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Changing the air filters in your heating or cooling system is probably not something that is high on your list of priorities. It’s something that you know you’ll have to do one day, but it is also something that you can quickly forget.

After all, do you really have to change your filter every few months as the manufacturers recommend, or is that just a trick they use to get you to spend more money?  Well, the filter manufacturers naturally want to make more money,and that means selling more filters, but there’s more to it than that.

To give you an honest answer about how often you should change your air filters, we have to say that it all depends. If you live in an area where dust is a big factor, or you have someone who has serious allergies in the house, you’ll need to change it more often.If the system is not used all that often, then you can get away with swapping it out less often. That is the truth of the matter, and the only way to know for sure is to get up there and check your filter at least every four months or so.

We’re not saying that you’ll need to change it every time, but you need to check it to make sure that it isn’t clogged up. The more grime there is on the filter, the less efficiently your system works, so it makes sense to check it out regularly.

It’s Going to Save You Money

The cleaner the filter is, the more efficient your system will be. The more efficient your system is, the less work it has to do to maintain the air temperature, and the less you have to pay when it comes to power bills.

So, changing out the filter regularly is going to cost you a little moreregarding replacements, but it will save you a great deal when it comes to energy expenses. Also, if you choose a high-quality filter, you won’t need to replace it as often.

While it might save you some money upfront to buy a cheap filter, you’ll end up paying more in the long runbecause these should typically be replaced every few months. A better quality filter will have more staying power and could be changed out once a year instead.

It’s Better for Your Health

If you have an asthmatic in the house, or someone who has allergies, keeping the filter working at peak efficiency will ensure that the airborne particles that can cause issues are kept out of circulation in your home.

Over time the particle residue will build up in the filter. As more particles accumulate, the filter becomes less efficient and these particles can be more easily spread throughout your home.

If you have someone in your home who has an allergy or asthma, clean air will improve their quality of life drastically and reduce the chances of an attack. We’re talking about potential life and death consequences here, so it’s important to take this seriously.

We are recommend spending the money on a high-end filter and budgeting to change it out once or twice a year if a member of the household has a severe allergy problem or asthma.


Our best advice on how often to change your filter is to consider your circumstances and to do regular checks. You’ll be able to see pretty quickly when the filter is too dirty to function.

Two-toned colonial: in this Dutch door you would be able to see the upper part of the door as well as the lower opening of the door is different colored the upper interior of the Dutch door is colored in blue whereas the exterior of the door is colored in white but in case if lower opening the color selection is just opposite here the exterior is in blue while the interior is in white color.

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