Some Of The Best Feature Wall Ideas To Try Out

As we already know that interior design can really change the whole outlook of the home so it is very important to invest well in the interior of the home and you would be amazed to know that even small changes can bring huge differences in The Home Interior.

Wall has to be one of them and if you would consider playing with the look of the wall then you would be able to find that the whole house would look different and beautiful at the same time and if you want to add elegance in your home then you can consider Timber Feature Wall for your home.

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Feature walls are actually those walls which can grab attention so if your room is not decorated well then also you can get this kind of feature walls so that people would get attracted towards it. If you are wondering some of the best timber Feature Wall Ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and at the same time you can try them out as well in order to make your home look beautiful:

Striped Wooden Wall with Shades of Wood

Timber Feature Wall


This is so simple yet elegant that in one glimpse of this wall you would fall in love with the design as well as look of this wall. If you want to bring that earthy touch in your room then you should get this kind of walls and no matter whether you would have some décor in your home or not but this wall would keep your home decorated all the time. It has the same sizes Wooden Logs placed horizontally one after the other and here you would also be able to see different shades of woods but most of them look kind of similar which makes it look beautiful.

Detailed and Sleek

Timber Feature Wall


If you want to add that crisp in your home décor then this type of timber Wood Feature Wall would prove to be perfect for your home. This looks absolutely stunning if the rest of the room décor would be muted down so better get this wall in contrast with a white or cream color. Here you would get narrow wooden sticks which would be placed vertically one after another and here you would be able to see that the woods that have been used are shinier and at the same time dark-colored woods have been used in this wall which makes it cool classy.

Dark Wood Feature Wall

Timber Feature Wall


If you love dark shades then probably you would love this wooden wall as well and this is one of the most hyped feature walls of all time. Here you would get normal wooden wall either placed vertically or horizontally but the catchy part of the wall has to be the dark color of the wall and probably you can either go with black or darkest blue color which looks stunning.

Here, The Wooden Wrapped Skyline Residence By Shubin Donaldson Architects is the best example of wooden architecture.

These were some of the best Feature Wall Ideas that you need to try out and also at the same time you can get any one of them in your home and for more such things you can find out at Architecturesideas.

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