Luxurious As Well As Unique House: Fawkner House

Rob mills architects have constructed the Fawkner house and this seems to be one of their achievements as this house came up perfectly and also the beauty of the house seems to be attractive and also the house design appears to be unique as well which is no doubt great.

Fawkner house

This beautiful house is constructed in South Yarra which comes under Melbourne which is of course in Australia and the house has occupied quite a huge area of land so the house has enough space to stay up with a medium sized family of about 4 to 6 people and also it is for sure that each inch of the land is occupied well and that is the reason that this house came out beautifully. If you want to see the house around plantation you can see case inlet retreat by mw works.

A dining room table with white chairs and a green wall

The surrounding the house also seems to be so beautiful as there is greenery all over and if you want to be in a space which wonā€™t be in between the woods but would still have some plants as well as greenery all around then this Fawkner house would prove perfect for you.

A modern kitchen with marble counter tops and a marble island

Even you would see that the house has plants all around and there are some creepers as well which are set on the walls of the house. The house seems to be perfect as well as every green with the combination of black as well as white and there is even a tall wall or you can say a barrier around the house which makes sure that the house is well protected and also this ensures that no one could interfere in your privacy.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

The house is a three story building so there is lot of space inside the house and you would not feel out of space there in the house for sure. the bottom floor there is the huge space which is entirely dedicated to food so at that space you would see the kitchen as well as the dining space is set at the place and here in the room you would see that the interior is furnished with marbles and the whole interior of the house has also been kept in the color black as well as white and other colors are rarely seen in this house.

A living room filled with furniture and a piano

There is a luxurious sitting room in the house which has huge glass windows which basically lets the sunlight get in and also the one sitting inside can check out activities happening outside the house and there is even an outdoor sitting space set just the other side of the living room glass door.

A building with a lot of plants growing on the side of it

There is another living space in the home which also seems to be equally luxurious with all white as well as black interior and to add a bit of color the sofa set has been kept in maroon color. The bedroom seems to be the most luxurious space of the house which is set at the top floor and the view outside from the bedroom seems to be stunning and here also you would see that the use of black and white colors are there in the bedroom and also the minimal interior has took place in the house.

A walkway covered in vines with a sculpture in the middle

If you are the one who is willing to live in an ultra luxurious house which would have greenery surrounding it then this Fawkner house seems to be best for you.

A building that has a very large window in it
A long hallway with white walls and wooden floors
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

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