Coffered Ceiling Ideas: Everything You Need to Know About

Want to have drama and depth to your ceiling? Then choose coffered ceilings. The coffered ceiling is an effective option for adding aesthetics and value to your space. They help absorb noise and prove to be an excellent camouflage on your imperfect ceiling. 

The coffered ceiling also aids in hiding the peculiarities of a ceiling’s structural components from view. Interested enough? Read along to learn more about coffered ceilings and how to stylize your space!

How Do You Define a Coffered Ceiling?

Define a Coffered Ceiling

Before understanding, what is a coffered ceiling? Let’s know what is a coffer. Architecturally, a coffer means a decorative recessed sunken panel in the ceiling. The termcoffercomes from an ancient Greek banker who invented them to hide his money. They are usually polygonal in shape. Traditionally, wooden beams were used to make the coffers. 

Coffers, when arranged in a series, form a coffered ceiling. The coffered ceilings are designed in grid patterns in the form of 3- dimensional sunken panels. They are initially used to conceal structural imperfections in the ceiling and to provide acoustical benefits. Its patterns can range from simple square patterns to complex octagonal patterns. 

Top 5 Considerations to Be Made for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Considerations to Be Made for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

1. Ceiling Height 

Even though coffered ceilings lead the eye upward, the beams extend into a room from the bottom, taking up some overhead space. The coffered ceilings can work best in 9’ or higher rooms. Lower-ceiling rooms may develop a claustrophobic feeling. 

2. Functional Beams or Faux 

The coffered ceilings are generally non-load bearing, except for two-story ranch homes. They can be installed to conceal the overhead beams of the ceiling. The coffered ceilings are designed mainly for aesthetic purposes. Their structure is made of hollow faux beams.

3. Cost of Installation 

Before installing your coffered ceiling, you should be aware that it is a labor-intensive job. It requires highly skilled laborers with advanced carpentry skills. On average, $25 per sq. ft. is charged for its installation. 

4. Grid Size 

Grid size determines the complexity of the coffered ceiling. The more complex the ceiling design, the larger the grid. It’s better to start simple and then move towards more complex designs as per the requirements. Your preference will determine the shape and complexity of the grid.

5. Material for Panel 

The sky is the limit for material choice. Several materials are available for coffered ceiling panels. Usually, wood is the preferred material in Western countries. Wood can be painted or stained to match your wall color scheme.

5 Best Benefits: Coffered Ceilings Can Offer 

Best Benefits: Coffered Ceilings Can Offer 

1. Elegant Designs 

The coffered ceiling provides you with several options. They have multi-dimensional effects, intricate finishing, a royal design, and a range of panel colors.  

2. Easy Installation 

Usually, coffered ceilings are made of PVC these days, making them lightweight and easy to install and maintain. 

3. Value Addition 

The coffered ceilings are made to add aesthetic appeal and value to your space. They even have a high resale value for your property. 

4. Sound Absorption 

Coffered ceilings are highly used for sound absorption, noise reduction, and echo resistance. They help to provide a calmer and more tranquil space. 

5. Mold Resistance 

Mildew, sagging, and mold can also be concealed with a coffered ceiling. Their light structure helps with easy cleaning and maintenance. 

These 15 Steps Will Help You Install Your Coffered Ceiling

Steps Will Help You Install Your Coffered Ceiling

Let’s understand how to build a coffered ceiling – 

  1. Analyze the plan and find the grid for your room.
  2. Prepare a detailed drawing of the coffered ceiling installation area. Use square grids for measurement and better understanding.  
  3. Determine the best location for beams to support the load.
  4. According to the space requirement cut box frames and use a 1” spacer in between for easy placement. 
  5. Arrange two side panels parallel to the ground and screw them. The third board is then used to connect perpendicularly. Make sure it is square and in proportion. 
  6. After adding the fourth board, screw it in 90 degrees to the first. 
  7. Repeat the process for the rest of the frames but this time perpendicular to the ground, so that it becomes the top of the coffered ceiling. 
  8. Fix plywood sheets to the frames. Cut ½” plywood pieces, the same as that of your frame, and screw them edge to edge. 
  9. Using a saw cut the coffers into square grids. 
  10. At ceiling height, around the perimeter of the room, install the furring strips. 
  11. After the grid is made, install the framing for the ceiling.  
  12. To the furring strips, add paneling or drywall. 
  13. After preparing the ceiling frame, attach the paneling directly to the furring strips with the help of screws or nails. Make sure to have a smooth and even surface. 
  14. Now you can even have your crown molding if needed. 
  15. At last, make sure, you get a level and correctly spaced paneling before nailing and fixing them. 

