Healdsburg House: A Modern Villa on Hillside in California!

Project: Healdsburg House

Location: Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California, USA

Architects: Feldman Architecture

Area: 2890.0 ft2

Have you ever seen a residence that includes its surroundings in this way? Located in California’s wine country, near the village of Healdsburg, Healdsburg I is a luxurious contemporary residence. This is a single-story home with a perpendicular layout created in just under 3,000 square feet of modern living spaces with stunning views.

Healdsburg House

Designed by Feldman Architecture in 2015, this project is still a point of attraction for the people. This modern home is specifically constructed on a hilltop so that residents enjoy the city’s gorgeous views. It has ample social space that is ideal for entertaining and the complete privacy of a rural retreat. Also, intentionally the designers have kept the interiors minimal. Let’s know more fascinating things about this dwelling.    

According to Architects,” Comprised of perpendicular bars atop a hill overlooking the village of Healdsburg, this home offers both ample social space ideal for entertaining and the privacy of a rural retreat. The taller section runs along the ridge of the hill and houses the home’s great room under lofty ceilings and a simple shed overhanging roof, filled with light and views let in through tall glass walls. Four oversized glass panels open dramatically on each side, transforming the space into an outdoor pavilion whose flush concrete floors extend into a poolside patio to the north and into a terrace that features a fire pit to the south comfortable outdoor areas for both hot and cool weather. With these doors drawn up, the site offers one sweeping, continuous view from the pool, through the great room, and down into the distant village below.”

Feldman Architecture

Feldman Architecture

As we already told you that this house is constructed by Feldman Architecture, which is well known for creating warm, light-filled spaces that are site-sensitive and carefully detailed. You may probably recognize them from some of the spectacular homes such as The Farm in San Francisco, the Caterpillar House in Carmel-by-the-sea, and House Ocho in Santa Lucia. Apart from their innovative designs, they always incorporate nature in residential buildings. They put their hard efforts to create an innovative solution relevant to the project environs and fulfilled the clients’ specific needs.

When we talk about this specific project, the contractor was Jungsten Construction, and the main architects in charge were Jonathan Feldman, Bridgett Shank, Kevin. They were also helped by the Landscape Architect and Structural Engineer: Arterra Landscape Architects and Strandberg Engineering, respectively. 

Floor Plan of The Healdsburg House

Floor Plan of The Healdsburg House

The architect describes, “Designed for social clients who love to entertain, the great room features a small, efficient kitchen with a larger, working kitchen ideal for caterers tucked discreetly away. The perforated panels in the room’s ceiling that absorb sound during large parties and the discrete stone strips across the floor that delineate zones within the space without visual barriers act as subtle details that add both refinement and functionality to the great room.”

The floor plan of this home is quite simple and L-shaped with an open concept. The project comprises two perpendicular bars atop a hill overlooking the village. The taller part of the structure actually runs along the slope, and it is the main living area. 

With loft ceilings and a simple shed overhanging roof, the place looks really mesmerizing. Also, due to the large and tall glass walls, space is always filled with light and views.  

Do you know what is the main architectural feature of this house? The Renlita doors! Yes, they look so huge and impressive that they’re the point of attraction for everybody. They not only provide large vertically stacked openings and maximized views but also are an aesthetic component of the home. 

The Exterior of The Healdsburg

The Exterior of The Healdsburg

This residence has glass walls because it is located in a rural area and that too at the top of a hill. Through these windows, residents can enjoy the wonderful views over the valley.  

Exterior of The Healdsburg

The main design is built with a focus on the enjoyment and relaxation of those who live in it. The whole exterior is covered with materials and elements that go well with the surrounding nature. 

The Great Room

Healdsburg House The Great Room

The living space is quite spacious and open, and it is easily accessed by two different areas: outdoor and terrace.

The Great Room Feldman Architecture

The tall floor to ceiling windows makes the living experience more luxurious and grand. So whether it be morning sunrise or sunset, residents can enjoy the beautiful views. 

Two lounge couches are used instead of one large one. This really divides the space and provides more seating areas. 

