What Are The Advantages of Top Mount Kitchen Sinks

What type of kitchen sink do you have? It may be a porcelain sink, granite or composite sink, but these are the materials that constitute the sink. We are inquiring about the mounting style. Any kitchen sink has a distinct style of mounting. Broadly speaking, the installation can be of two types – drop-in or undermount. 

The drop-in or top-mount sinks are the ones that drop into the pre-cut hole on your kitchen countertop. The name itself is quite self-explanatory. The rim of the sink sits visibly on the countertop and supports the weight of the sink, irrespective of the sink’s size, weight, material, and style. It is a highly sought-after style of a kitchen installation for granite and composite countertops that are structurally sound enough to support the sink’s weight.

A kitchen sink with a cutting board and a knife.

Why do we still love top-mount sinks?

There was once a time when all you could find were top-mount sinks. From delicate porcelain designs to sturdy and bold cast iron, every sink was top-mount only. However, undermount sinks soon took over the market since this style of installation is almost seamless. The rim of the sink sits under the countertop making the edges invisible, and it adds panache to the kitchen counter.

That might make you wonder how the self-rimming sinks have survived this long. 27 inch undermount sink are clearly better-looking and more appealing to the sophisticated customer, so what makes drop-in sinks the highest-sellers among all kitchen sinks?

Here are some advantages of the top mount kitchen sink that no user or remodeler can deny –


The cost of installing a top mount sink is considerably lower than under mounting one. The sinks cost almost 50% lesser than undermount sinks. You can purchase top-mount sinks from online stores as well as land-based stores. They have a wider variety at affordable prices. 


Installation and replacement of top mount sinks are easier than undermount sinks. Drop-in sinks require minimal tools and skills. You will find thousands of DIY guides for the mounting of large, small, double bowl and workstation top-mount sinks online. The plumbing work for top mount sinks is considerably easier than undermount sinks as well. They require no additional support since they already rest their edges on the countertop.

A modern kitchen with a stainless steel sink.


Top-mount sinks are ideal for granite, composite granite, marble, tiled, and even plain cemented countertops. You can also make laminate countertops work perfectly with top-mount sink designs. On the other hand, undermount sinks work well with solid materials, including composite or solid wood! Several homeowners forego undermount sink choices to curtail the cost of replacing or upgrading their countertop.


Top-mount sinks are more sanitary than undermount designs. Since you can see the edge of the sink, you can check for food particles, dirt, and debris that get stuck on the caulk and between the rim and the counter. You can use a soft cloth or a super-soft brush every day to clean out the buildup. Unlike undermount sinks, these sinks don’t have unseen crevices that can serve as the safe house of bacteria, algae, and mold.


The sink can withstand more pots and pans thanks to the self-rimming method of installation. It offers better support to the sink, and the chances of the sink cracking or yielding from the joint are next to nil, even when you pile on your heaviest pots and pans after a family meal. You can fill it to the brim with warm water and soap confidently for giving your dirty dishes a good scrub. You can even upgrade your standard single bowl sink to a workstation kitchen sink thanks to the self-supporting mechanism of top-mount sinks.

What are the lesser-known benefits of going for top-mount kitchen sinks?

Also Read: Some Of The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas To FollowAnother benefit that people rarely consider is that the sink hides the counter cutout perfectly from view. That makes the cutting process a lot more hassle-free for novices. You can us Also Read: Some Of The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Follow a rotary cutter to make space for the sink on your countertop without worrying about the minute slips and unevenness of the rims. You can leave the edge of the cutout “unfinished” since it will remain out of sight anyway. It cuts down the workload on the part of the installer and hastens the installation process. The finish of the cutout in no way affects the performance of the sink thanks to the caulk or putty you will use to seal the gap between the sink and the countertop. 

Top-mounting maximizes the design flexibility for all homeowners. You can mount the sink on the counter in a conventional style, you can think about corner mounting your sink or installing a new sink on the kitchen island to maximize available workspace. Most importantly, you can play around with design ideas and sink types since you can readily remove a top-mount sink without disturbing the countertop and the surrounding cabinetry. You don’t have to worry about under-sink storage space or fixing a new support harness for the sink underneath. Top-mount sinks offer the maximum gratification by minimizing the workload. 

A white kitchen sink with a basket of apples.

What’s easier, replacement, or first-time installation?

When replacing an old sink, you need to consider the dimensions of the cutout before you pick your sink. It is quite easy to replace an undermount sink with a top-mount variant. You will have to consider the changes in the water inlet and faucet levels before the installation. Additionally, you will need to add around half-an-inch to the existing dimensions of the cutout to find a top-mount sink that will fit perfectly into that hole. While shopping, measure the rim of self-rimming sinks to see what size will fit the countertop. 

Installing a sink for the first time is much easier than replacing a sink. You can purchase a sink of desirable size, bring it home and then mark the countertop for cutting out the portion that will hold the sink. Replacement is a whole different ballgame. To know more about replacing your undermount sink with a more affordable and durable self-rimming sink, seek professional assistance before heading out for sink-shopping.

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