Top 20 Closet Door Ideas and Designs for 2024

You can do more with closet doors than just cover your wardrobe. They can be transformed into valuable decor pieces if they are crafted well. It doesn’t take much to update your closet doors. For different types of interior design styles, this collection provides a variety of closet door options for bedrooms.

Closets are integral parts of the bedroom. Their aesthetics as well as their functionality should be considered when choosing closet doors for bedrooms. An elegant closet door can enhance a room’s interior design and style. We’ve compiled a list of traditional and alternative closet door ideas to help you narrow down your choices.

Top 23 Closet Door Ideas That Have the Glam Quotient 

1. Wooden Doors

A bedroom with a bed, dresser and Wooden Doors

The aesthetics and uniqueness of wooden closet doors make them appealing. It will give the bedroom walls a more textured appearance. By using natural materials, they will also add warmth to the room. 

2. Glass Sliding Door

A bedroom and a closet with Glass Sliding Door

Your closet will look modern with glass. It is one of the good door ideas for small closets that you can choose from. As it is a glass closet door, the inside should be neat and clean. Glass sliding doors and a black frame create a contemporary style with a touch of class.

3. French Closet Doors

closet door ideasThe French closet door is considered to be a great alternative to the traditional door. They are typically made of glass panels along the length of the door. It will give the feeling of airiness without being fully transparent.

4. Pocket Closet Doors

Pocket Closet Door idea

Those who appreciate efficient, detailed design should consider this. This is one of the most suitable ideas for small closet doors. The pocket closet door slides into a pocket in the wall when it is opened. A perfect solution for closets without room for a swing door, with easy access to the entire opening.

5. Curtains

 curtain closet door ideas

The installation of curtains for closet doors is one of the many versatile ideas. You can easily customize them to fit your space with these, as they’re easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and easy to customize.

6. Sliding Doors

Sliding closet door idea

A sliding closet door can be made from solid wood, mirrored, or glass. When space is limited, this can be useful. The sliding door can be folded back and tucked behind the other. In addition, these doors run on solid tracks, so movement is effortless regardless of flooring. 

7. Mirrored Doors

Mirrored closet door ideas

The closet door can be adorned with a mirror to add a visual extension to the room. This is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways of adding a mirror to your bedroom.

8. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn closet door

Sliding barn doors are becoming more popular. They are more practical. In addition to providing space saving functionality, it gives the space a rustic feel.

9. Macrame

Macrame closet door

Since macrame sets a feel-good, boho-style mood, the craft is popular. There are plenty of handcrafted macrame curtains to choose from local artisan and online shops.

10. Folding Closet Doors

Folding Closet Door idea

Folding closet doors can be folded to fit any size opening. Their affordability and low maintenance make them a popular choice. Adding new hardware or painting the closet door will make it more personalized.

11. Multiple Bifold Closet Doors

Multiple Bifold Closet Doors

If you have a large bedroom closet and do not want the full mirror look, this is a good solution. The setup consists of four bifolding doors.  Due to the four different doors, the large closet blends in better with the bedroom. 

12. Painted Closet Doors

Painted Closet Door idea

Painted closet doors are a great way to freshen up a room in an inexpensive way. There are many wallpapers, paintings, and murals that you can choose from. It will also add a lot of visual appeal to the space.

13. Swinging Shelving

Swinging Shelving closet door

While Swinging shelving, also known as bookcase doors, is a space-saving solution, it can also be heavy to pull and push. Additional storage space can be added in this way. If properly executed, this can be visually appealing.

14. Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion Closet Door idea

An accordion closet door may be the right choice for your room if you want both a sliding door and a louvered door. For a stylish, modern closet, install floor-to-ceiling reflective doors. This makes your room appear larger and more spacious.

15. Pivot Closet Doors

Pivot Closet Door idea

Pivot closet doors give a space a bold character. The door is mounted with pivots instead of conventional hinges. As a result, the closet door can open fully for access. If you want a modern look, you can go from floor to ceiling.

16. Louvered Closet Doors

 Louvered Closet Door idea

Doors with louvered panels are versatile, adding texture to any bedroom space. They come in a variety of styles, including shutters, bifolds, and more. This classic look can be modernized by adding squared handles. 

