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In today’s fiercely competitive business world, it not only becomes imperative for organizations to create a unique brand identity but also ensure that their commercial buildings stand out as well. But, with so many MNCs and national companies coming up on a daily basis it becomes a difficult task to match the commercial building design ideas that match your innovative ideas. The problem is, there is a fierce competition even when it comes to commercial building design concepts where organizations are looking to develop highly creative modern commercial buildings irrespective of whether they have a small commercial building design plan in place or a large one.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will concentrate on the exclusive modern commercial building design ideas that are trending in the current year. We will look at how these ideas have generated lots of rave in the commercial industry. We promise after reading this content piece, you will be able to adopt any of these commercial building design ideas that we have mentioned below.

This way you will have a commercial space that will not only be the talk of the town but also be the masterpiece that many organizations will crave to have for their own commercial use. Whether it is a house, office, or commercial building structure needs to be well designed and so the most impressive small office building design plays an important role.

Let’s now divert our attention to the 18 commercial building design ideas consisting of state-of-the-art and sleek designs that will surely get notice by lots of organizations in the long run. You can use these as a reference to create a modern commercial building design masterpiece.

So, let’s get start.

Modern Commercial Building Design Ideas

Heroic Branding

Commercial Building Design Ideas

Every organization has its own color, texture, or line that is connect with their business brand. The best thing to do is to bring it to the forefront of your business design. By having heroic red architectural panels you can easily catch the attention of the building mentioned above in the image. This is a huge statement even before you even get inside the building through the entrance door.

Evolutionary Design

Commercial Building Design Ideas

Developing a modern commercial building does not necessarily mean that you need to start from scratch. You can even combine elements of the older design with the new ones. In the image given above, you can see the architectural panels are harmonized with a ship-lap wood-look installation. The shiplap is root in place to assist in providing the building a more industrial look with an evolutionary feel.

Minute Observation To The “T”

Commercial Building Design Ideas

Every time traditional lap siding cannot aid you in getting some texture and natural wood-look to the exterior of your commercial building. In the image given above, you can see there is a proper mixture of even architectural panels and a wood-grain-look panel. Both of these have been framed by employing the same modern trim. The result? You get a building exterior that is not only natural-looking but also contemporary and sleek at the same time.

Highlighting The Contemporary Nature Of The Area You Are Entering

Commercial Building Design Ideas

There are times when the building is adjacent to one another. You can even have an entryway with a different look and appearance than the rest of the area. Look at the image given above. You can see that large architectural panels are best when it comes to providing a smooth, lustrous exterior around the entryway. The end result? You can effortlessly contrast the traditional lap siding on the adjacent building. This is a prominent way to highlight the modern nature of the area where you are entering.

Duplicating Lines

If you want your modern building facade to remain interesting for a very long time repeat the same lines again and again. See the image given above. You can observe that there are a wide array of materials, colors, and surfaces that have been used to repeat the lines. This way it keeps the commercial building fresh and relevant without making it dull even for a moment.

Latest, Jovial Colors

Commercial Building Design Ideas

If you have just started your business the best thing to do is to have some fun with the exterior. Look at the image given above. Bold colors like chartreuse are not only soothing to the eyes, but also make a positive statement about your commercial building without saying a word. The best thing: The new color application will have a positive effect on the fiber cement panels. This way the bold color can make your commercial building stay relevant for a very long time.

Contrasting Lines

Commercial Building Design Ideas

We have already talked about the importance of playing with colors when it comes to modern commercial building design ideas. Now it is time to experiment with the way you highlight your paneling. Look at the image given above. The red exterior employs a crisp white trim across the panels. The amazing part? It is possible to have different sized panels depicted together in the form of Legos. This way you can have a fun, modern exterior that makes your commercial building different from the surrounding buildings.

Switching Viewpoint

Commercial Building Design Ideas

There are lots of businessmen who perceive that the exterior of a commercial building is limited to only the siding. But, the fact of the matter is, there are other components too, like balconies, eaves, and bump-outs. Look at the image given above. You can see that it is very simple to get incremented details pertaining to these areas by having contrasting colors and styles of sliding.

Different Uses, Different Looks

Commercial Building Design Ideas

Today, commercial buildings are used by businesses for different purposes. So, it is best to have a different exterior design according to the use. This has been depicted in the image given above. As you can observe there are three distinct styles which have been used to differentiate the areas in the form of shapes and sizes of architectural paneling and lap siding. You even get three separate colors to highlight the different areas in use. Also the Demountable Wall System, a.k.a. movable walls are taking over office spaces across the country.

Sprinkles of Colors

Commercial Building Design Ideas

There is nowhere written that the commercial building’s facade needs to be flat. As you can see from the image given above, this contemporary commercial building design employs bump-outs to differentiate the rest of the exteriors. This is one way to add dimension. By brightening them up using distinct contrasting color assists in making them stand out from other commercial buildings much more.

Assorted Materials

Commercial Building Design Ideas

There are certain modern commercial buildings that look their best when they have a lot of detail, depth, and interest to the design. Look at the image given above. You can see that there is a proper amalgamation of architectural panels, metal, wood pergola, trim, and masonry that creates a design that gets you closer to the dynamic detail of the commercial building.

Leveled, Brave Siding

Commercial Building Design Ideas

There are times when the less you show the more it leads to making a bold statement. From the image given above, you can see that the commercial building employs a smooth panel for its exterior. This aids in creating a minimalist effect. In order to keep it relevant for a very long time and prevent it from fading in the background, a fearless red color has been employed to allure the attention and give a bright look to the facade.

Scintillating Design

Commercial Building Design Ideas

It has been observed that industrial designs are becoming a buzzword as far as modern commercial building designs are concerned. The best way is to include a few touches on your exterior that will assist in completing the look. From the image given above, you can see that the commercial building employs faux rivets on the architectural panels that give your commercial building more of an industrial look and feel. In order to prevent it from looking too sharp, shiplap siding in a wood-look is employed as an accent.

The Finishing Touches

These are some of the exclusive modern commercial building design ideas for the year 2019. Employ your branding strategies wisely while developing commercial building design concepts. Understand that there is a lot of competition in the business sphere if you are able to carry out a breakthrough commercial building design idea it can go a long way in ensuring you get the first mover advantage in the market. This way you will ensure that your commercial building aids you in reaching new heights in the coming future!

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