The 3 Types of Coffered Ceilings You Should Know About

 Types of Coffered Ceilings You Should Know About

1. Recessed Coffered Ceiling

The recessed coffered ceilings have deeper coffers to hide the beams, thus they appear raised. These are best suited for low-ceiling rooms to create an illusion of height. Recessed coffered ceilings are the most used ceiling these days.

2. Dropped Coffered Ceiling

They are only a few inches deep from the ceiling. To hide AC and ventilation ducts, the dropped coffered ceilings are the best. They work best in small spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Raised Coffered Ceiling

The raised coffered ceiling extends from the surface of the ceiling to hide any beam underneath it. They get a lot of height because they start from the ceiling surface, making the room look massive. 

Top 15 Coffered Ceiling Ideas to Incorporate into Your Space

1. Wood-Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Kitchen

Wood-Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Kitchen

A kitchen can be made elegant with a wood-coffered ceiling. You can add warmth and character to your kitchen with wood tones. Add a pendant light over the island to create a focal point. To get a modern coffered ceiling look, experiment with luxury paint choices, countertops, and other decor elements.

2. Vaulted Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

Vaulted Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

If you want to give a warm look to your living room, try a vaulted coffered ceiling. The wainscoting echoes the design on the simple coffered ceiling, giving the room depth. This coffered ceiling idea is one of the best ways to stylize your room. You can also try painting the ceiling a light color to create a more spacious look.

3. Traditional Color Palette for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Traditional Color Palette for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Be it any decor style or any color palette, a coffered ceiling can go with any decor style or color palette. But if it’s a classic and chic color palette with soft, neutral, and warm colors like navy, purple, or mauve, then it’s like a cherry on the cake. Because a muted and toned-down ceiling color can create a statement in your room.

4. Open Concept for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Open Concept for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

With open-concept homes, coffered ceiling ideas find their way. They are an excellent option to visually divide an open-concept space. You can have a living room, kitchen, and dining area under the open plan and still have a coffered ceiling.

5. Space Utilization for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Space Utilization for Coffered Ceiling Ideas

While coffered ceiling ideas can add value to your space, you should also consider other details in your room. Utilize the space well with clean and simple decor, neutral colors, and smooth lines. You can have a coffered ceiling and still have an accent wall in your room. 

6. Add Elegant White to Your Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Add Elegant White to Your Coffered Ceiling Ideas

If you want to have a simple yet classic feel in your room, then try to add elegant white to your coffered ceiling ideas. This will give enough depth and gap for enhanced ventilation and lighting. The right seating, TV cabinet, fireplace, and minimal decor will complement your coffered ceiling.

7. Simple Tray Coffered Ceilings Ideas for Living Room

 Simple Tray Coffered Ceilings Ideas for Living Room

You can experiment with tray-coffered ceiling ideas if you have a wide room with a high ceiling. A lighter shade of tray coffered ceiling with a chandelier or a pendant light will add grandeur to your room. The tray coffered ceiling is highly recommended to add visual depth and warmth to the space. Your ceiling beams will gleam when paired with this coffered ceiling.

8. Minimalist Black and White Coffered Ceiling Ideas for the Bathroom

 Minimalist Black and White Coffered Ceiling Ideas for the Bathroom

Nothing can beat black and white. When this classic color combination is paired with coffered ceiling ideas, they create a dramatic result, especially when they are installed in bathrooms. This coffered ceiling color will make the space appear larger without making it feel claustrophobic. Adding perfect lighting will make the space even more charming.

9. Shaded Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

Shaded Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

To get an organic feel in your living room, try having double-toned bars with bright cherry colors. Having lighting spots in columns will help add more depth to your living room. This coffered ceiling with well-spaced beams and shaded colors will add elegance to the space. 

