29 Best Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Try in 2024

Your pantry can be one of those forgotten spots in your home, where style isn’t a top priority like it is in your bedroom or living room. It’s easy to neglect it, whether it’s a large room or just a few shelves on a wall. After all, it’s not where you entertain guests. Plus, it’s hard to imagine how to make it look nice even if you had the time. But your pantry doesn’t have to be left out. With some smart design choices, it can be more than just a place to stash food – it can be a space you actually enjoy being in.

If you’re wondering what else you can do besides putting dry goods in matching containers and tossing out old food, don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas to help you spruce up your pantry and make it a place you’ll love.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas for an Impeccable Kitchen

Kitchen Pantry Ideas for an Impeccable Kitchen

1. Cabinet Pantry Storage

Cabinet Pantry Storage

Consider using cabinet storage in place of a traditional pantry if you don’t have one. Place cabinets with high doors to conceal deep drawers containing everything you need for your pantry. Cabinet pantries benefit greatly from pullout drawers since they maximize available space without allowing items to vanish at the rear.

2. Small Walk-In Pantry

Small Walk-In Kitchen Pantry

A freestanding bookshelf can easily add storage to a small kitchen pantry ideas. Installing a storage system or shelves is not necessary. It’s also a quick way to add some color to a wardrobe that could otherwise be gloomy.

3. Spacious Butler’s Pantry

Butler's Kitchen Pantry

With a sizable butler’s pantry attached to your kitchen, you can add more room and maintain organization. For additional work space and storage, it has a long, shallow counter. Pantry goods are kept in open drawers under the counter, while cookbooks and less-used serving dishes are kept on the higher shelves, which are reachable with a movable library ladder.

4. Hidden Pantry Storage

Hidden Pantry Storage

If you want to conceal a walk-in pantry, paint it the same color as your kitchen cabinets and panel it with the same style. Nestled neatly behind a bi-fold door, the little pantry in this kitchen has matching hardware to complement the rest of the area.

5. Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas

Thanks to its matching design and architectural characteristics from the adjacent kitchen, this pantry seems more like an additional room than merely a storage closet. A soapstone countertop and wainscoting on the walls provide some fashionable details. Additionally, there’s plenty of room for necessities and dishes on the wall-mounted shelves, so you may not need as many cabinets above the kitchen countertops.

6. Modern Butler’s Pantry

Modern Butler's Pantry

Add a butler’s pantry to free up space for large appliances, additional storage, and food preparation. Usually, you would store your food in a different location, but if your walk-in room is large, you might merge the two.

7. Farmhouse Pantry Style

Farmhouse Pantry Style

Expand the farmhouse kitchen concept to include the pantry. Put up plain white shiplap panels behind the racks to maintain natural light and facilitate quick item retrieval. To keep little snacks tidy and to fit in with the décor, use neutral-colored storage baskets.

8. Canning Storage

Canning Storage Kitchen Pantry

Decanting dry goods or preserving foods are excellent uses for a cold, dark pantry. Keep everything accessible and visible by using open shelves with glass containers that are simple to reach when needed. To make sure nothing is forgotten or put to the back, use shallow floating shelves.

9. Pantry Door Shelves

Pantry Door Shelves

Installing thin shelves on the rear of the door can help you make the most of a tiny pantry. Single-serve goods, single drink bottles, and snack packs are ideal for keeping on these shelves for easy access.

10. Small Pantry Storage

Small Pantry Storage

This clever compact kitchen pantry design combines several storage techniques to maximize available space. Spice and dish storage is conveniently accessible with specially designed higher shelves. Mounted racks with wine glasses are located under the lowest level. Stored behind the double doors are slender shelves holding wine bottles, vinegars, and oils. There’s plenty of space for drinks and other pantry staples under an espresso machine-topped countertop surface, complete with spacious drawers and open cubbies.

11. Closed Door Pantry Ideas

Closed Door Pantry Ideas

Raised cabinet doors conceal food storage and preserve a tidy, well-organized appearance in the kitchen. These panel-style doors open to deep shelves that are ideal for preserving dry goods as well as canned and jarred goods. Furthermore, these doors cover the refrigerator as well as the pantry, keeping all of your food in one easy-to-reach location.

