Granite Vs Quartz Countertop Weight Per Square Foot

There are several different types of countertops that you can use whenever you are remodeling your kitchen. Two of the most common types of countertops are granite and quartz, and while one of the biggest factors is cost, another thing you will need to consider is the weight of the countertop. Quartz and Granite are very heavy, and the weight of your countertop is something that you need to consider. While it might not seem like a weight has a lot of effect on the countertop, it actually does, and weight is something that you need to consider. The weight of the granite vs quartz countertop is important, and we need to discuss it whenever you decide to get a new countertop.

What Does Weight Do?

Well, one of the things that the weight of the countertop does is it pushes down on everything below it. If you have a kitchen island that is not secured or bolted to the floor, then a countertop that is too heavy can cause problems with the island.

Additionally, you need to think about the amount of weight you are putting on the countertop. If you are going to stand or sit on your countertops for whatever reason, know that your weight is putting pressure on your countertops. While granite, for example, is very thick and can comfortably hold 1000 pounds, it only works whenever the weight is spread out over the length of the countertops.

When you stand or sit, the weight is not spread out and if you happen to be standing on a weak point on an older countertop, then you will run the risk of causing more and more damage to it.

Additionally, if you put your young child in the sink to bathe them, you need to remember that they have weight too. Sinks aren’t as well supported as the rest of the counter and the extra weight of a child can really cause some problems to the surrounding countertops.

Grab Some Chairs!

Grab Some Chairs!

Another big habit that most people have is that they lean on the edges of the countertop rather than sitting down. While leaning on the edges can be comfortable, this does put pressure on the countertops as you press on them, and if you are leaning on a fault line in the countertop. It can cause even more problems.

Make sure to have some chairs ready so people aren’t leaning against the countertops and then you can have both comfort and support for the durability of your countertops.

Weight Per Square Foot

The density of the granite and quartz helps to talk about the weight, because the bigger the density, the more they weigh at the same volume. Since they are both natural materials and we can’t naturally calculate their dentistry because it varies from sample to sample, we have to work with averages.

Still, quartz and granite tend to weigh about the same, if you manage to give or take a few pounds. The contractors for your kitchen will figure out the total weight based on the standard thickness per square foot.

The size and weight of the countertop are dependent on the size of your kitchen and the layout of your counter space. Larger and thicker slabs are going to weigh more.

How Should You Install Them?

No matter how you look at it, granite and quartz countertops are going to be heavy, often too heavy to be handled alone.

You should always have professionals handle the installation, as the countertops might not only be heavy, but they could also be awkward to move depending on the different shapes of the countertop. One of the more common types is a waterfall countertop, and you can see more about it here.

The Differences Between Granite and Quartz

The Differences Between Granite and Quartz

Now that the weight of the countertops per square foot has been determined to be about the same, you will need to look at the other differences to determine whether your countertops should be made out of granite or quartz.

First, quartz is far more durable than granite is, to the point where some have called it indestructible. It also is not porous as granite is, so it is resistant to bacteria and is really only damaged by heat. Granite, however, is all-natural, resistant to heat, and can be found all over the world.

However, it is porous and requires a more thorough cleaning, plus it needs to be resealed at least once a year. Quartz does not need to be resealed at all.

Still, both types of countertop are very customizable and easy to tailor to your own needs. Granite can be cooled and solidified into various colors and patterns, and can even have smaller minerals included in it. Also, no two granite countertops are the same, so you can have a totally unique piece that is just yours.

Quartz also has the look of stone but is still very customizable. Since quartz is ground up and mixed with resin, this allows for excessive customization regarding its color and look. You can have quartz countertops that look like stone, rainbows, or other color schemes. The customization is nearly endless for a quartz countertop.

Getting Your Countertops Installed

Getting Your Countertops Installed

No matter what countertop type you choose, you need to hire professionals to install them. Not just for the weight, but also for making sure that it is done right the first time. You need to make sure that your countertops are installed and secured so no one is put at risk from a very heavy countertop falling from a great height.

Make sure to look for contractors who know what they are doing and have installed these countertops before, and also share the size of your counters and their weight. You certainly don’t want your contractors coming short-handed and unable to lift the weight!

So talk to your contractors and the staff at the hardware store, and you’ll have an idea of how heavy everything will be. Still, no matter what you need, at least you know that granite and quartz are about the same weight!

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