Top 10 Best Indoor Hanging Plants For Your Home

After decorating your entire home, do you feel something is still missing? If yes, you’ve probably missed out on some plants! Yes, plants are a great way to bring some greenery to your space! Indoor plants not only bring some fresh air to your space but also bring a wonderful, alive ambiance to lifeless, empty indoor spaces. 

And we’re not talking about just placing one or two plants on the windowsill or in an empty corner. There are many more ways to put some plants in your home, such as hanging plants! You can buy some indoor plants and hang them from your ceiling or walls. This is a wonderful way to bring some oxygen and adds an unexpected touch of dimension. 

From Asplenium nidus to Marble queen pothos, Boston Fern to Spider Plant, numerous indoor plants are available in the market. With so many options, are you confused about which one to select? No worries, keep reading! 

Today in this blog, we’ve listed some of the best hanging plants. Whether you live in a castle, apartment, house, or dorm, you can hang these indoor plants without compromising on your space. 

So, let’s get started.  

10 Beautiful Hanging Plants To Decorate Your Home

If you want to turn your home into an oasis, you should definitely bring some indoor hanging plants. We’ve included ferns, florals, and many other plants in the list below. So no matter what your style or aesthetic is, you can surely find a perfect hanging plant’s indoor style for your home. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Tillandsia (Air Plant)

Tillandsia (Air Plant) hanging plants
Tillandsia (Air Plant) indoor hanging plants

Botanical Name: Tillandsia

Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light

Soil Type: Epiphytic

Soil pH: 4.0 to 8.0 (Water pH)

Tillandsia, also popularly called air plants, are actually a type of epiphyte. This simply means that you can grow them without soil. As these lovely plants don’t need any potting mix to grow, you can simply attach them to a string and just spritz them with water once a week. However, it requires lots of bright, indirect sunlight.

You can put them in a hanging glass globe and hang them by a string. Don’t forget to make a large hole for air to flow and circulate. It also doesn’t trail much, but these hanging plants indoors look really pretty, so you can put them in a spot as a display. Plus, they’re also pet-friendly!  

2. String of Hearts

String of Hearts hanging plants
holding a String of Hearts hanging plant

Botanical Name: Ceropegia woodii

Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light

Soil Type: Cactus or succulent mix

Soil pH: 6.0 to 7.5

The string of hearts, also called Ceropegia woodii, is a trailing vine. It looks similar to the string of pearls; that’s why many people get easily confused between the two. Looks at the above pictures; aren’t they look beautiful? If you’re looking for some hanging plants that are Insta-worthy, this is the one!      

This is an evergreen trailing vine with pink stems and gorgeous green, heart-shaped, silver-variegated leaves. These hanging house plants are trendy and high in demand these days. This plant is a bit of a hybrid succulent. Don’t forget to water them more frequently as compared to the regular succulents. You can put them in a container with drainage and either put them on a floating shelf or hang them from your ceilings.  

3. Peperomia 

Peperomia  hanging plants
Peperomia indoor hanging plants

Botanical Name: Peperomia

Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect sunlight

Soil Type: Cactus or succulent mix

Soil pH: 5.0 to 6.0

Peperomia is more commonly known as radiator plants. They have hundreds of variants; that’s why people love these plants as indoor plants. Most designers and interior experts recommend this plant for spaces because of its attractive shape and easy-to-grow nature.

Peperomia has round, fleshy leaves that help them to keep in water. So they can thrive for a few more days without water. You can hang these cute hanging plants in the places where your high-maintenance plants won’t work. That’s because this radiator plan doesn’t require much attention.  

This plant needs only medium indirect light so that you can hang them around your north- and east-facing windows. Don’t worry about the height as they’re pet friendly.    

4. Spider Plant 

Spider Plant  indoor hanging plants
Spider Plant hanging plants

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Sun Exposure: Part sun, shade

Soil Type: General-purpose potting soil

Soil pH: 6.0 to 6.5 

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum is one of the absolute easiest trailing house plants. It is also known by other names such as Ribbon Plant, St. Bernard’s Lily, Airplane Plant, Spider Ivy, and Hen and Chickens.

This has pretty fountains of variegated foliage that are thin and gently curved leaves. It also produces babies, or “plantlets” that look like they’re dancing around the leaves on their curved stems. If you’re looking for a plant that requires less care and maintenance, spider plants will be the best option. 

They need shade and less care, and most importantly, it looks quite impressive visually once they grow completely.

5. Orchids

 Orchids indoor hanging plants
 Orchids hanging plants

Botanical Name: Orchidaceae

Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect light

Soil Type: Orchid bark and sphagnum moss blend

Soil pH: 5.5 to 6.5

Yes, you’ve read it right! Orchids may not be commonly used as hanging plants. There is a wide range of varieties of orchards, such as Cattleya orchids, Cymbidium Ice Cascade, and Vanda orchids. You can use them as hanging plants to decorate your rooms.        

