A Look at The Selection Criteria For Home Siding

The beauty of homes depends mostly on the type of siding. Besides providing a common theme to the building exterior and accentuating the design and character of your home, siding plays a vital role in protecting the home exterior from the elements of weather and even provides security. It is essential to understand the primary function of siding before you take up the project for replacing the existing siding or install a new one. Replacing or repairing siding is expensive, which makes it imperative to choose a durable siding that lasts long and recovers the investment besides saving cost by way of low maintenance.

Home Siding

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In this article, we will discuss how siding protects the home exterior and how to select siding material by considering the functionality, cost, and suitability. Since the siding complements the building aesthetics and even enhances it, you must be careful about its suitability for the home design and style. For example, if you have a Victorian-style home, you cannot think of installing the cheap type of vinyl siding. Similarly, you can never think of installing expensive wood siding on beachfront homes that have to withstand the elements of the sea. 

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The Functions of Siding

Any home siding has two basic functions – to protect the building from the elements of weather by acting as the first barrier and to create an aesthetically pleasing home exterior. Although there are other elements like the roof and windows that protect the building from rain, snow, hail, and heat, the siding is the first line of defense for the building exterior. The siding influences the design of the home exterior, and choosing the right design and style of siding contributes immensely to home appeal. Proper installation of siding by experienced companies like Wearestormpros.com can ensure its satisfactory functioning.

Siding Vulnerabilities

 Knowing the vulnerabilities of siding will help to select the right one. Most home sidings fail due to water penetration. If the siding quality or its installation is poor, water can enter the home from the windows or roof and cause significant damage like foundation issues and mold formation. Check out Mighty Dog Roofing Home Siding Installation as they have an array of experiences and services that might help you out. 

Overlapping of siding is an essential aspect of installation as it provides room for expansion and contraction of the siding material due to changes in temperature.

Proper sealing of the joints ensures that there are no chances of water or snow leaking through it. In addition to protection from water entering homes, siding also protects from the wind. By preventing wind from entering the house through the joints, siding helps to maintain the home insulation, thereby reducing the load on heating and cooling machines and saving energy cost.

Home Siding

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Choosing the Right Siding

A huge variety of siding from brick siding to wood siding and from vinyl siding to fiber cement and aluminum siding and many more are available. Homeowners not only have a wide range of choices in terms of looks and functionality but even there is a siding for any budget.  The climate of the place affects the durability of siding, and you must consider it first before thinking about the aesthetics. In this regard, you must be aware of the different factors to consider for choosing the right siding that justifies the selection in all respects. Remember that you cannot afford to make any mistake in the selection as it can turn out to be too much costly if it damages the home.

Vinyl siding is highly affordable and easy to maintain, as washing is enough to retain its clean looks. The rustic look of wood siding is highly appealing, and it lasts very long but costly. Moreover, it needs high maintenance as it is prone to rotting and damages easily. The cheapest option is to install aluminum siding, but it does not last much longer and does not look attractive.  The maintenance cost for repairing and upkeep is high too.

Selecting the Right Siding

To choose the best siding, you must balance the following factors.

Home Siding

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Water Resistance

The primary function of siding is to prevent water from entering homes, and you must first consider how good the material is resisting water exposure. All siding materials are not alike in resisting water, and you must consider the kind of exposure the siding is likely to receive to decide which type of siding will work well. Excellent water-resistant property of the siding will prolong its life and prevent decay or damage. 

Energy Efficiency

Since the siding creates an envelope around the home, it acts as added insulation for the building and increases the energy efficiency of homes. Moreover, the siding material possesses insulating properties represented by the R-value, which is a measure of its energy efficiency. Higher is the R-value, better is the thermal insulation. Insulated vinyl siding has better insulation as its R-value is between 2R and 3R, whereas stucco siding has an R-value of only 0.3R. 


The structure and design of your home, as well as the exterior, decides which type of siding will be suitable to uphold the aesthetics. If you prefer stone veneer siding, it should be the last thing to think about for a Victorian-style home.

Texture and Aesthetics

The appearance of the siding depends on the color and texture that contribute to the aesthetics. One of the most important decisions that you must take is how your siding will look and the available colors. Color options are few if you choose brick or stone siding, but there is more variety in the texture, and if you are too much inclined to colors, then vinyl siding offers a huge variety.


The longer the siding lasts without painting, repair, or replacement, the better it is for you. Stucco siding, when done correctly, lasts throughout the life of the home with repainting done after 6-7 years. How well the siding resists the weather, as well as pest attacks, determine its durability.

Depending on what you want, the spending could be anything between $5,000 to $50,000 and more. Making a budget before looking for the type of siding will make more sense.