Creating a Home Office That You’ll Look Forward to Working in

Working from home may have lost the appeal that it had a few months ago. How can you make your home office a place that you look forward to working in and separate it from the rest of your life? As more people are working from home, real estate agents are finding that a home office is a feature that buyers are searching for in their next property, and that means no more working at the kitchen table. With some simple upgrades, you can create a home workspace that is comfortable, inviting, and that you look forward to spending some quality time with every day.

Find the Spac

The first rule of creating a functional home office is having an area that is for work and work only. How much space will depend on the size of your home, but even without an entire room you might be surprised about what you can come up with.

Having a desk that folds away and a cabinet to store your work items can be enough to help you feel like you are in your house but still separate from it. You don’t have to have the desk set up all the time, just when you are working.

spac for Creating a Home Office

Get Organized

An office space, like any part of your home, might quickly become a clutter magnet. Items to consider are filing cabinets for paperwork, and drawers or desk organizers for pens, notebooks, or other office supplies. If you have the luxury of an entire room with a closet, that can be your storage center or even the spot for a cozy work nook.

Let There Be Light

Especially in the winter months, when you might find yourself working when it is dark outside if your new office area doesn’t already have overhead lighting, you can use floor or desk lighting to create a warm, inviting space. The advantage of portable light is that you can move it around if you need to change your workspace to another part of your home from time to time.

We all know that video calls are becoming the norm, so don’t overlook how light hits your screen, to avoid glare and to be sure that you have a professional background (especially if you are working in the bedroom or the kitchen).

Make it Ergonomic

You don’t want your body to suffer from aches and pains because you don’t have the right set-up at home. What you want is an ergonomic work environment, where you can stay focused for several hours. Getting a chair with back support can go a long way. Ideally, you can add a monitor to protect your eyes, and if you have space you can consider both standing and sitting desk options.

Make it Ergonomic when Creating a Home Office

Have Plants Around You

If you own a room as your working office then it’s a wonderful idea to have a different kind of plants in your room. Don’t take it in an awkward way. People do have plants to relax with. Of course, you will not do office work in so much noise of the kids or any other things, as there are plenty of things at home to make noise. When you will close the door and the windows as well if you have one in your room. You will definitely need fresh air and oxygen after some time. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted!

If you do put some plants in your room then you will not face any problem like this. Plants will keep providing you plenty of fresh oxygen and you will not feel exhausted or dizzy at all. Now you must be thinking about how to put plants in your room.

As keeping big plants will take a lot of space and will be a little mess too. Try to have plants of small size and keep them in a plastic pot so it won’t leak when you water it. You can also have plants of your favorite flowers so there will also be a fragrance present while you work!


If you are willing to have plants but don’t have enough space then don’t worry. Do buy some small size table vases or just buy a big one. A small vase can be put on your table and the big one will be in the corner of the room filled with your favorite plant or flowers!

Working from home is probably here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. One of the perks is that you can make your workspace your own, adding touches that will help you feel comfortable.

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