7 Excellent Tips for Indoor Garden Ideas

Planning to have an indoor garden at your house? Then, probably you have reached the right location as Architectureideas has brought for you some excellent tips that you must follow while planting the plants inside the house.

There are some 7 tips that will help you to grow your plants in a healthy manner so let us continue reading and see them. There are various Indoor Planters available in the market, you should also check them out.

Don’t Use Fertilizer More Often

Indoor Garden Ideas

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In the wintertime, plants don’t require fertilizer so it is ok if you don’t add it at this time. But, yes they will require the artificial boost during the summer and monsoon season.

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Let Light Come in

Indoor Garden Ideas

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You should keep the plants clean in order to let the light reach to them in a proper amount. They require light for the photosynthesis process which feeds them. Follow the steps given below to make them clean.  

Make your plants move around so they can receive maximum warmth and light.

Don’t keep them close to heaters and cold windows.

Make sure that you clean the windows regularly so that sunshine enters through it. The direction of light will also change as the sun moves from one direction to another.

Shower the plants to remove the pests. Also, remove the dead and brown leaves if any.

They Require Less H2O

Indoor Garden Ideas

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Yes, Interior Plants need Very Less Water. Over-watering will kill your plants so be aware of it. If you add more and more water, it will choke up the air space in the soil and they will die. Roots of the plants require air too as much as they require nutrients and water for their living.

You should look for water in the mud of the plants, if it is already wet then better don’t water it at that time. The mud should be dry not just on the surface but up to 1-2 inches down. If it is dry then you should water it thoroughly. Let the water drain out of the bottom of the pot in a bucket.

Refresh the Soil

Indoor Garden Ideas

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Yes, it is very important and necessary to refresh the soil as and when required. Mix the soil well with the right instrument and also occasionally you need to remove the plant from the pot and put it in a clean pot of the same size. If you find it hard to do it on your own then take the help of a gardener.

If you want to start indoor gardening then start it with a single plant of small-size. But, make sure that you select the plant that is favorable for indoor planting and not the one which is suitable for outside planting.

Increase Humidity

Indoor Garden Ideas

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The health of the plants will be better if more humidity is present. For increasing the humidity, you can use a humidifier or you can put the plants together near each other.

Prepare for Springtime

Indoor Garden Ideas

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Springtime will be different as compared to other seasons and so should be your preparation. Plants will Require more Water and Organic Fertilizer. Check for water and fertilizer frequently as their need is going to increase for sure.  

Check for Growth Regularly

Indoor Garden Ideas

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It is good to shape your plants well by cutting the trodden leaves and dried leaves. Also, check that their growth is done properly. The height of the plant should be growing and also if the plant is giving flowers then you should also see that it gives flowers on a regular basis and that too in good amount. If not then you can take the advice of a gardener and do what he tells. All the tools you may need could be found on online stores like Growace.

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So, here were some tips for Indoor Garden Ideas that you must follow if you are running an indoor garden or if you are planning to start one very soon. For more information on indoor gardening, follow Architectureideas!