Black Villa in Harriman State Park: A Ravishing and Luxurious Home in NewYork!!

Black Villa in New York  

Project name: Black Villa
Location: Harriman State Park, New York State, United States
Architecture Firm: Atelier Reza Mohtashami
Architect: Reza Mohtashami
Year: 2020
Built area: 400 m²
Site area: 9600 m²
Type: Residential
Status: Concept – Design
black villa new york among pine trees

You might have already seen or read about this incredible black villa in new york. The brain behind this modernist architecture is none other than the famous Architect Reza Mohtashami. Located in a forested section of Harriman State Park, New York, is a true piece of architectural art. Let’s know more about black villa in new york.

top view of Black villa in Harriman State Park with pool

The beautiful, bold, and classic designs of black villa new york have fascinated many people, and they are crazy about this house.  Are you also interested to know about this wonderful building? If yes, then keep on reading.

Black villa  kitchen dinning table

Reza Mohtashami’s other works are also quite popular, but specifically, this project has won millions of hearts. From news to social media, the Black villa is everywhere! The reason is that not only its name is unique, but its design is also quite unique.

Black villa in forest

The Black Villa is situated in the Harriman State Park, the second-largest park in Rockland and Orange counties. Located 50 km north of New York City, there could be no better place for this family home. Harriman State Park is also popularly known as having over 300 km of hiking trails, which makes this place a heaven for hikers.

Black villa with skylight in the roof

This time the architect Reza Mohtashami took a different approach and made serious changes to the project. As the homeowners wanted a connection between the exterior space and the interior of the house, Reza designed different sections of the residence with a twist.

Black villa bed room

This is why you will see that there are openings in different parts of the building to get a glorious glimpse of nature.

Black villa interior

These skylights are an important part of the design. From the living area to the bedroom, you can see these extraordinary glass ceilings everywhere.

Black villa living room with sofa

The living area is an open space with large striking glass skylights that takes most part of it. It provides aesthetics vibes and a good amount of natural light at the same time.

Black villa living room interior

As the name suggests, most of the things in this house are black. From furnishings to the walls, all are kept in various shades of Black. The center table makes from light wood in the entertainment area, which beautifully breaks the whole monochromatic theme.

Black villa room interior with fireplace

According to Reza, “Black is very vague. Black means power and has a high character and prestige. It is very mysterious.”  That’s why he chose the color Black and use several tones of it all over the residence in various ways.

Black villa pool

The overall site area is approximately 9,600 square meters, but the family home is expected to be built on just 400 square meters of area. Which is still a large area for a family residence!

Black villa bedroom interior design

Along with architect Reza Mohtashami, the design team for the project also included Rehneh Daneshmandi and Elham Daneshmandi. However, the lead architect and visualization are done by Reza Mohtashami herself.

Black villa staircase

About Reza Mohtashami

Reza Mohtashami is an Iranian architect who’s well known for his modern designs and elegant works. Despite his young age (32 years), he has been working in architecture for over 13 years.

Black villa bedroom with fireplace

He has designed buildings worldwide and still wants to work in countries such as the USA, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada. He is highly inspired by two architects: Japanese architect Tadao Ando and Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

Black villa interior design

While designing the Black Villa, he mostly thought of creating a contemporary modern space that is surrounded by nature. He believes that “Black color is going to be a new trend to replace light colors that have been dominant in the home interior for the past decade.”

Black villa surrounded by pine trees

The Bottom Line

Black villa bathroom
Black villa front view
luxurious black villa  surrounded by nature
Black villa room interior design
Black villa bedroom interior design
Black villa  bedroom
Black villa exterior design
luxurious Black villa in Harriman State Park

The beautiful Black villa in Harriman State Park is a gem in the modern architecture field. With an elegant, luxurious, and mysterious design, it is one of the most futuristic buildings in the world.

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