45 Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas and Designs

.0.0Wanna get a good amount of light and ventilation for your kitchen? And you also want to get a nice outdoor view? Then this article is for you!

Windows are an integral part of the kitchen, as they help you get enough natural lighting and ventilation. But cabinets and countertops take up most of the wall space in the kitchen. So having kitchen windows over sink is the best way out. 

To make your job easy, we have brought to you some of the best kitchen windows over sink ideas. Read along to see some of the best kitchen windows.

45 Ways to Stylize Your Kitchen | Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

1. Curtains For Kitchen Window

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

Curtains may be a chic method to provide privacy when necessary while also allowing light in when needed. Curtains may be available in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and shades. Because of its proximity to the sink, the material itself needs attention. You can always go for curtains for kitchen windows over sink ideas.

2. Cafe Curtains For Kitchen Window Ideas

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

When you’re washing your dishes, cafe-style curtains are a terrific way to screen sunlight and provide a lovely touch of texture. They are the ideal option for kitchens with traditional or farmhouse sinks.

3. Flower and Sunshine 

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas


One of the best kitchen windows over sink ideas is to let nature into your kitchen. In a clean and airy kitchen, when sunlight penetrates through the window it brightens up the space and makes it alive. 

4. Kitchen Window Blinds

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

Blinds may appear to be the less exciting choice, but there are situations when this is not the case. Usually, the blinds are white or beige to blend in, which is sometimes helpful if the kitchen has a different focus point.

5. Add A Potted Plant To Your Kitchen Garden Windows Over Sink

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

A simple potted plant can make a window spot come alive. It’s also recommended to avoid cluttering up a windowsill area as it will almost certainly come into touch with moisture and be exposed to direct sunlight.

6. Thrift Decor in Window Ledge

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

A wood and white kitchen can be turned into a country-style design with rustic accessories on the window ledge. The vintage chandelier over the window and the antique sign up the appeal a notch.

7. Decorative Trinkets in Kitchen Window

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

You may arrange your favorite objects on the ledge around the sink to decorate the space. To brighten up the window area, use things you appreciate, such as fragrant candles, plants, soap bottles, or vacation souvenirs.

8. Seasonal Garland For Small Kitchen Windows Over Sink

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

Acknowledge the changing of the seasons by installing a seasonal garland on your windowsill beside the sink. It is a creative way to give your kitchen some color and personality.

9. Roller Blinds For Kitchen Window

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

When it comes to window treatments for kitchens, there are many options, but a classic roller blind is one of the least expensive and most effective. If you want to keep things simple, use a neutral color, or for a more eclectic look, add a bright flash of color or pattern.

10. Lighting in Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

Even if there is a window there, lighting above the kitchen sink is still vital. This is because the sun doesn’t constantly shine, the window doesn’t always let light in, and you often need additional light for meal preparation.

11. Kitchen Pass Through Window

kitchen garden windows over sink

Food may be conveniently transferred from the backyard grill to the kitchen through a window that is situated over the sink. There are also pass-through windows linking the dining room and living room.

12. Seasonal Wreaths and Wooden Beams

kitchen garden windows over sink

This casement window over the farmhouse sink has a charming appearance because it is surrounded by wood. The ceiling’s exposed wooden beams create a cozy contrast with the white cabinets.

13. Plaid Valances with Ribbons in Kitchen

kitchen garden windows over sink

Hang a black and white plaid valance on the window and tie the ends loosely with black ribbon to give your kitchen a classic look. To complete the farmhouse appearance, hang a rustic sign over the kitchen window.

14. Antique Lighting and Lower Half-Curtains

kitchen garden windows over sink

Half-curtains may be hung on the lower half of your windows to give them a light appearance. An antique light fixture over the sink will complete the ornamental touch.

15. Subway Tiles On Backsplash

kitchen garden windows over sink

A backsplash in a kitchen made of subway tiles is modern and attractive. With the correct colored grout, it gives a sink area a wonderfully distinctive look in addition to providing more visual appeal than simply painting the walls. It also protects your walls from moisture and filth.

16. Add a Large Terracotta Pot

kitchen garden windows over sink

A large rustic terracotta pot looks great on a windowsill in a kitchen because terracotta is a popular color for interior design right now.

17. Bay Window in Your Kitchen Sink Area

kitchen garden windows over sink

A tiny bay window offers the area above the sink a relatively sizable ledge where various plants may soak up the light and trinkets can be placed to beautify the house. The bay window is a stunning window design in and of itself, providing interest and maximizing the morning by having three open planes despite the limited area.