You can also grow them on a stick inside the pot and put them indoors where they can get bright but indirect sunlight. They bloom into gorgeous flowers and also are pet friendly. 

You can hang them on the west or south-facing windows as they will get maximum natural light here. Don’t forget to water them regularly so your orchid plants will not become soggy. 

6. Marble Pothos

Marble Pothos hanging plants indoor
Marble Pothos hanging plants indoor

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

Sun Exposure: Medium indirect light

Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix

Soil pH: 6.1 to 6.5

You can easily identify a Marble Pothos plant from its lush climbing vines and beautiful green variegated leaves. Pretty simple and easy to care for, this plant is one of the best hanging plants for your home. 

These indoor wall hanging plants are versatile, forgiving, and easy to grow. You can literally grow these plants in any space of your house. They don’t even require regular pruning or repotting. This plant is for beginners or those people who don’t know how to care for indoor plants. With such little care, Marble Pothos will thrive.  

You only need to repot this plant every few years. To propagate, all you need to do is to cut one healthy stem with a few leaves and put it in a container filled with water. They also need medium sun exposure which means you can place them in the dark places of your room. 

7. Boston Fern

 Boston Fern hanging plants indoor
 Boston Fern  indoor hanging plants

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Sun Exposure: Partial sun

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained

Soil pH: 6.0 to 6.5

Boston fern, sword fern, or Nephrolepis exaltata is a widely famous fern species that grows in many parts of the world. People around the globe love this as hanging indoor plants.  

With their textural sword-shaped, blue-green foliage known as Pangborn, its classic look and affordable price makes it a great choice for your home. However, this house plant needs lots of care, sunlight, and extra humidity. These hanging plants will be perfect for your kitchen or bathroom shelves. Also, they shed regularly, so you have to keep cleaning them.  

Boston fern is available in numerous varieties, and each varies in appearances, such as Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Compacta,’ Golden Boston, Fluffy Duffy, and many more. 

8. Jade Pothos

Jade Pothos hanging plants indoor
Jade Pothos indoor hanging plant

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

Sun Exposure: Medium indirect light

Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix

Soil pH: 6.1 to 6.5

Jade pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, is one of the popular hanging house plants. They’ve waxy, heart-shaped leaves, which have stunning green Jade color. They are also low-maintenance, so you can put them anywhere in your room, including spaces like a trellis, window frame, or household furniture.  

This plant is also commonly used by interior designers to decorate homes. They create a perfect trailing look that goes with any room decors. There are wide varieties of Pothos plants, such as Golden Pothos and Marble Queen (explained above). 

You can put your pothos in shadier areas like on the east- or north-facing window. You have to water these indoor hanging plants moderately every few weeks.  

9. Philodendron

Philodendron indoor hanging plant
Philodendron hanging plant

Botanical Name: Philodendron

Sun Exposure: Medium indirect light

Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix

Soil pH: 5.5 to 6.0

Are you a beginner gardener? 

If yes, Philodendron will be the best option for you! These species have deep green, trailing ivy, which only requires medium indirect or partial light. With a little attention and care, this plant can flourish beautifully and can grow up to 20 feet. But not all; some small philodendrons will grow about four to five feet tall.

Make sure to hang these hanging plants in higher areas of the house. When it comes to the watering routine, it mainly depends on the exposure you give them. This means if you put these indoor hanging plants close to a south- or west-facing window, you’ve to water them daily.  

10. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus hanging plant
Christmas Cactus indoor hanging plant

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera x buckleyi

Sun Exposure: Partial Shade

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained, loamy

Soil pH: 6.1 to 6.5

Christmas cactus, also known as holiday cactus, or crab cactus, is one of the best flowering plants. Look at its beautiful red and white flowers; they will make any room look more glamorous and elegant. 

The Christmas cactus will bring some greenery and wow factor to your boring-looking and empty space. The best thing about these hanging plants is that they have colorful flowers that will keep coming back. These hanging indoor plants only need direct sunlight, and make sure to water only when the soil is completely dry.     

hanging indoor plants with white background
hanging indoor plants in copper vase
eco friendly hanging indoor plants
hanging indoor plants idea
hanging indoor plants with white background
String-of-pearls hanging plants
Arti Casa Tabletop rod with clamps hanging plants
Fern hanging plants
hanging plant in a cage
Artificial hanging plants

The Bottom Line

So, this is all about the best indoor hanging plants. I hope this complete hanging house plants and growing guide has helped you to pick the right indoor wall hanging plants for your home, office, or any space. If you find this post on best hanging plants informative and helpful, share it with your family and friends looking for indoor hanging planters for their houses. 

Do you want to know more about indoor plants? Read our previous blogs on Calathea Peacock Plants, 10 Best Large Indoor Plants, 25+ Cool & Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas, and many more. 

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