Elevate Your Space with Crittall-Style Windows and Internal Doors

You may not know this, but Crittall windows and doors got their start in the 1880s. Back then, they were exclusively used for warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces. In the decades since, though, these steel-framed grids of metal and glass have evolved to suit a huge range of styles, tastes, and functions. Sure, they’re still immensely popular as windows and internal doors, but they’re also used for everything from room dividers to shower screens.

Crittall windows and doors can be quite expensive, though, which is why many consumers decide to look for a Crittall alternative. There are plenty of manufacturers who make Crittall-style windows, interior doors, and everything else you could imagine. These alternatives are usually cheaper, especially since many of them use aluminum frames rather than the usual steel frames. This makes it possible to get the same look and functionality but with a smaller price tag and a shorter wait time.

Crittall-Style Windows and Internal Doors with white interior

There are several advantages to having this type of window or door in your home. For one thing, a Crittall-style interior door opens up spaces and allows natural sunlight to reach a much wider area. For another, the metal-grid pattern provides enhanced security for windows and exterior doors. 

For many people, the main draw of this style is…the style! The black metal frames contrast with the clarity of the glass; depending on how it’s personalized, it can match with Victorian houses, industrial-themed homes, or minimalist lofts with very little effort. 

If there’s one secret to the continued popularity of Crittall-style windows and interior doors, it’s probably their versatility. They can enhance one space, or become the defining feature of another. For some examples of how they can fit into a variety of spaces, just keep reading!

Crittall-Style Picture Windows Paired with Natural Materials

Let’s say the main theme for a house is raw natural materials – unfinished oak floors, plaster walls, and neutral-toned linen on the furniture. With an interior like this, you’d almost expect hearty wooden doors and stocky window frames; this would make sense, but it would also make the space feel a bit weighed down with all the wood. If you put in a Crittall-style picture window, however, this would add yet another natural element to the space – sunlight! It would also make the interior feel more modern and open, without clashing with all the natural materials. Interior doors or room dividers could also be used to extend the motif.

Arched Crittall-Style Windows and Interior Doors Flow with the Design of the House

Arched Crittall-Style Windows and Interior Doors Flow with the Design of the House

There are some houses that just deserve more than the usual right-angled windows and doors. For example, a townhouse with lofty ceilings and a sophisticated look would really stand out with custom-made arched windows, plus arched interior or exterior doors – all with Crittall-style metal frames. The black metal of the frames would make the space feel more structured, even as the curves of the arching shapes would bring a certain lightness to the look.

Crittall-Style Room Dividers to Open Up a Loft

When laying out the interior of a loft, every inch counts – as does every bit of light! If there are a limited number of windows, putting up a room divider could doom part of the space to nothing but artificial light. Unless, of course, you use a Crittall-style room divider. In a loft, there’s only so much room for stylistic flourishes; this is why the room divider would become one of the statement pieces of the loft’s interior. It would add an industrial vibe to the living space and set the tone for the rest of the place.

Crittall-Style Touches to Transform Open Living Spaces

Crittall-Style Touches to Transform Open Living Spaces

What should you do when you like the feel of an open living space, but still want to delineate specific areas? Use Crittall-style room dividers or doors to guide the flow of the house. This allows you to break up larger spaces into smaller ones, without making the house’s interior feel any less open or airy. Each area becomes more manageable, but nothing is sacrificed for those who prefer the open living space.

Build a Translucent Wall with a Crittall-Style Window

Thanks to the grid-like construction of Crittall-style windows, they’re the perfect candidate for constructing an entire wall out of clear glass and robust metal frames. An ordinary picture window can let in plenty of light, but it’s still a window. A Crittall-style window, on the other hand, can be expanded to take up the entire wall without concerns about safety or security. Not only does this maximize the amount of light that the room will get, but it also serves as a remarkable statement piece that will define the entire house. This concept is especially perfect to showcase a spectacular view; rather than looking out the window to catch a glimpse, you’d almost feel like you were standing right in the middle of it.

Crittall-Style Interior Doors with Ribbed Glass

Crittall-Style Interior Doors with Ribbed Glass

Crittall-style doors aren’t generally used for spaces that require privacy, but they can be with the use of ribbed glass. Many bathroom windows use textured glass to provide light without compromising privacy, but this is much less common with bathroom doors. However, by using ribbed glass in a Crittall-style door, even the bathroom can benefit from the lightness of these doors without sacrificing privacy.

Construct a Minimalist Feel with Crittall-Style Windows and Interior Doors

Minimalism as an aesthetic isn’t simply the absence of details; it’s characterized by clean lines and colors that bring a sleek feel to any space. This is perfectly embodied by Crittall-style windows and doors, especially if they’re made with slim frames. They allow efficient use of sunlight instead of artificial lighting, and they strengthen the look of a simple interior without adding complexity.

The Takeaway

Crittall-style windows, doors, and other products are iconic and striking, yet incredibly versatile at the same time. From heritage sites to modern lofts, they can elevate the look and feel of pretty much any space.

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