Tips for Applying LED Ceiling Lights in Your Space

Finding the right and perfect ceiling light fittings for the comfortable and essential spaces of your abode always seems challenging. And when it comes to light fittings for your areas, be it your residential home or office, there remain available options in front of you, such as the recessed light fittings and the LED ceiling lights. 

Out of all the lighting solutions available for you in the market, here, we will be discussing the LED ceiling lights in this particular post. If you follow throughout the article, you can also get some helpful tips for installing a ceiling lighting system in various areas of your home. 

Whether you renovate your home or are building an entirely new residential abode, a suitable lighting system needs specific types and usage benefits. Lighting is as essential to a house as is interior design. A perfect lighting fixture can significantly influence the overall vibe and ambiance of the space. Even if you add multiple types of light fittings in different areas of your home, a coordinated and well-designed ceiling layout can still look stunning to the onlookers’ eyes. 

It is not necessary that you install the same light fitting to every ceiling of your required space. You can play about with different types and styles of LED ceiling light fittings. However, your LED ceiling lighting fixtures selection should be finalized considering the room size and aesthetic interior design you think is the fittest. Along with that, other variables that are essentially significant are the type of LED bulb and its fittings, angle, placements, etc., of the lighting fixture. 

LED ceiling lights

Even after you have decided on specific ceiling lights solutions, cost-effectiveness must be looked at. Depending on the ceiling lights, LED designs, type, brand, prices vary. For instance, there will be a vast price difference between a traditional ceiling lights design and modern ceiling lights options. You should choose a suitable ceiling lighting solution not because it is visually appealing but because that ceiling light fixture suits your space’s standard and the vibe that you want to create.   

That being said, we shall now talk about some essential tips that you can personally follow when setting up an LED ceiling lighting system in these areas of your home.

Tips for Setting Up LED Ceiling Light Fittings

A house has many different areas where one can infuse their own creative needs as preferred. So, let’s look at those areas one by one and how you can set up the ceiling lights fittings. 

For Living Room and Hall

LED ceiling lights For Living Room and Hall

The layering concept is one of the widely applied lighting strategies for the living room of one’s home. Since the small living room hosts multiple activities and is used for different purposes, you should install ceiling lights with broad functionality. The living room or hall is one of those areas of a home where people usually gather and spend their time. So, its lighting system must be able to create an ambiance and accent lighting. 

For Bedroom 

LED ceiling lights For Bedroom 

Bright and colorful lights are a big no when choosing the lighting solution for bedrooms. Why? The reason behind this logic is that people want a comfortable and relaxing vibe in the bedroom, and bright lighting could disrupt the individual’s sleep. Along with ambient ceiling lights, you can also choose to install bedside lamps, wall scones, etc., as an addition to the bedroom’s task lighting. For further comfort and convenience, you can connect a dimmable function (dimmer switch) to those lights in the bedroom.

For Kitchen 

LED ceiling lights For Kitchen 

The kitchen is the only area in your home where most of the sharp items and breakable kinds of stuff are stored. So, yes, bright and clear light fittings are a must. Kitchens require a central task lighting system as it very functional area of everyone’s home. Along with bright LED ceiling lighting, you should install available lighting options like under-cabinet lights, countertop lights, etc. But, if you wish to fit a more functional light fitting, modern LED ceiling lights with dimmable color features would be a good choice for you. 

Do you also want to know about the trending lighting system for your kitchen? Well, then, you can also opt for the trendy motion-activated light fittings for your lovely kitchen. 

For Bathrooms

LED ceiling lights For Bathrooms

It is highly viable that there exists more than one bathroom lighting in your home. Well, as bathrooms are a very personal space for one’s grooming, its lighting selection must be made carefully. There are some who are okay with bland light fittings in a bathroom. Whereas, there are also people who love to spend their personal grooming time in a bathroom with a perfect setting. 

Above all the personal choices regarding the bathroom lighting setups, the most important tip is that bathroom lights must not emit the person’s shadow on the mirror. Thus, it is highly advised to install a lighting fixture on the mirror or beside the mirror itself. If not, installing comprehensive function and waterproof LED ceiling light fittings will also serve the task. 

General Tips for Ceiling Light

LED ceiling lights General Tips
  • To make the light illuminate comfortably around the space, use LED ceiling lights of accurate wattage so that it is bright enough. 
  • For a hanging ceiling light fixture, make sure that it hung about 7 to 8 feet from the floor. 
  • If you happen to go for false ceiling lighting designs, mind that they match your space’s interior design and enhances it as well. 
  • When setting up a false ceiling light, always choose the lightweight one to lessen the degree of future ceiling issues. 
  • Also, ensure that your LED ceiling lighting fixture has an easy installation and maintenance process. 
  • If you do not have any personal idea of ceiling lighting solutions, ask your electrician or interior designer for their specifics. Or else, just go with the modern and flexible LED ceiling light fittings. 


Above all the ceiling lights installing tips in different areas of your home, your personal choice always matters per suitable lighting solutions. And for a fact, for a complete setup of new ceiling light fittings, it is always good to consult with experts.  

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