Vaulted Ceiling Guide: History, Types, Pros, Cons, And Inspirational Examples


Have you ever heard or read about vaulted ceilings? For some people, it’s totally a new word, and for some, they just know a little bit about it. Here we are providing a complete guide on vaulted ceilings, keep reading to get all the information about the vaulted ceiling designs

We all crave for more space in our compact houses. But not everyone can figure out the perfect solution for it. If you’re planning to remodel your home, think about the vaulted ceiling. Instead of spending on regular flat roofs, use your valuable money by getting vaulted ceilings. This way, you will end up with a marvelous ceiling.

What are they? How to implement it in your home? Where to implement? After reading this piece of information, you will definitely get these questions in your mind, but don’t worry; we are here to give all the information about them. 

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Your home with raised ceilings will automatically create visual interest. It will be the best feature of your home. The best thing about vaulted ceilings is that you can include them anywhere in the house. From kitchen to study rooms, these ceilings will definitely be the center of attraction. So, Let’s take a closer look at vaulted ceilings: 

What Are The Vaulted Ceilings?

Vaulted Ceiling


Vaulted ceilings are known by plenty of names like high ceilings, raised ceilings, cathedral ceilings, etc. A “Vault” is an architectural term for a form that provides additional space at the roof. Actually, you can call any ceiling-a vault ceiling that is more than 8 ft. 

Types Of Vaulted Ceilings

Like any other ceiling, vaulted roofs also have types depending on the shape and sizes.

  1. Dome Vault

Vaulted Ceiling


A vault is simply an arch which is extruded into the roof, whereas a dome that is roaming around its vertical axis. Dome ceilings look great in the bathroom and studies. You can recess a dome in your standard ceilings to get a unique vaulted look. 

  1. Barrel Vault

Vaulted Ceiling


The barrel vault ceiling has only one arch that is repeated in overall space. They are simple in design but are very effective and transform any space. Just creatively paint and decorate them to jazz up the whole atmosphere of your house. These ceilings will look good in media rooms and entryways.

  1. Groin Vault

Vaulted Ceiling


Groin Vault is a combination of multiple barrel vaults, that’s why they are also known as cross vault ceilings. At first, you’ll face problems to build this, but after completion, it gives a very impactful impression. Like the barrel, groin-vaulted roofs are popular in entryways and hallways. 

  1. Rib Vault

Vaulted Ceiling


The amazing thing about impressive Rib Vaults is the fact that they do not have the same diameter. They are supported by a series of diagonal ribs that are arched, which divide the ceiling into various panels. 

  1. Fan Vault

Vaulted Ceiling


When concave sections are spreading out like a fan, including ribs, it is known as Fan Vault. The name Fan Vault is given to this ceiling is because of its architecture; the ribs have equal curvature that is rotated at equal distances and forms a conoid shape. 

Where To Use Them? 

They first began as an architectural choice because of its capacity and visually making the space larger. It is not wrong to say that raised roofs kinda create an optical illusion of having ample space. 

Vaulted Ceiling


A vaulted ceiling kitchen looks outstanding in your house. Vaulted ceilings sound not only good in the main hall or living room but also any other part of your houses like the bedroom and dining areas. You’ll see the amazing vaulted ceilings in the architecture of Columbia University.

But the major question that comes in your mind is how to implement this in your modern house? You know its kinda tricky to use it in a contemporary way. You can include a vaulted ceiling anywhere in the house, such as in your bedroom, kitchen, main hall, or even in entryways. They add luxury to the place and also creates more space. So, you can play with more dimensions and make your home extra special. 

Pros And Cons

Now, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of the vaulted ceilings. The prime question is: Do they give you more space or not? Yes, indeed, they create some space but not in reality, as virtually. Raised ceilings have high heights, so; there are good chances of skylight placement; hence, they bring more light. Glass windows or skylights on these ceilings look really ravishing. They also make the area airier and give a grand feeling. 

The only drawback with high ceilings is the fact that you cannot possibly build anything on top of the ceiling. The reason being, it entirely occupies the area which makes it very difficult to construct a storey (floors).

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Things To Keep In Mind

Vaulted ceilings look absolutely magnificent, and they add grandeur to your house. But before adding them into your home, ensure that you are mindful of the space, floor system, and of course budget. Point to remember: People who don’t know much about vaulted ceilings might have a chance to mess up with things. Here, you have it a comprehensive take on vaulted ceilings for your amazing house! Your wish is our command! Do let us know if you wish to learn more about Architecturesideas. And keep reading this space for more insightful pieces of content.

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