35+ Modern LED TV Wall Panel Designs for Your Living Room

Do you remember your granny’s television? It was enormous and so heavy that if we wanted to watch a show then it’s tuning was never set at the right time. You needed the patience of a God to set that frequency…Right? Hahaha… Ya old times…old memories…but they are beautiful! Let’s see some LED TV Wall Panel designs.

But in this 21st century, nobody has those kinda televisions sets (Thank god!). Now we have the ultimate LED TV and QLED curve TV, UHD TV, and so much more. The quality of picture from these TV’s are amazing, but that will in part depend on the quality of signal being received.

This can be tested by a service engineer from a company like TV Aerials Chester or Aerial Services. Every month, there is a new wall led design that comes up with unimaginable TV features rolling in the market. But what if you buy your dream screen and there is no specific space to place it or you just simply put it on the table? You just made a hash of your dream!

To save you from that kinda situation today, we bring 35 LED TV wall panel designs, to make your living area a better place for entertainment. There are many more LED panel designs 2023 and you’ll find wonderful TV  unit sets in the market. But, it is always exciting when you are able to customize certain things. Isn’t it true?

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All the TV wall designs that we have listed down are customizable; you can always change the color and a little bit of design according to your space. 

Check out eleven LED TV wall panel designs for your home:

1. Green Walls

led tv wall panel design

Source: pinimg.com

We all know how much green walls are in trend these days. It is a perfect way to bring some greenery from outside to inside. You can always go for either live plants (which is kinds hard to maintain) or artificial ones (which requires zero maintenance). 

Like this house, the tv is placed in between the vertical green walls, which looks absolutely marvelous. 

2. Plywood TV Unit

led tv wall panel design

Source: nuevaera.co

Wood is an excellent option to bring warmth and coziness in your living area. This Tv-stand is made from plywood, which is uniquely fitted on the wall. 

3. Tv Unit + Bookshelf 

led tv wall panel design

Source: fbcdn.net

Do you love to read books but your house doesn’t have enough space for a bookcase and a tv unit? Then merge them- this is the perfect solution for space-efficient homes.  

4. Textured Walls

led tv wall panel design

Source: pinimg.com

Another fun and creative way to display your television is the bring some textures on the wall. Use various patterns, designs and even materials such as timber and metal to create your dream living room.  

5. Family Theme

led tv wall panel design

Source: pinimg.com

Do you live in a classic bungalow which holds your family history, and you want to represent that in your home interiors? Then this is the best way to show that respect and love for your family. Make an accent wall and engraved your family initials on the wall with some dark background to match up the whole theme of the house. 

6. Vertical Blank Walls

led tv wall panel design

Source: archilovers.com

It is quite easy to decorate a horizontal wall, but when it comes to decorating a massive vertical wall, people face difficulty doing it. So here is the expert tip for you, if you’re facing the same problem, the solution for this is to use plywood (or any kind of background material) from top of the ceiling to the floor, and in random patterns. This way, you’re able to make an illusion, and this really brings the eyes up to level.  

7. Multi-functional Media Unit

led tv wall panel design

Source: wp.com

If you’re living in an apartment, always choose furniture that you can use in multiple ways. Like this media unit, it has a place for your LED, space for your speakers and also has a spot for your book collection. And all these places are hidden mean just looking at them you have no idea what this thing has that many things inside of it. 

8. Luxurious Marble Prints

led tv wall panel design

Source: pinimg.com

Who doesn’t love marble print? It is elegant, stylish, and can jazz up any place. People are crazy about this print from mobile covers to kitchen countertops, you’ll see this classic print literally EVERYWHERE!! So this time try out on your media unit. 

9. Blend-In

led tv wall panel design

Source: nguonthanhly.com

Another amazing trick for small homes is that they never make a specific place in the living area for the tv media unit. Place the TV as it is on the wall with no other extra interior decor, this way, it will beautifully blend with the rest of the interiors and your place doesn’t look stuffed and tacky. 

10. Magical Lights

led tv wall panel design

Source: behance.net

Place some bias lights (LED tape lighting) on the back panel of the tv. It will really look astonishing when you turn off your lights and also reduces the strain on the eyes. It kinda creates a theatre in your room, and now you can enjoy your movie nights in your personal home cinema. 

11 Zigzag Floating Shelves

led tv wall panel design

Source: transaqtion.com

Place floating shelves near your media unit, it is a great way to display and store anything such as your DVD collections, books, and Xbox. 

No matter how big or small is your place, there is always a way to make it beautiful and suitable for you. Don’t leave your entertainment walls plain and boring, spice them up through these led panel designs. We also suggest you to think about a dust and moisture protection for your Flat Screen TV, so it will last longer. This time around we have provided decoration tips to make your entertainment area lively and refreshing, remain tuned with us for cool decorating ideas like this one and keep coming to Architecturesideas