How to Choose Art for Your Home? Best Tips to Know

Are the empty walls crying out to you? Decorating with wall art in your home can add personality and welcome a lifestyle of inspiration and relaxation. Every individual room is an opportunity to create a unique atmosphere and also harmonize with your entire home as an expressive space. There are many factors to consider that can guide your choices in wall art for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when starting your journey of decorating with fine art prints. 

Start with Instinct and Allow the Dream

How to choose art for your home

Gallery viewing and window shopping are great ways to get a sense of your artistic taste. If a piece of art immediately draws a certain space to mind, allow yourself to follow that intuition and seriously consider the possibilities. Perhaps your instinct exists in another form, knowing the feeling of what you are looking for but without the details of a specific piece.

Your home is an expression of self so encourage yourself to dream thinking of all the possibilities; original and limited edition statement works, gallery walls, canvas prints, and maybe even a print series!  When further on in your process, you can always edit your expectations to reflect those dreams. 

Know your Space

How to choose art for your home

Design exists on many scales from the overall concept of your home- to the individual atmospheres created in each room. Wall art for the bedroom will be of a different atmosphere than the art prints for the dining room. Knowing the interior design scheme of your space is helpful when choosing something that can complement well;

classical techniques in landscapes and portraits may be more suitable for mid-century decor while abstract works and photography can shine in minimalist or nordic-inspired spaces. It’s easy to overthink your decision so when in doubt, always return to your first sparkle of instinct to stay grounded in the art that connects to you. Be assured that the overall experience of art throughout a home will give a sense of personality and one-of-a-kind living.

Be Practical

How to choose art for your home

Inviting art into your living space means they also have to be good roommates and integrate into your lifestyle. If something looks amazing but is dominating the energy of your bedroom, it may be beautiful but perhaps not the best fit.

Even with ARVIVIDs giclee technology that makes art prints durable and vibrant,  works in the kitchen and bathroom may need different placements to avoid the elements. The culture of the household is also a good consideration; away from small sticky hands or in easy view for frequently hosted events.

Involve Others

How to choose art for your home

Getting the household in on the process is a fun way to make the space meaningful for everyone. If the decisions are getting to be overwhelming, other perspectives can unstick your process and make it more enjoyable for everyone. If stuck, the Art Concierge service is a way to find fresh designs with none of the headaches!

Be Curious

How to choose art for your home

ARVIVID believes in the power of  Art to connect people and communities in layers beyond the aesthetic. Find out more about the artist, medium, or inspiration behind the artwork to be inspired by more than its visual beauty. Some of our works are featured by emerging artists or help benefit a specific cause. Knowing more about the origins and intentions of your decor deepens your connection to the works and also the home.  Plus you never know when it can be the perfect conversation starter. 

Bring Your Own Style 

How to choose art for your home

When decisions have been made and pieces have been chosen you still have many ways to add your own personal flair. Size, frame, and spatial placement are all factors that can boost the presence of art and synchronicity of an interior design

Return to Instinct 

Amidst your process, staying connected to your instinct keeps your relationship with the art and space at the center. Returning to your original intention and dream can be a way of observing if your decisions still keep your best interests in mind. Ultimately this is your space and allowing yourself to stay open to surprises and confident in your tastes will shine through.

Art for the home is here to enhance and enjoy, not create stress. Know that at the end of the day you have the pleasure of relaxing into the couch to observe and feel your new artful home.

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