Dealing with leaking roofs – Tips that every homeowner should know

A tidy roof is a healthy roof that will never give any problems and last long. Cleaning the roof regularly can prevent roof damage except for the ones that happen from wear and tear. However, not doing this easy task can put you into big trouble because the roof might start leaking, which is the worst thing to happen. Fixing leaking roofs is not easy because even if you repair it, the problem might recur as it is almost impossible to trace invisible leaks.

Damages from leaking roofs

Damages From Roof Leaking

A leaking roof can cause serious damage to your home because it can destroy the structural integrity of the building if water penetrates the walls and other areas adjoining the roof. If you see watermarks on the wall, it is a sign that the damage has set in well and will destroy the plaster or drywall, cause mold, and even damage the wooden structure. Acting fast to repair the damage should help to stem the rot, but it depends on the extent of damage that must be repairable.

Early detection is important

The earlier you detect the damage or pick up the signs of damage better are the chances of repairing it effectively. Sealing minor cracks or holes with roofing cement even if there is no sign of leaks is an excellent way to prevent bigger problems in the future. The repair is easy and cheap and saves a lot of money that you would have to spend later in case you neglect the problem or fail to detect it.

Early detection of roof is important

Before you proceed to fix leaky roofs, you must determine if repairs would be good enough to address the issue or you need a roof replacement. Here are the choices.

A few weak spots

If the overall health of the roof is sound, but you detect one or two spots that appear vulnerable and could make the roof leak, then repairing is a worthwhile option. Such damage usually happens from falling tree branches or during a heavy storm. A residential roofer is the best person to advise you in this matter, and you can set the problem right with minimal cost to ensure that it does not recur in the future.

Marks of wear and tear

Every roof has a designated life, but with time it undergoes wear and tear that leaves its marks on the roof. If such signs are visible, it means that the life of the roof is reducing, and even though repairs would help to buy some time, it will not solve the problem permanently. Expecting the roof to last its life will be a mistake, and you must prepare to replace or restore the roof.

Until the time you are ready for the roof replacement project, you can cover the leaks with plastic sheets or plywood if you need some weeks to plan and prepare for the project. If you need a longer time to take up the project, maybe a year, then think about replacing shingles or similar permanent repair. Keep inspecting the roof periodically and attend to repairs on priority so that you get the time you need.

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Nishant Desai
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