7 Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2020 


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether families spend a lot of time in the kitchen or are just rushing through, it is often the central hub. As a result, it receives plenty of wear and tear. When you are ready for a change, looking to switch up your style, or prepping to sell your house, a kitchen remodel can do wonders for your home. Here are seven kitchen remodel ideas for 2020. 

1. Focus on the Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are arguably the most important components of a kitchen, and redoing them can be a solid remodeling idea. They can dictate the feel and mood of the entire room, whether it is due to their color or their style. Appliances, flooring, countertops, and backsplashes can depend on which cabinetry you incorporate. With a wide selection on the market, there is something for every budget and style, from RTA (ready-to-assemble) to custom cabinets

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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2. Add an Island

An island can revitalize your entire kitchen. No matter the shape or size of your room, an island can transform the look and function of the space. You will want to consider the purpose of the island, though, to figure out how large it will be, as well as the seating arrangement and features you will need. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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3. Go for Marble Countertops

Marble has been part of homes for ages. What better way to incorporate it into your own, than through marble countertops? With such a wide variety of shades, you can adapt this material to fit any style or scheme you are targeting, and it is an affordable choice of material. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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4. Switch out your Hardware

Often, cabinetry begins to look older not because the cabinets themselves do, but due to the hardware starting to fade, break, or scratch. Switching out your old knobs and handles for new metal components can make your kitchen look new again. There are multiple types of metal out there to choose from, and you can tailor the hardware to fit your kitchen remodel style. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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5. Replacing the Doors on your Cabinets

One minor remodel that can drastically change the look of your kitchen is to replace your cabinet doors. These are the pieces that undergo the most daily damage and can fade quickly. While the cabinet interior will remain the same, you can choose from many different door colors and textures to create just the look you want. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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6. Redo your Flooring

The flooring of a kitchen can be a critical part of the remodel. Many designers will go with hardwood or synthetic wood that replicates the look. You can select a wood color depending on how much foot traffic your kitchen gets. Common choices are oak, hickory, walnut, and maple. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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7. Contrasting Countertops with Cabinets

In the last few years, contrasting granite, marble, or quartz countertops with dark cabinets has been widespread. If you are looking for a new, modern feel to your kitchen, this should do the trick. 

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 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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2020 can be the year for your kitchen remodel. Whether you opt for a major or minor renovation, you can use these ideas to get you on your way. 

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