Benefits of a Design Build


Design Builds are an all-inclusive interior design and construction project that encompasses everything including design, planning, and construction. These services are all supplied under one contract, and by one company. 

The idea behind a design-build is that by using the right team, you can complete a cohesive project with the best outcome. Generally, a design build approach includes great communication due to being done fully internally. Those who are working on your project never have to go between offices and have typically already worked together before. 

Business can be done simply and without barriers when using a design build. Nothing should get in the way of your timeline because you have one sole company completing the project. Additionally, customized projects are much more easily completed. With a clear line of command and understanding of who is in charge, design builds finish smoothly.

Benefits of a Design Build


The design build outlook means you will have a streamlined process. This leads to a higher rate of completion within the goal time, and there are many other benefits of a design build as well. 


Design-build teams usually consist of around five working parts.

  1. The client
  2. Construction manager or general contractor
  3. Architect or engineers
  4. Subcontractors and suppliers (i.e. mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection)

Allowing for easy collaboration, the design build approach brings together a group of specialists to serve the client’s needs. All team members have generally worked together before and have been chosen to work together effectively. Each expert can bring their design or construction expertise to the team. This ends with an incredible result. 

Single Source of Responsibility

Since the team created for the design build comes from one source, any concerns coming from the client are directed to the same source each time. This allows room for less confusion, and also shared responsibility if something does go wrong.  The design builds create a sense of shared responsibility for the design, construction, schedule, and budget as one, rather than different entities. 

Benefits of a Design Build


Transparent Communication

The roles of a contractor and designer are very different, but these two roles also need to learn to work together for a successfully completed project. By using transparent communication within an already established team, the architect can spend more time on their part of the project, while the contractor and designer can work together to effectively produce a better product. 

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Faster Project Delivery

By eliminating conditions that might otherwise create tension, design build projects deliver. Oftentimes projects can be delayed due to questions regarding contracts in a project between multiple companies. In a design build there is no chance for the project to be delayed because there is only one contract used between the client and the design build team. Even when it comes to customized projects, design builds deliver projects faster than typical solutions. 

Benefits of a Design Build


One Goal

Having a common goal is key regarding any project with multiple participants. In a design build, everyone’s ideas will be laid out in the beginning, with the same end goal in mind. Collaboration and trust are the key to the entire approach of a design build. If you are considering any type of project, consider doing so with a design build method. Contact Milo Construction, a Denver Design Build team, for a quote today.

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