favor. If you want to make a statement without spending too much on the bathroom fixtures, bold wallpapers are the way to go.  

Use Unconventional Sink

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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New technology has led to the birth of unconventional sink designs that not only have an aesthetic appeal but also helps in water conservation. You can use a sink that offers ocean waves or a waterfall effect. Many of these also come with light and sound displays. So, every time the customers turn on the water, they will be able to hear soothing music.  

Use Bathroom Installations

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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Most guests will have their hands full when they visit the bathroom. They need a place to keep their cell phones and wallets, and no one wants to keep them on the floors. You can make use of unique hooks inside the stall doors or use flat toilet paper roll for guests to keep their belongings for added convenience.

Evaluate the toilet partition’s overall state as they can ultimately make or break the experience of your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to contact experts from onepointpartitions.com if they are in need of an overhaul.

Install Tiles on the Walls

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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Tiles are the new wood. Restaurant bathrooms are the best place to make use of tiles as they not only add a bit of style and fun to the bathroom; they need minimum upkeep. You can use a distinctive style of tiles and install them on the walls in infinite ways. Whether the bathroom is small or a large one, tiling can add personality to space. 

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Designated Seating Area

Restaurant Bathroom Ideas

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Restaurant bathrooms can easily benefit from the use of seating areas that allow guests to relax. You can pick trendy chairs for the bathroom that can form the focal point for the bathroom. The fabric should not only be comfortable but should also be aesthetically pleasing. 

You can explore many different options to make the best use of the space you have in the bathroom. Remember that the restaurant bathroom is an extension of your restaurant and should be treated as such. Use the above tips or use your creativity to create a bathroom paradise of your own.