Built-in Coffee Machines in the Interior of The Kitchen

Today we can say with confidence that almost all interior design decisions are aimed at optimizing the space inside the room. This also applies to household appliances, and, in particular, coffee makers and coffee machines. It is often difficult to find free space in the kitchen. In this case, built-in appliances come to the rescue. Built-in coffee machines can rightfully be considered the most modern

A coffee machine is an extremely desirable technique in any home, which allows you to prepare your favorite aromatic drink of excellent quality, which can not be compared to instant coffee. There is a fairly wide range of coffee machines that allow you to prepare various types of coffee: mocha, cappuccino, americano, latte, and others. You can also choose a different design, shape, and color of the body of the coffee machine to fit it into the kitchen interior in the most harmonious way

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One of the main obstacles to choosing a coffee machine in the house is the lack of free space in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to old houses, the kitchen in which can occupy an area of 10 square meters or even less.

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The built-in coffee machine will be the best option for such cases, and its purchase will give the following advantages:

does not take up extra space;

allows you to prepare many options for drinks;

easy to maintain and care.

The built-in coffee machine will harmoniously fit into the interior of any kitchen because its external part consists of a touch panel for settings and starting the preparation of the drink, as well as a stand for the cup. In addition to decor issues, important advantages are the functionality of such machines and ease of use. Coffee is made at the touch of a button. The built-in equipment does not require special care and maintenance, it is enough just to fill up coffee powder on time (there are options with a built-in coffee grinder) to make a drink, add water to the system, clean the filters as they become dirty.


There are several types of built-in coffee machines that you can place in the interior of your kitchen. The main is the principle of operation of the equipment and its functionality. The dimensions of the equipment and the place necessary to integrate them into the working surface of the kitchen depend on them.

Most often, carob coffee machines are selected for placement in the kitchen interior, which is the easiest to operate, rarely break and allow you to make excellent espresso. The small disadvantages of this technique include the fact that you need some skill to add coffee powder to the horn and tamper it to the required density.

A red coffee maker sitting on top of a wooden table

Drop-in recessed coffee machines are also used, which use special capsules and allow you to prepare several varieties of the drink.

The best choice can be considered a combined model, as well as fully automatic machines.

There are specialized computer programs that allow you to visualize interiors and put various elements in them. With this software, you can most accurately see how the coffee machine will look in the interior of the kitchen, make the most right choice.


The incorporation of appliances into kitchen work surfaces should be carried out by experienced professionals. The best option is when such an opportunity is laid at the stage of furniture design, and all equipment is purchased at the time of assembly. In other cases, it is necessary to take care of the preparation of the recess of the required size, the processing of the edges, sealing and sealing of the seams, etc. The depth of the prepared bowl should be slightly larger than the size of the coffee machine, and it is also necessary to provide the space necessary for servicing the device. Connection to the electrical network must be carried out with safety.

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