12. Reach In Pantry Ideas

Reach-In Pantry Ideas

Keeping your kitchen pantry neat can help you keep your food fresh and conveniently accessible. Reach-in pantries with clever designs make it easy to store and retrieve dinnerware, small appliances, and canned and dry products. In the pantry, shallow, angled shelves make it simple to see what you have and keep little products organized so they don’t get mixed up with bigger ones. In addition, there’s a whiteboard on the inside of the door where you can write shopping lists and meal ideas.

13. Vertical Pantry Storage

Vertical Pantry Storage

Add a touch of beautiful furniture design and increase the amount of storage space in your home by adding a tall pantry with open shelves and cabinets. It’s ideal for storing dry items and makes inventory management simple with its 14-inch cabinet depth. Use shelf dividers or baskets to keep your storage things tidy if your shelves are deeper.

14. Food Storage Central

Food Storage Central Kitchen Pantry

Store all of your food in one handy location for fast and simple access. Your kitchen’s tall pullout pantry unites cold food and dry goods storage with an extension from the refrigerator. With its long shelves that swing out, this slim cabinet provides lots of storage in a little area.

15. Neat Pantry Organization

Neat Pantry Organization

The pantry door is often open, so it’s critical to maintain cleanliness and organization. A wooden wine rack gives the impression of affluence and neatness. These walk in kitchen pantry ideas maintains its neat appearance by purposefully placing food, cookware, and appliances on pristine white shelves.

16. Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Having the appropriate tools can make a big difference in pantry organization. For example, an over-the-door closet can free up room within the pantry by converting an unused area into a practical storage area. On the other hand, corner kitchen pantry ideas can also help save space. Choose a wire organizing rack; it has movable storage baskets, so you can customize it to your specifications.

17. Organized Pantry Zones

Organized Pantry Zones

Creating zones inside a simple walk-in pantry will increase its usefulness. Set aside certain shelves or sections for pantry staples, such as additional paper goods, supper components, snacks, and drinks. To ensure that everyone in the home understands where to locate items and where to put them back, label each zone.

18. Hidden Pantry Items

Hidden Pantry Items

Keep your kitchen looking neat and organized by hiding food, appliances, and other supplies in a concealed pantry. When the pantry door is closed, built-in porcelain cabinets on each side of the space combine to provide a smooth, unified design. The pantry, while hidden, yet complements the kitchen’s serene color palette and simple style.

19. Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas

There is plenty of room in floor-to-ceiling cabinets to store your essential kitchen items. While you’re cooking, you can easily reach various items with a tall cabinet that has shelves at varying heights. This handy pantry complements the bottom cabinets’ dark stain, keeping the kitchen’s design cohesive.

20. Small Pantry Storage

Small Pantry Storage Idea

Space-saving techniques and clever storage are essential when managing a tiny pantry. To make snacks easier to reach, divide them into storage containers or bags. To make it easy to see what’s inside, transfer dry foods like pasta, cereal, and other items into transparent plastic containers. To add more storage without packing the shelves to capacity, think about purchasing an over-door wire rack.

21. Small Kitchen Small Pantry Ideas

Small Kitchen Small Pantry Ideas

You will be able to cook with more space if you place a kitchen pantry cabinet in a convenient location just outside the kitchen. To maximize the storage space in your pantry cabinet, consider adding shelves to the backs of the doors as convenient pantry ideas for small kitchens. Pullout shelves also allow you to make the most of every available area for storing small appliances, supplies, and food.

22. Recessed Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Recessed Kitchen Pantry Design

Modern kitchen cabinets with recessed panels provide a modern, built-in look and neatly conceal pantry storage. This design maintains the kitchen’s uniform appearance by blending in well with the surrounding cabinets. Door storage and shelves are ideal for arranging small kitchen appliances, dry items, and spices inside.

23. Built-In Ideas for Kitchen Pantry

Built-In Ideas for Kitchen Pantry

To make it simpler to access your kitchen necessities, replace standard shelves with sliding drawers. Pullout drawers below and spacious shelves above provide plenty of storage in a compact form. You can also quickly and easily examine what you have with this configuration. In addition, the white double doors conceal your assortment of dry goods while coordinating with the design of the kitchen.

