8 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

We appreciate homeowners’ efforts to mend pipes and keep up with simple plumbing repairs. When it comes to plumbing, ignorance is not all bliss. There are some attempts that could lead to terrible consequences.

So to save you from likely plumbing disasters, let’s discuss a few common plumbing mistakes you should take all measures to avoid.

Common Plumbing Mistakes

1. Overestimating your skills

We understand there are many helpful blogs and DIY videos that claim that you can handle pretty much any plumbing emergency on your own. But some plumbing issues may be way more complicated than you expect them to be. It is important to have a realistic gauge of your skill level and capabilities.

2. Turning off the main supply

When you embark on plumbing repair, you never know how long it’s going to take to finish the job. Don’t assume that you will be done in minutes. Many amateur repair works don’t go as planned and end up wasting a lot of water because they forgot to turn off the main supply. Before undertaking any plumbing repair, it is important that you turn off the main supply source or the shut-off valve for the fixture.

3. Using chemical drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are being marketed as a cure-all for drain clogs. Many homeowners fall for this trap and use the drain cleaners too frequently and sometimes even religiously.

But the problem with chemical drain cleaners is that the harmful chemicals and abrasives can damage pipelines. Besides, these chemicals are harmful to the environment as well. You should use natural drain cleaning solutions. If the need arises, you can take the help of a plunger or a drain snake.

Drain Common Plumbing Mistakes

4. Dumping waste in the toilet and drains

There is a simple rule when it comes to flushing. You can only flush human waste and nothing else. Anything else in the toilet will eventually lead to clogged drains and major plumbing challenges. It’s a bad idea to throw plastics, tissue, feminine hygiene products, diapers, etc. in the toilet. And every member of the family needs to be educated about this fact.

Also, homeowners need to be cautious of dumping kitchen waste in the sink and garbage disposal. Coffee grounds, leftover food, and cooking grease going down the drain can all lead to drain clogs overtime.

5. Not installing a sump pump

Low lying areas of your house like the basement, are prone to flooding due to rainwater or sewer backup. In case there is a basement flooding situation, the sump pump can pump out the excess water. Not installing a sump pump is one of the common mistakes made by homeowners.

If you have a sump pump, you should make sure that it is in sound working condition. Regular maintenance and timely repair of the sump pump should be every homeowner’s priority.

6. Over-tightening

A lot of times home improvement enthusiasts make the blunder of assuming tighter connections are better. Now, this is definitely not the case when it comes to plumbing. You should be careful while tightening a plumbing connection and you should stop as soon as it feels secure enough.

over tighteing Common Plumbing Mistakes

7. Not taking precautions for the winter

As soon as the snow season approaches, your home’s plumbing becomes exposed to the risk of freezing and bursting. Homeowners often fail to take proper precautions in time for protecting the outdoor pipes from the harsh weather. And some people even leave for long winter holidays, only to come back and find a burst pipe. Take these steps to protect your home’s pipelines from winter frost.

8. Ignoring plumbing maintenance

When homeowners continually neglect plumbing aspects like drain cleaning, water pressure, and water-based appliances, they are making a huge mistake. When it comes to plumbing, it’s always better to follow the golden rule of prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance is the key to healthy plumbing.

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