5 Incredible Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Boiler Up And Running For A Long Time


When was the last time that you got the servicing of your boiler done? Is it working with full efficiency? How do you know this?

If your electricity bills have spiked in the recent months, then this means that your boiler is not working properly. Do you wish to avoid such a situation? Read on to learn some effective maintenance tips that will keep your boiler in perfect condition:

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Check the Water Level in the Boiler

You need to make sure that your boiler has a marked water level spot and an inbuilt system that keeps the water level maintained at all times. If the water level is not sufficient. Then it could not only put pressure on the boiler and increase your bills but can also start a fire and burn down your entire place. Keeping an eye on the boiler water level after every 2-3 weeks to make sure that the boiler is working properly, and the water level is balanced. If not, then call in a professional right away to get the issue inspected and resolved. This will also prevent wearing out of your unit.

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Check Ventilation

Where is your boiler installed? Is it in the basement where you store all the junk of your modern-style household? Do you know that it is not recommended to keep your boiler cluttered with other items because it needs enough breathing space to be properly ventilated? Every boiler comes with an instruction manual that contains how much space is required around the unit to prevent unnecessary pressure on the system. The more the pressure, the higher will be your electricity bill and the more it will wear out with time.

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Annual Boiler Service

If you want your boiler to run for a long time. Then you have to get it serviced annually or whatever is advised for your particular model by the experts. Regular servicing will make sure that your boiler is running safely, effectively, and efficiently because the expert will inspect and test the current condition of your unit, assess it with the expected efficiency, and accordingly, repair it to improve the outcome. It may seem like an unwanted expense to you, but trust the professionals, the longer you avoid servicing, the earlier will it wear out completely. Buying a new unit will be way more costly than getting it serviced at regular intervals. Don’t procrastinate the servicing, ever!

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Check for Leaks

Boiler leaks can be very expensive if not dealt with soon enough. If you suspect anything wrong with your boiler, then the best way to check for leaks is by raising it to a high temperature because as it works up, you can see if there are any leaks or not. These leaks will increase the pressure on the boiler system, prevent it from working for a comfortable temperature in the entire house, and can also damage your interiors. The costliest outcome could be a complete failure of the system; requiring you to purchase a new one. So even if you are not able to find a leak but still suspect something wrong with it, call in a professional and let him do the tests. He must be equipped with all the right equipment to do the required tests and resolve the issues if needed.

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Flush the Boiler 2-3 Times a Year

Slime is a common occurrence in boiler systems because over time, the minerals in the hard water get deposited at the bottom of the unit, which makes it necessary for you to flush out these particles, as they will affect the functioning of the system. The negative consequences of increased pressure on the boiler are already mentioned above. So, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, then hire an expert to get the job done quickly.

Don’t overlook the issues you have with your boiler because it can have costly, severe consequences!

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