9 Tips to Transform the Small Bathroom to an Elegant Bath Area

Let’s get your bathroom renovated! Having a royal, elegant, and luxurious bathroom is everyone’s dream. You can’t deny the fact you are too dying to have it. First thing’s first, don’t think only big spaces can have luxurious bathrooms. Interior designers are magicians. They can convert a small spaced shower into royalty.

Small Bathroom ideas

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How do they do it? They just utilize every corner of the area, and second thing, the charm is in the features you add. Here we will be showing how you can convert your small bathroom into a magnificent one. You can take the help of an interior designer or DIY the plan.

Things to Remember While Transforming the Bath Area:

1. Layout the Plan

Small Bathroom ideas

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The first step should be laying out the plan. Get the blueprint of the bathroom and see what you can keep where, and it should also maximize the usage of place. The layout should be done in a way that doesn’t look congested and can hold almost all the required things.

This includes a washbasin, mirror, toilet seat, and space to keep all the bathing essential (from soaps to shampoos and sanitary pads). For that, you can either have shelves, cupboards, or drawers.

2. Add a Personal Touch to the Decoratives

Small Bathroom ideas

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By adding a personal touch, we mean adding the DIY things. Brush up your creative side and make something cool and elegant for the storage. You can make racks for placing bathing essentials from crates, wooden planks, old cycle baskets, and many more.

Similarly, you can also DIY the towel hooks. DIY not only adds a personal touch but is also budgeted and looks really cool. If not that you can always buy it from online or offline stores. Just make sure about its colour, quality, and size. 

3. Attractive Colour Combination

Small Bathroom ideas

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Color combination should always be soothing to eyes, don’t get quirky in selecting the colour. The colour palette of the bath area should be calming, i.e., cool colours. Go for pastels, or you can also go B&W (black and white).

Few colours that are trending for the bathroom: White, Powder Blue, Grey, Copper, Serene Green, a combination of Rust Orange and White, Magenta and Peach, etc.

4. Hardware with a Royal Look

Small Bathroom ideas

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Bathware, hardware whatever you say, get them in sync with the colour of walls. The stainless steel with silver or gold plating is in high demand. These shades add charm to the bathroom. While getting them, make sure you check the quality of it. 

Plumbing fixtures are the second pillar after the walls of the bathroom. A single mistake can ruin the outlook, and there are chances you will have to spend more on fixing them.

5. Get Plumbing Done

Small Bathroom ideas

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The most important thing to get done is the plumbing. Get the plumbing fixtures done and issues solved in the first place. You can’t do it on your own call, the professional plumbers.

The most annoying thing is getting the right plumber man for your work. With whom you can connect with easily and is available for you anytime. We have seen times when the plumber arrives after the extra damage is done.

We have found a solution to it as well, the Multicore National Plumber Manchester. The firm provides 24×7 emergency plumbing and other engineering support at a competitive market price.

6. Similar Bath and Hand Towels

Small Bathroom ideas

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Bath towels and hand towels are going to be there in the bathroom. They are part of it. So it is natural, they should blend with the ambience around. You will get them at Walmart and even nearby shops.

However, the question is how to blend them in the ambience of the bath area? The answer is straight forward – the colour of the towels must be in sync with it. That doesn’t mean you have to get the green-coloured towels for serene green walls. Get the white or the grey towels, they blend it every colour.

7. Shower Curtains

Small Bathroom ideas

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You will have to get one or two shower curtains and a spare pair as well. Curtains create a partition between the toilet seat and the shower area, which can be of a transparent material or the opposite of it. The thing to consider is again, the colour.

If you are going for the transparent (non-coloured), then it’s okay, but for the coloured ones, you will have to take a look at the colour palette and the surroundings where you are going to place it. This way, it will help you select the perfect curtain colour.

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8. Toilet Seat

Small Bathroom ideas

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You might not be knowing this – toilet seats come in two shapes, round and elongated. Round shaped toilet seats are found in older homes while the latter one is preferred for modern homes.

Other than that, it would be best if you look for the material and soft-close too. Toilet seats are made with mostly two materials – plastic, and wood, one is lighter and softer, while the other is heavy and sturdy.

9. Entertainment

Small Bathroom ideas

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This isn’t the compulsory kind of option, but yeah, it might get you interested in spending more time in the bathroom. Hehe! Just kidding! It’s a kind of signature feature of a luxurious bathroom.

For entertainment, you can get a Bluetooth speaker and place it in the bathroom, so you can enjoy the music while taking a shower. You can also subscribe to the Escape Room Liverpool Facebook page, where you will find lots of quizzes, riddles, and puzzles to solve while getting refreshed. It can be your toilet seat or refreshment companion.

Get your Dream Bathroom Ready:

These were the features you will have to add for the royal and elegant bathroom, even with the smaller space. Colours and decoratives can do the wonders to the outlook of any room. So always have a close eye on its selection. You will either end up with the adorable bath area or the one that you never wish to enter.