10. Barn Wood Coffered Ceiling Ideas

 Barn Wood Coffered Ceiling Ideas

The barn wood coffered ceiling will offer warmth to your room. To create a modern living area, use a vaulted barn wood coffered ceiling style. Proper lighting and fan arrangements will add charm, refinement, and a fetish look to your room. The vaulted coffered ceiling is a magnificent combination of natural wood and barn wood, resulting in an elaborate design that adds interest and generates material contrasts.

11. Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Decoration 

 Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Decoration 

Give your coffered ceiling more flair with decorations. Experiment with curvy and deep coffers with modern pendant lighting fixtures. Try complementing the framework of your room with unique patterns of coffered ceiling ideas. Consider how much lighting you will require to complete your tasks.

12. Bedroom Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Bedroom Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Reclaimed wood can be used to create a coffered ceiling in a farmhouse or cabin bedroom. This coffered ceiling idea will make your bedroom more intimate. Matching furniture will complement the design of the ceiling. The wood coffered ceiling will ease the placement of lighting fixtures in key areas.  

13. Modern Drop Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Home Office

Modern Drop Coffered Ceiling Ideas for Home Office

Your home office should be separate from the rest of your home to enhance work focus. So, if you have a modern drop-coffered ceiling in your office, then the intimacy and productivity of your space will increase. Beams can be painted white with a wooden texture on the coffered ceiling to make the space more formal. 

14. Natural Wood-Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Natural Wood-Coffered Ceiling Ideas

For a more natural look, experiment with a wooden coffered ceiling. This could entail installing wooden panels that have been treated to maintain the wood’s natural color and texture or using unpainted beams. Have the right combination of light and dark shades to balance the color scheme. 

15. Cool Coffered Ceiling Ideas for a Rustic Home

Cool Coffered Ceiling Ideas for a Rustic Home

As it can work with almost any sort of decor and budget, the rustic style is one of the most popular interior design trends. Having a coffered ceiling will make the rustic home more rough and elegant. To give a cabin-like feel to your rustic home, add wooden beams to your coffered ceiling

Let’s Choose Among These Coffered Ceiling Ideas! 

Previously, the coffered ceilings were made out of stone and cut from a solid mass. Their main purpose is to brighten the ceiling and the space. 

So, are you prepared to select coffered ceilings for your home and office? What are you waiting for? Go consult a professional and prepare your ceiling for a coffered design. When installed correctly, your coffered ceiling will add aesthetics and value to your space. A coffered ceiling will bring style, elegance, royalty, charm, and character into your room. 

Coffered Ceiling Idea
A living room filled with furniture and a chandelier
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Coffered Ceiling design idea
A bedroom with a large bed and a couch
A bedroom with a bed, dresser, and mirror
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A office filled with furniture and a fire place


1. How Would You Build a Coffered Ceiling?

The installation of a coffered ceiling requires a special skill set and expertise. A professional designer should do this job. Several steps are involved in the installation, from making coffers to framing and applying paneling.

2. What Is the Cost of a Coffered Ceiling?

There are several factors influencing the price of the coffered ceiling, like the size of your room, the materials to be used, the design, the labor involved, etc. The installation of a coffered ceiling required expertise and specialization. A coffered ceiling typically costs around $25 per square foot, depending on the design.  

3. What Purpose Does a Coffered Ceiling Serve?

Coffered ceilings can add value to your modern home. They can create depth and even conceal your ugly ceiling. These coffered ceilings have been used in several traditional houses to provide the benefit of sound absorption. They are considered elegant and formal for your home.

4. How Can You Distinguish Between a Recessed and Drop-Coffered Ceiling?

The basic difference between a recessed and a drop-coffered ceiling is the depth of the coffer. Recessed ceilings are deeper than drop-coffered ceilings. They can conceal the beams, but drop-coffers can’t. You can create an illusion in your room by combining these ceilings.

5. What Are the Disadvantages of Installing a Coffered Ceiling?

A coffered ceiling provides less flexibility in design and size when compared with prefab panels. Its installation requires a higher level of precision, expertise, and planning, thus having a higher risk of error. Installing a wooden coffered ceiling necessitates the use of specialized tools and skills.

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