Making the Most of Your Interior Design for The Least Amount of Money

So many people feel like they have to wait until they have beefed up savings before they can start working on interior designs. It’s like they have to live with feast or famine. It’s all Ikea couches and Craigslist beds until they finally have enough to buy everything at once.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Part of building a personal style is collecting items you love along the way. You design your home the best you can with what you’ve got. Not everything costs a ton of money. There are plenty of ways to make your home modern and stylish on a realistic budget.

A living room filled with furniture and a chandelier

Here are some good ideas on how to make the most out of your interior design for less. There are a ton more than these, but the below options are a great place to start. A few key upgrades in your house will make all the difference and get you started on an interior design kick. Try one and you’ll see the difference and can go from there!

Spend Money on Affordable Decorations

A living room filled with furniture and a center table

Cool style is all about finding a way to express yourself through your interior design. Anyone with money can buy something that looks like it came straight off the showroom floor. It looks decent, but the best way to make the interior design your own is to find ways to communicate who you are and build the kind of home you want to live in.

Too many people have bare walls and tables in their house! You can change that by frequenting yard sales, consignment stores, and local arthouses to find unique pieces that change the look at feel inside your house. Even people with unlimited budgets look in these places because you can find real antiques and one of a kind art pieces. It’s a fun activity you can do on the weekends.

Try Some Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

A living room with a gray couch and a white coffee table

Labor costs are the biggest component of interior design projects. If you cut out labor costs, your money will go a long way. It’s daunting taking on renovations yourself. That first time swinging a sledgehammer into a wall can carry a lot of anxiety. We’re not suggesting you take on something major unless you’re a seasoned home improvement pro.

Instead, take on manageable tasks that you can do on evenings and weekends to improve your home interior design. Believe it or not, you can switch out bathroom fixtures, lights, and doors without too much trouble. If it’s been years since the house was upgraded, changing out doorknobs, switch plates, and other fixtures will make a huge difference. It’s a small but very impactful upgrade that you’ll notice every day.

Affordable Countertop Upgrades

A kitchen with a center island and a sink

Changing the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms is another interior design improvement idea. If you’ve got older countertops that are starting to crack or look a little drab, put some thought into replacing them.

Countertop upgrades don’t cost an arm and a leg, either. Yes, if you go for rare marble countertop slabs, you could be looking at a high price tag. However, there’s been a lot of innovation in the countertop space that brings them into almost everyone’s price range.

Quartz comes in different grades. You can find lower grades for under $100 per square foot that look fantastic and are very durable. The more you pay, the more options you have, but you should top out at under $200 per square foot for the best quartz on the market, according to this article. One of the reasons countertops have become more affordable is the popularity and availability of quartz.

Quartz slabs are manufactured, unlike the mining process that produces granite and marble. It uses recycled natural stone and crushes them into slabs that come in all colors and shapes. You’ll get plenty of variety of choice and your kitchen and bathrooms will look fantastic.

Experiment with Paint

A living room with a couch a chair and a table

The house is yours, you bought it. That means you get to do what you want with it. No written rule says every house has to be white on the inside.

Look for inspiration online for information on color and paint trends. Find what you like and take a trip to your local paint or home improvement store to buy a sample. When you get home, find an inconspicuous spot to test the samples out. Leave them up for a few days and soak them in mentally. Once you’re ready, try changing the color of a wall in your living or dining room.

The best part about the paint is that it makes a big difference and is very affordable. Paint doesn’t cost much, and if you find a color you love you’ll spend time thinking about what else you can switch up inside for style points.

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