24. Pantry Ideas for Fine China

Pantry Ideas for Fine China

Food storage is not the only function of pantries. To arrange and showcase your china and dinnerware in a tidy and appealing manner, use the pantry shelves. So that every dinner guest can enjoy your beautifully arranged tableware, stack bowls and plates neatly and place glasses with care.

25. Cubby Style Pantry

Cubby Style Pantry Kitchen

It’s easier to keep your kitchen pantry organized and maintained if your food goods have clear labels. Cubby-style pantry designs created by combining cabinets provide room for both bulk and regular products in one handy location. Little bins and shallow boxes are simple to take into the kitchen, cutting down on the number of journeys back and forth.

26. Compact Pantry Ideas

Compact Pantry Ideas

Conveniently located near the kitchen island is a compact pantry with an extra deep shelf. Items that are often difficult to reach are easily accessible thanks to deep rolling drawers. The pantry’s small size allows it to fit in with the kitchen while concealing food and equipment from view.

27. At-The-Ready Pantry Storage

At-the-Ready Pantry Storage

The goal of this pantry is to make items easily accessible. You can now easily reach deep drawers with the redesigned pullout storage, which is ideal for organizing a large number of products. Additionally, the door has a corkboard along one side, which gives you a convenient place to put notes, keys, and any cute family photos you’d want to show off.

28. DIY Pantry Ideas

DIY Pantry Ideas

This kitchen’s DIY pantry was created out of a closet. You can easily reach the internal storage area thanks to the smooth sliding doors. Concealed behind cloudy glass doors, rows of spacious shelves await you inside, providing enough space for groceries and kitchen necessities like a microwave and trash can. Chalkboard-style custom cabinets with bright kitchen colors on the panels flank the pantry.

29. Locker Style Pantry

Locker Style Pantry

Make a unique pantry out of metal lockers to liven up your kitchen. These lockers, when paired with wooden shelving, provide an abundance of storage space and style to any eccentric kitchen. Added bonus: magnetic spice canisters work well with the metal locker doors.

Kitchen Pantry Décor Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Décor Ideas
  • Combine brightly colored wallpaper with your kitchen pantry to create a standout piece. 
  • Pantries can be located in places without windows, so use paint or light-colored tiles to make the space seem more airy. 
  • For the countertop and backsplash, combine materials like marble and wood to create a chic look. 
  • Apply a glossy coat to the pantry ceiling to give additional luster, and for a really stunning effect, think about tiling the pantry floor with patterned tiles.

How Important Is a Pantry?

kitchen pantry importance

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “How truly essential is a pantry?”

A pantry can really brighten up a kitchen, but ultimately, it comes down to personal taste. It serves mostly as a place to store things, with the purpose of keeping food fresh by keeping it cold and dark. A pantry is a staple in every kitchen since it’s so useful and manageable. Everything is conveniently accessible and kept in one location.

Not all food goes in a pantry, however. Additionally, it can accommodate kitchen gadgets and equipment, freeing up important countertop space. An integrated compact pantry, housing necessities such as the coffee maker, kettle, and toaster, can also double as a breakfast alcove.

More sentimentally, pantries can include cookbooks that contain treasured family recipes or treasures like antique crockery or silver teapots that are too valuable to use every day. Pantries evoke memories of bygone eras in which we prized belongings from the family and home, preserving them in one location.

How to Choose a Kitchen Pantry

How to Choose a Kitchen Pantry

To make sure your pantry counter or cabinet matches your requirements, take into account the following important elements before choosing or building one:


Take measurements and set aside adequate room to accommodate your needs.


Match the pantry’s color scheme, material selection, and finish to the kitchen’s overall design and style.


Use pendant or ceiling lights to give brightness to the area. For added convenience, think about installing motion-activated puck lights. To keep smaller objects tidy, use shelf inserts with tiers and lazy susans.


Buying a prefabricated pantry or building one yourself depends on your demands and the layout of your kitchen. Online retailers offer freestanding glass pantry units between $150 and $500, while customized pantry units usually start around $1,000 for a simple 15-by-80-inch unit.

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