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Doors are the first thing that we see before entering in a house so we tend to notice this first so why not have a well-designed door which would look beautiful as well as welcoming? A Dutch door is a nice option to have in case you want something in style. Here are few Dutch door designs that you can choose for your home.
Two-toned colonial: in this Dutch door you would be able to see the upper part of the door as well as the lower opening of the door is different colored the upper interior of the Dutch door is colored in blue whereas the exterior of the door is colored in white but in case if lower opening the color selection is just opposite here the exterior is in blue while the interior is in white color.

You can also have the complete exterior Dutch door colored in one specific color whereas the interior Dutch door would have a completely different color on it. Window cum door Dutch door: in this you can even make it the illusion of a window. The upper part of the door comes with a glass attached in the wooden frame so if you would just open the upper part of the window it will appear as if you have opened a window. This is perfect if you wish to gaze nature while sitting on a chair so you can set your chair near the door and open just the upper part to enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature outside.