No living room is complete without a cozy fireplace, right? Here also one modern fireplace has been provided which perfectly warms the place on those low-temperature days.  


Kitchen Feldman Architecture

Grand and luxurious: these words are the perfect definition of this kitchen. This black beauty is specifically designed according to the needs of clients. 

As they love to entertain, the main room or the great room has a small but really space-efficient cooking area. 

From lighting to appliances, everything is kept in a modern way. Black lamps look really contrasting with the wooden ceiling. 

The Dining Area

Dining Area Feldman Architecture

The dining space is both outdoor and indoor. How? Because the placement of the dining table is in such a way that it faces two outdoor areas: a lounge and the beautiful swimming pool. It is under the roof, but it has open views, that’s why we called it an indoor cum outdoor setting! 

Feldman Architecture

A large rectangular wooden table has been used as a dining table with the matching four wooden chairs. It is perfect for a family of four! They can taste delicious meals while enjoying the outside weather. 

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom of Feldman Architecture

Every room is connected with the great room and this is what people most liked about this space. Here they can have their privacy yet can feel connected. 

The Master Bedroom

The L-shaped house has a living room on one side while the bedroom on the other side. A king-size bed with neutral shade bedding is used to maintain that tranquil and calm ambiance. This room also has super large windows and french glass panes, which are bringing the glamorous vibes in a very subtle way. 

The architect describes the space, “ From its intersection with the great room, the home’s second wing extends towards the north and becomes incrementally more private as it flows from the garage to a media room opening onto the pool to the master bedroom at its rear. The master bed looks out through another oversized operable glass panel onto the rolling meadow beyond, establishing a visual connection with the land in the first and last moments of each day. Just a short walk away, a guesthouse extends the wing’s path down the hill and offers an additional level of privacy.”

Master Bath:

Master Bath Feldman Architecture

The master bath is attached to the master bedroom. Yes, it is an ensuite bath. Small but functional will be the concept while designing this space. There are two jack and jill style sinks. 

Don’t know what’s a Jack and Jill bathroom, click on the link, and read our blog, where we have explained in detail what it is and how to include it in your existing home.

Feldman Architecture

The spacious bath also has a unique bathtub. Why did we call it a unique bathtub? Because it is not a regular tub, this tub is entirely made of concrete. You can see the minimalism style is continuing here, and you can find this style in every corner of the home. 

Lounge Area

Lounge Area Feldman Architecture

There is also a small lounge area present at the corner of the layout. The space is small but really cozy. A modern fireplace and comfy white couch, what else do you need? 

The Gigantic Windows

The Gigantic Windows Feldman Architecture

Windows are one of the leading architectural elements of this house. Actually, they are an important part of any home, right? Here hinged windows that can be raised like garage doors. These types of windows are pretty common and can be seen in many residences. 


Walls of Feldman Architecture

All the walls are painted on white and grey floors, and beige furnishings have been selected to create a neutral and calm atmosphere. The solid concrete flooring and black steel components in the kitchen are giving the industrial vibes. 



A courtyard is also included in the layout design. This outdoor space beautifully combines the indoors and outdoors. The fresh air and scent of nature get inside from the large glass doors.   

Right behind the kitchen, there is also a garage, and the laundry room is situated. In short, there is everything in here that a person will need in living. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

One of my favorite parts of this house design is the swimming pool. Imagine chilling outside in the lounge area while enjoying the sun or the romantic weather. This dwelling is located on a 40-acre (16-hectare) property in Healdsburg. It is a small town on the Russian River, which makes this place more spectacular.  

Panoramic Views

Panoramic Views

Northern California’s rolling landscape and the surrounding nature play an important role in lifting this house ambiance. 

Architect Jonathan Feldman concluded, “With dark-stained cedar siding and low stone landscape walls that anchor the building, Healdsburg 1 offers a modest and thoughtful response to both its site and the client’s needs.”

The Bottom Line 

Healdsburg House

So, what do you think about the Healdsburg House? What I like the most about this house is the simplistic design and how the architect has incorporated the natural elements in the layout without feeling too much.  

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