18. Picturesque Kitchen Windows

kitchen garden windows over sink

Unobstructed views are provided by the large picture windows above the kitchen sink, which are ideal for people who want to watch small children play or simply admire the view while doing the dishes.

19. Vintage Curtains For Kitchen Window Over Sink

kitchen garden windows over sink

Your rustic kitchen will feel cozier if you add curtains to the windows. Since the curtains will be so close to the sink, choose a light, splash-resistant material for them.

20. Bamboo Roller Blinds on Kitchen Window

kitchen garden windows over sink

Roller blinds made of bamboo or rattan are an efficient window solution for reducing glare while still letting in some lovely sunlight. They provide ornamental flair with their warm hues and organic textures.

21. Casement Kitchen Window

kitchen window ideas

Casement windows have a crank to open them and are hinged to the frame on the side. They are effective and energy efficient in windows where you cannot directly push the sash up to open.

22. Patterned Blinds For Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas 

kitchen window ideas

A neutral kitchen may be made more visually stimulating and less simple and bland by adding a little bit of design. To add color and flair to the area around your kitchen sink, just add a little floral or plaid design element.

23. Herbs on Kitchen Sink

kitchen window ideas

One of the finest places to accomplish this is next to your kitchen window, where a single herb plant in a pot may be placed. The greenery will also add a much-needed splash of color. Herbs should be within easy reach of a sink and for cooking, and they also flourish near direct sunlight.

24. Statement Piece Over Bay Windows in Kitchen

kitchen window ideas

This luminous and airy bay window is given texture and visual appeal by a statement snowflake sign and a sentimental garland. This beautiful winter wonderland kitchen looks exquisite thanks to the colorful candle holders that pop against the sink area.

25. Lush Garland Along Kitchen Window Frames

kitchen window ideas

This grid window is the center of attention in this lovely kitchen thanks to decorative items on the sill and a lush garland along the frame. The farmhouse sink’s transparent light bulb ups the coziness quotient of the area.

26. Black Spotlights on Kitchen Window Over Sink

kitchen window ideas

Be proud of your kitchen sink window and put some distinguishing black spotlights above it for additional focused lighting. Besides assisting with duties, spotlights may also be utilized to beautify the environment at night using tiered illumination.

27. Colonial Grid Kitchen Windows

kitchen window ideas

“Muntins” is often used to describe colonial-style windows. The lights, which are tiny glass panels, are held in place by colonial grids that split up single or casement windows.

28. Bold Colours For Kitchen Window Over Sink

kitchen window ideas

There is always a chance to add vibrant colors to a melancholy or monochrome kitchen. Incorporate it in the most unexpected places, such as on cleaning tools, tea bag holders, or stunning bouquets that catch the eye right away.

29. Roman Blinds Over Casement Kitchen Windows

kitchen window ideas

A dark kitchen or monotone is a great place to add some colors. Include it in the most unexpected locations, such as on cleaning supplies, tea bag holders, or eye-catching flowers.

30. Succulents Plants on Grid-Style Windows

kitchen window ideas

In addition to adding aesthetic appeal and foliage to the space around the sink, placing a plant next to your windows will enable it to flourish in the sunshine. A snake plant perched atop a beautiful stool brightens and brings a touch of nature into this comfortable kitchen.

31. Small Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

small kitchen windows over sink

Most of the windows used above the sink are deemed tiny because of the nature of the area above the sink. Some of the windows are so tiny that they don’t even fill the entire area above the sink.

32. Decorating Above a Kitchen Window Over Sink

small kitchen windows over sink

The kitchen window over the sink may be decorated in a variety of ways. Anything as simple as adding some window curtains decorated with ornamental elements or something more complicated like installing shelves and cupboards above the window, string lights, or other decorative items.

33. Seasonal Wreath on Kitchen Window

small kitchen windows over sink

The holidays were made for style, and the kitchen shouldn’t be excluded from the celebration in any way. Put a plain, green wreath on your window to provide quick holiday pleasure and ease the burden of those responsibilities.

34. Glass Wall Lights on Window

small kitchen windows over sink

Above a sink and for basic kitchen lighting, glass wall lamps are ideal. Even when not in use, glass lights will still reflect, distribute, and retract light.

