15+ Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors That You’ll Love

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this heart’s pulse quickens on seeing vibrant kitchen cabinet colors. Kitchen cabinets are functional and the focal point of the area. Traditional tones are no longer a part of kitchen cabinet transformation. People prefer to paint kitchen cabinets usually with bold colors that reflect their personalities. The trend of using neutral tones is fading gradually, making room for new modern color palettes such as blue, black, shades of green, and more. If you are contemplating kitchen cabinet renovation with a fresh burst of colors, this blog is for you! 

We will guide you through a spectrum of shades; some are soothing, while some are vibrant, and help you create a visual feast. Let’s explore the myriad shades of kitchen cabinet color ideas. 

First things first: Choose the color that you love and let the color speak for itself! Why? Let us understand why!

Why choose the kitchen cabinet colors you love? How does it impact?

Kitchen color serves as a vibrant expression of your style. Selecting the color you love reflects your individuality, making the space that feels uniquely yours.

The color evokes a lot of emotions, which directly influences mood. The color of your choice brings tranquility and positivity into the kitchen. For example, white evokes sophistication, and earthy tones like beige and taupe create a cozy environment. Green brings freshness; gray exudes a sense of modernity, while sunlit yellow infuses happiness. 

Coloring the kitchen cabinet with the color you love ensures long-term satisfaction and gives a timeless appeal to the kitchen aesthetics. 

What are the other considerations while selecting the kitchen cabinet color?

Kitchen cabinet extends much beyond personal preferences. A few key things to remember while selecting the kitchen cabinet colorings are:

  • Comprehensively look out for the other existing colors in the room. Check out walls, floors, and appliances and observe the predominant color tone. If the room incorporates a varied color palette, it is best to go for neutral tones kitchen cabinet color. 
  • How much sunlight does the kitchen receive? Sunlight plays a pivotal role in the decision-making of kitchen cabinet color. If the sunlight during the daytime is limited, go for shades like light gray, white, or beige color kitchen cabinets. 
  • However, if you are receiving enough sunlight during the daytime, you can opt for brighter colors like a green kitchen cabinet color or blue or yellow for a reflective kitchen.
  • Also, pay attention to the size of the kitchen room. Larger kitchens can embrace dark & bold colors like yellow, mauve, and green. On the contrary, smaller rooms look spacious if the kitchen cabinet color is kept a light shade. Having said that, if you are determined to use bold colors in a small kitchen area, make sure you balance it out using white walls or minimal pieces of equipment. This helps in maintaining equilibrium.

To compile, balancing is the key! You might get inclined towards a shade that looks attractive, but to decide whether it fits in the room or not is a task!

Now that you know what things you should look out for first while selecting, let us now address the elephant in the room, the kitchen cabinet color ideas.

1. Vibrant green kitchen cabinet

Vibrant green kitchen cabinet

The soft green kitchen cabinet looks extremely classy. It easily blends with the countertops and white walls, bringing a sense of balance to the kitchen. Also, you have the advantage of selecting from a range of green shades that suit your home. Whether you choose subtle pastel green or a dark shade, green sets a sense of visual comfort and brings nature into the space when someone enters the kitchen. 

2. Sky Blue and white tones

Sky Blue and white tones kitchen

Let’s create a playful atmosphere by combining sky blue and white cabinetry. This easy-on-the-eye color combination gives off a coastal vibe with minimal effort. During the daytime, when sunlight strikes the kitchen area, the room looks expansive and feels airy. To enhance the beauty of the space, you can opt for golden accents or lights to add a touch of royalty.

3. Gray kitchen cabinet

Gray kitchen cabinet

Everybody’s all-time favorite is the neutral gray kitchen cabinet colors. The gray kitchen cabinet looks sleek and sophisticated and is a favorite for a reason. The best part is its versatility and ability to blend into any design style. Gray color cabinets provide you with endless possibilities for customization. It can be accompanied well by a white marble backsplash or an island waterfall countertop. How about the idea of hanging pendant lights over the island? 

4. Paint it navy blue

navy blue kitchen cabinet

A completely modern kitchen cabinet color with cherry cabinets is the navy blue shade. Navy blue adds a touch of drama to the kitchen cabinet. The Navy blue cabinet creates a striking contrast with a luxurious white, beige marble kitchen top and brass or copper accessories features. Silver pendant lighting also works in a good way to bring style into the overall decor. The warm and luxurious glow enhances the overall atmosphere of the kitchen space. 

5. Mossy green kitchen cabinets

Mossy green kitchen cabinet

If you wish to give your modern kitchen a countryside feel, the best color is enchanting mossy green cabinets with gold handles. The earthy and soothing colors add a touch of nature and infuse an inviting and contemporary vibe. You can place a wooden dining table and chairs that enhance the natural warmth of the space. The juxtaposition of the green and brown tone fosters relaxation & comfort.

6. Black kitchen cabinet

Black kitchen cabinet

Another out-of-the-box kitchen cabinet color trend 2024 is Black! Black signifies boldness and looks classy. If you have a studio apartment with a huge kitchen space, you can use black as the kitchen cabinet color. You can consider pairing black cabinets with contrasting elements such as white countertops, light-colored backsplashes, and white light. 

