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House renovation is essential after at least every three years or else the basis and the infrastructure start rotting. It might not seem essential at the starting years of a newly built building, but maintenance is the key to ensuring that it will thrive for more years. In other scenarios, renovation can increase the net worth of the house if you are planning to sell it.

There can be a remarkable increase in the selling or renting price with just a few cheap touch-ups. Or you are planning to install new high-tech utensils, machines, and systems in your house, and therefore remodeling becomes a necessity. Last but not the least, fixing issues and damages also require assistance.

While remodeling, a general perception is that remodeling the main lounge room and painting the walls is enough, but we forget the most important room of the house. The kitchen remodeling companies is the utmost crucial room of a house where you spend your time preparing three meals a day and midnight snacking.

It is the place where you and your entire family take out the time to finally sit together at each mealtime, and take out the time for each other with everyone’s busy schedules. 

Kitchen Remodeling Companies

The kitchen can have many problems that might require repair or kitchen remodeling companies. This can include electricity, gas, and water problems, décor of shelves and cabinets, remodeling the wood, glass, or marble slabs, installing utensils and electronics such as dishwashers, electric stoves, and smoke detectors, and baking ovens.

The kitchen remodeling companies is composed of all these things and therefore it is necessary that if you are pondering over remodeling your kitchen, then get the finest professionals to do this work to produce the best outcome of it.

As the kitchen is the centerpiece of the house, and you might find yourself spending most of the time in it, styling and designing your kitchen can give it a better and fresh look. Today many popular methods and styles are trending such as the black and golden marble design, highly equipped electronic kitchen, and spacious kitchens with the long center fixed tables for serving.

There is a wide variety of designs and architectures that are popular amongst people, especially those who are renovating or constructing new houses. The internet is filled with ideas and designs, but only a professional can guide you to what can look best and is implementable in your space.

Which Kitchen Remodeling Company to Hire?

Which Kitchen Remodeling Company to Hire

There are many kitchen remodeling companies in Colorado, USA and hence it can get difficult to choose which one to hire from a pool of similar companies and service providers. A few factors are mentioned below that can help you in evaluating which kitchen remodeling company you should hire depending on your demands and needs.

  • Choose the Kitchen remodeling company that is near you. It can be convenient if the company store or office is nearby as it saves the cost of transportation that the companies usually charge for. Often heavy machinery is required to conduct a specific job, therefore it can be easy to transport the workforce and the equipment back and forth.
  • The pricing and rates of the company are important factors. As the prices of the equipment required are standard, the total bill can differ according to the service charges charged by the kitchen remodeling company. Choose the company according to your budget.
  • Lastly, do a self-research on the company by reading the reviews and ratings given by the other customers online. This can give you an idea of the quality of work and expertise of the company workers.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Colorado, USA

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Colorado, USA

Even though there are many kitchen remodeling companies established in Colorado, one of the finest and most professional companies, that ticks all the above-mentioned requirements, is Schwalb Builders. Schwalb Builders has been successfully running and making its name in the industry based on the quality of work, for 15 years. It is owned and operated by Denver’s family for two generations.

The Schwalb Builders are Certified Kitchen Designers which means that not only that they are experienced in the fieldwork, but they can also engineer and design the entire kitchen for the ground.

From making and approving the blueprints to constructing it according, they build up the exact structure within the given budget that the client dreamed of. They specialize in making the kitchen environmentally friendly, displaying creativity, and upgrading the kitchen according to the client’s requirements.  

Remodeling the kitchen is often an expensive process as the tools and material needed is pricey such as the proper machinery for cutting marble tiles, equipment for handling electrical, gas, and water connections, cement, pipes, and much more. The client would have to purchase all these things if he/ she plans to renovate himself or refer to a small based company. This case would suck all the money out of the client’s pocket thus making this renovation impossible.

Therefore the wiser option is to hire Schwalb Builders. They already have all the necessary machinery and tools needed to do their job. The only price you would have to pay is for the expertise and services of the professionals and any extra material that was required to renovate the kitchen such as an electric stove or dishwasher. Comparing the kitchen remodeling cost in Colorado, Schwalb Builders has a relatively fair price rate for service charges against the quality of work that they display at the end.

Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

Steps to Remodel a Kitchen by professional
  • Give a demo of the old kitchen model so that you can understand the current infrastructure and architecture of the room, to plan a new one in that kitchen space.
  • Spectating the current framework of the room, inspecting the electrical and gas outlets and plumbing
  • Make a plan or blueprint on how to adjust the new changes within the space and around the electrical, gas, or water outlets if required.
  • Install the new countertops, slabs, cabinets, backsplash, applications, sink, and faucet according to the new design model

The Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen in Colorado

The Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen in Colorado

The average kitchen remodeling cost in Colorado is estimated at $20,000 for 200 square feet. If you add high-tech appliances, the total cost can go up to $90,000, assuming that the price of a brand new refrigerator is $70,000. This price includes installing new cabinets, flooring, garbage disposal, and fancy countertops. This price is if the customer plans to renovate the kitchen from absolute scratch.

Kitchen renovation does not require to be so expensive every time as you can plan to renovate and do touchups on only specific items. For example, you can get the cabinets, slabs, countertops, and flooring polished and floor cleaning, giving it a fresh new look. Another option is re-decorating the kitchen. If the client is bored with the way the kitchen looks and has very less budget, rearranging the kitchen can also give it a new look. This can be done for under $10,000 according to the requirement of work needed.

Schwalb Builders aims to provide all such solutions under one roof so that they can work under every budget and provide what the customer demands. They believe is smart working rather than hardworking and therefore they can re-enforce solutions for any framework.


Whether is the kitchen is small or big, whether it’s based on woodwork or marble work, whether is high tech or traditional kitchen, there is nothing that the professional workers of Schwalb Builders cannot find a solution to renovate. Hence, if you are living in Colorado or the location of the house resides in Colorado, Schwalb Builders is the one for you who can build your dream kitchen within your budget, within no time!

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