35. Bay Window Over Rustic Kitchen Sink

small kitchen windows over sink

The bay windows with a stunning outlook give this farmhouse kitchen a striking yet cozy appearance. Above the window, the shiplap wall with the little rack and old sign serves as a magnificent focal point.

36. Awning Kitchen Window with Vintage Styling

small kitchen windows over sink

With its awning window and rustic furnishings, this kitchen with French country influences appears to have been taken right out of a historical source. Everything in this kitchen screams antique chic, from the half curtain below the farmhouse sink to the thrift store finds over the window awning.

37. Add An Industrial Touch To Your Kitchen Window

small kitchen windows over sink

If minimalism is your style, choose a beautiful combo of a metallic sink and single-pane windows. The shapes and materials will stand out owing to the cool, neutral shades of grey and white as well as the metallic touches on the sink and fittings.

38. Kitchen Window With A Row of Posies 

small kitchen windows over sink

One of the cutest ways to decorate a kitchen window is with a row of posies delicately arranged on a ledge. It gives the room color, character, and enjoyment.

39. Farmhouse Sign Above the Kitchen Window

small kitchen windows over sink

You don’t have to limit yourself to plants. Items for decoration such as wooden boards, colorful jars, or colored bottles are excellent alternatives to provide diversity and textures.

40. Contrast in Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

small kitchen windows over sink

The pristine peel-and-stick vinyl countertop contrasts beautifully with the black window frames that have been spray coated. Both hardware and fixtures’ black accents heighten the contrast and draw attention to the double-hung windows.

41. Cute Kitchen Sink Decor

kitchen windows over sink

Add a relevant vase, planter, or another adorable decorative item. To complement your kitchen’s design, make it eccentric or add tastefully placed color accents.

42. Neutral Casement Kitchen Windows Over Sink

kitchen windows over sink

If you want to work inside while having a clear view of the outside, casement windows are a great option. The interior screen of these windows may be colored to match your decor.

43. Decorating Below a Kitchen Window Over Sink

kitchen windows over sink

Just below the picture windows, a series of potted plants create a vibrant backdrop in this white country kitchen.

44. Statement Clock near Kitchen Window

kitchen windows over sink

Add a big statement clock to the vacant wall space in your kitchen next to the sink. It will take center stage in your kitchen and draw attention away from the sink’s finer points.

45. Candles Over Kitchen Sink

kitchen windows over sink

To infuse the space with your favorite perfume, place your favorite scented candle near the kitchen sink’s windows. For aesthetic intrigue, add a single large candle or an asymmetrical row of candles.

Get Inspired By These Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas! 

kitchen windows over sink

These kitchen windows over sink ideas should have convinced you that kitchen windows do not impede your design. Instead, you use them to add natural light and ventilation while also improving the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

The kitchen windows over sink ideas are made to bring a traditional as well as a modern look, along with practicality and style, to your kitchen. So, take a step forward and add a kitchen window over sink in your kitchen.

FAQs: Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

1. How Big Should a Window Be Over the Kitchen Sink?

There is no such thing as a minimum size for your kitchen window over the sink. The only thing required is proper space over the sink. But to create a unified aesthetic and maintain the eye line, windows above kitchen sinks are often the same height as the cabinets on either side of the sink. 

2. Which Window Is Best Suited for the Kitchen Sink?

Some of the best kitchen window over sink types are – 

  1. Casement window
  2. Awning window
  3. Garden window
  4. Sliding window 
  5. Double-hung window

3. What Can You Have on Your Sink, If You Don’t Have a Kitchen Window Over Sink?

There are no restrictions on what you can put on your sink if you don’t have a kitchen window. If it fits in the area, you may hang paintings, clocks, photos, lights, cupboards, shelves, and other items above the sink. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you place something too close to the sink, it might splash.

4. What Can Be Done to Make the Kitchen Windows Look Nice?

To make your kitchen window look nice, you have several options, some of them are – 

  1. Woven wood shades
  2. Faux wood blinds
  3. Roman shades
  4. Faux wood shutters
  5. Roller shades

5. How Can a Large Kitchen Window Be Covered?

These 10 ways can help you cover your kitchen window –

  1. Curtain awning
  2. Roller blinds
  3. Venetian blinds
  4. Plantation shutters
  5. Decorative grilles
  6. Roman shades
  7. Window films
  8. Cordless cellular shades
  9. Honeycomb blinds
  10. Patterned roller shades

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