7. Teal and soft blue

Teal and soft blue kitchen cabinet

Create a breath of fresh air with soothing shades of teal and soft blue. This harmonious combination imparts a sense of space elongation, making it appear expansive. The teal and soft blue color reflects the free-spirited soul of the individual. The soft blue acts as a blank canvas, and the teal adds a pop-up color to bring out the kitchen cabinets. Teal color kitchen cabinets are one of the best combinations to have in the kitchen. 

8. Dark purple cabinet

Dark purple kitchen cabinet

Dark purple kitchen cabinetry is a rich combination that can be accompanied by floral marble and a kitchen top. To further enhance the ambiance, you can add elements such as rattan lamps and wooden chairs to give the kitchen a cottage-like feel. One of the most popular color palettes for kitchen colors with dark cabinets.

9. Yellow cabinet

Yellow kitchen cabinet

With no surprise, we can say, “yellow” was one of the most searched paint colors for kitchen cabinets last year. Yellow stands for vibrancy and playfulness and brings out an instant burst of energy into the kitchen space. If you are someone who loves their time in the kitchen, go for a yellow kitchen cabinet color. The cheerful glow of yellow gives the simple pleasure of cooking.

10. Wood kitchen cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinets

If you wish to go with the most subtle kitchen cabinet color, go with wood kitchen cabinets. Amidst shifting color trends, wood kitchen cabinets still stand out as a timeless choice. The flexibility of wood allows you to experiment with various color palettes and design elements, allowing you to customize as per your choice. Well, we would recommend jumping on the bandwagon and choosing a wood kitchen color with brown cabinets. 

11. Sleek wallpaper cabinets

Sleek wallpaper kitchen cabinet

You can also ditch the paint altogether and go for a bold wallpaper over the kitchen cabinet. The wallpaper can be in hues of pink, purple, or dark green that match your personality. And the kitchen top should be kept plain and subtle, making a statement. This is a great combination of minimal design and modern elements that will illuminate the space. 

12. Blue and ivory

Blue and ivory kitchen cabinet

Blue goes with everything; trust us when we say this, as it will open endless possibilities to experiment with. You can play with various shades of blue, contributing to an airy and open atmosphere. Shades of blue paint color for kitchen cabinets harmonize with a range of accessory colors, be it silver or gold. Imagine silver or gold hardware, faucets, and light fixtures gracefully getting along with the blue palette!

13. Neutral beige

Neutral beige kitchen cabinet

Elevate the warmth and elegance of the kitchen by using a beige cabinet color, a great idea for achieving a natural and sustainable kitchen look. The adjustable color infuses a sense of coziness while also adding a touch of tradition to the kitchen. Beige effortlessly blends in with various kitchen styles and textures. It allows you to integrate both light and dark tones to create a harmonious kitchen palette of your choice. To increase the overall appeal of the beige-themed kitchen, you can add lavender barstools and brass pendant lights. 

14. Bright red + white kitchen cabinet

Bright red and white kitchen cabinet

A dynamic color palette combination for the kitchen cabinet is that of bright red and crisp white. Red is considered to be a challenging color to blend in, so if you are going with this shade, make sure you carefully address your other kitchen colors. Here, we are pairing the red with white to add subtlety. However, if you do it right there is nothing like this shade of color. The kitchen wall color with white cabinets and bright red are quite a bold thing and might affect the overall aesthetics of the home. 

15. Greige, the new beige

Nordiska Kök Shaker kitchen

If you have an open kitchen, this new kitchen cabinet paint color is setting the kitchen design world on fire. Greige, a brilliant combination of beige and gray, looks vivid and adaptable. It adds a distinctive charm and modernity to the space. Pairing the greige kitchen cabinets with classic electric appliances, a well-organized pantry, and a multipurpose center island makes the entire look more functional than ever. 

16. Orange cabinet!

Orange kitchen cabinet

Ooh, Lala!! This kitchen cabinet color goes beyond ordinary. Orange color possesses mood-lifting qualities and stimulates optimism. It strikes a cheerful mood in the morning and uplifts your mood on a low day. Orange looks unconventional, and if you wish to try something that inspires you every morning, go for it.

17. A lustrous black cabinet

lustrous black kitchen cabinet

A lustrous black cabinet: This one looks like it just out of the movie, dreamy and surreal. If you want to have a kitchen that showcases pure luxury and royalty, opt for lustrous black cabinets. Lustrous Black helps you create a masterpiece with its deep, lustrous tones. To complement the ambiance of lustrous black cabinets, you can accompany them with marble walls, golden stools, light fixtures, pendant lights, etc. 

18. Earthy taupe

Earthy taupe kitchen cabinet

Create a Hollywood-style glamorous kitchen cabinet by painting the kitchen cabinet with taupe. The subtle and distinctive allure of the Hollywood-style kitchen is irresistible. You can go for silver handles on the cabinet to add an extra layer of sophistication. The combination of earthy taupe and accessories creates an atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming.

19. Punk rock pink

pink kitchen cabinets

A very unusual but gorgeous kitchen cabinet idea is to paint it punk rock pink. The pink gives a princess-like feel and transports you to another era. The unconventional choice reflects the rebellious personality of the residents. The pink cabinets can be accompanied by black countertops, gold hardware, and midcentury fixtures. This makes the space look bold and glamorous. 


kitchen cabinets are a show-stopping element of the kitchen space. Now that you have explored the myriad possibilities that will redefine the kitchen space let the transformation begin. All the best!

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