17. Beaded Curtain Door

Beaded Curtain Door idea

Consider a beaded curtain if you want an old-fashioned look. Beads make it easy to access closet items. The look adds color and texture to any room without sacrificing the hidden storage of a closet. The noise they make can be an issue.

18. Textured Closet Doors

Textured Closet Door idea

There is a wide range of styles and designs available when it comes to textured doors. The bedroom interior design can be heightened with this variety of possibilities. 

19. Geometric Glass French Doors

Geometric Glass French Door idea

This is a good way to make classic decor look modern. Use custom glass in your closet doors to achieve this look. The geometric shapes appeal to a wide range of people and have a unique and intriguing appearance.

20. Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted Glass Door idea

A frosted closet door allows it to display some of the items inside to a certain degree, which provides an interesting appearance to the closet. Since they are frosted, there is a level of privacy.

21. Chalkboard Doors

Chalkboard Door  idea

In addition to the boldness of black color, the drawings on it will provide it with an element of creativity. Children’s rooms are perfect for chalkboard doors as they inspire lots of imagination. With their reusability, they are sure to last for years.

22. Full Mirror Sliding Door

Full Mirror Sliding Door idea

Both doors are completely covered by full sliding mirrors. This allows the room to appear spacious. In addition, you won’t need any other mirrors in the room, since it’s sleek and works great for big closets.

23. No Doors

No Doors closet idea

The furniture and decor industry has made storage space an art, so much that one might even not need a closet door for bedrooms. The belongings can be displayed and organized in a way that matches the room’s design style. 

Tips for Choosing Closet Doors Ideas

Closet Doors design idea

Having looked at examples of closet door ideas, I hope you now have a better understanding of your options and your personal preferences. You can choose from a variety of closet door ideas, but there are some things that you should consider before making a decision.

  • Try out new ideas for closet doors that might be suitable for your style and don’t be afraid to experiment with them. 
  • If your closet is larger, adding sliding mirror doors to it might be a good idea. Additionally, it is a space-saving option.
  • Try different d√©cor styles, but be selective so you don’t get drained from many options.
  • You can brighten up a small room with mirrors on your closet doors to give it the appearance of being spacious.
  • While sliding doors can be a space-saving option, they can be a little more expensive than other options.
  • The best way to add a touch of creativity to your closet door is to paint it.

Ready for a Closet Door Revamp?

A room with a wooden floor and a glass door

It might be hard to choose between all these different closet door ideas. The best way to make this choice easier for you is to make sure you choose an option that suits your style of living. Find something to complement your decor.

You can be sure that any of these creative ideas will enhance the look of your bedroom and make you appreciate your closet doors more than ever before!

A walk in closet with a sliding door
A room with a closet and a chair

best closet doors

best closet doors


1. What If I Do Not Have a Closet Door?

Generally, your closet doesn’t need doors. There is, however, a downside to no closet doors: you have to keep your closet perfectly arranged at all times. Unless you organize your closet, the bedroom will appear cluttered.

2. Is There an Alternative to Closet Door Ideas?

Several types of closet doors ideas are available to conceal closet space. A couple of best closet door ideas to use as closet doors would be to use closet curtains, to use strands of beads, to find a creative room divider.

3. How Can I Customize Prefabricated Closet Doors?

A prefabricated closet door can be a good place to start if you’re looking to install closet doors on a budget. A wide variety of prefabricated sliding closet doors are available. The closet door and track system could be purchased and customized. Make your custom doors truly stand out by choosing the best closet door that matches the rest of your house in order to create a cohesive design.

4. How Do I Hang Closet Doors by Myself?

You should begin by measuring the space within your closet that must be covered by the doors. Then determine which door style will work best based on these measurements. After narrowing down your choices from ideas from closet doors, you can select the door that most appeals to the aesthetics of your home.

5. Is There a Trend in Closet Doors?

Choosing from so many options is a challenge. There is a wide range of modern closet door ideas. There are trends that come and go, but the design and style you choose should always be based on your preferences and taste in order to create the ideal living environment for you.

6. What Are the Benefits of Installing a Closet Door?

A closet door can make a huge difference in the ambience and feel of a room. As a decor piece, it is a good way to personalize your bedroom. Also, they can be used as room dividers. 

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